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Kat Von D Goes Vegan

Kat Von D Goes Vegan

Kat Von D (aka Katherine Von Drachenberg) the legendary tattoo artist, reality TV star, and beauty is the newest celeb to go vegan, and passionately so. Her Kat Von D Beauty line has now been certified as cruelty free and vegan. As she’s gotten more aware of the issues around factory farming, she’s been posting more on her official Instagram (followed by 3.3 million people) dedicated to her plant-based lifestyle.

Kat Von D Goes Vegan

During the Cecil The Lion uproar, Kat made a stir with the following tweet;

“It’s hard for me to empathize with those who are upset about the recent killing of an innocent lion, yet choose to eat animals. The only difference between Cecil the lion, and all the animals killed for meat: NONE. The only difference between what Dr. Walter Palmer did to an animal, and how an animal dies in order to serve those who consciously choose to eat meat: NONE. Regardless of all the lies our country’s FDA, medical industry, and media force upon us – it is our responsibility to seek out the truth for ourselves, and make life changes individually. Don’t tell me “I can’t live without my steak.” Don’t tell me “It’s hard because of [insert excuse here].” Don’t tell me “It’s good for your health” when Science has proven the opposite. Don’t lie to yourself that there is a “humane” way of killing a living being.“

She even took the time to address the controversy in a youtube video;

via Kat Von D Instagram;


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It’s not easy for celebrities to “come out” as vegan. They risk losing major endorsements and fans. Good for Kat for bravely moving forward with her journey towards promoting a kinder world!