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Handling Deep Grief

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As many Bostonians are left limb-less and a few have passed after the marathon bombing yesterday, the rest of us are just left to wonder why.  Why the hell would anyone kill a kid or hurt so many innocent people.  It’s so hard to attempt to understand.  And yet as we mourn here, today, thousands world-wide are killed daily for their religion, race, petty disagreements, nothing.

So the question is.. how do we handle it without ending up in a deep place of non stop emotional agony?

Kathy Freston’s daily lean today helps;

When the terrible thing happens (whether it’s close to you or in the news) go into a meditative place and do these two things:

1. Think about the one(s) who is hurt or suffering, and really witness what they are going through.  Try and be completely present to the trauma, the fear, the grief, the pain.  Take that anguish and surround it with your compassion.  In your mind’s eye, send comfort and peace to take the place of distress.  Surround the situation in tenderness.

2. Here’s the harder part:  in your imagination, go into the mind and heart of the one(s) who caused the pain.  Try to locate where the psyche is broken or wounded in them.  And now see if there is anything familiar about that brokenness…in you.  Locate the rage or isolation or ignorance or righteousness within you (everyone has a little bit of something akin to that)….And address it with the seriousness of a healer.  Work on rectifying the damage, bringing up and refining your energy.  As your offering to the one(s) who has just been hurt, vow to enlighten that dark energy (however small or hidden) that had found a place in you.

We are all connected energetically, so if one of us heals, on some level we all do.  It’s a personal way of bringing forth higher consciousness.

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Readers Comments (1)

  1. Annie says:

    Thank you. I needed that.

    I often feel helpless and lost and ready to give up on humanity whenever I read the news. Tragedies like this one in Boston, but also just the everyday terrible things that are being done to others move me to tears near daily. But since our tears alone do nothing productive it is good to be reminded of something I can do that is within my control. It is hard but worth it. And I sincerely thank you for sharing it with us.

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