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Meaty Art

Meaty Art

Meats oozing red liquid…tendons…skinned creatures stretched-out in a deli case.  These images formed the nightmares of artist Dana Ellyn’s childhood.  Today, separated by the distance of years and a veg diet, Dana Ellyn’s paintings lend a darkly humorous twist to the subject of our consumption and use of animals.

Baby Back Ribs

Ellyn invites viewers to reconsider the every day.  Pieces give a new meaning to ubiquitous phrases, lending a comically sinister meaning to “baby back ribs” and turning “pig in a blanket” on its head. Dana Ellyn’s paintings are both meaty (intellectually) and meat-free (morally.)  They stir your conscience and wake up your scruple base.


Ellyn is a DC resident and full-time painter who lives and paints in her studio in a subsidized artist housing unit in downtown Washington DC. Her work is exemplified by a risk-taking vision, strong content, and colorful critiques of social norms.


Her style sits on the fence between social realism and expressionism.


And it moves us without thinking twice.

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Learn more about Dana and buy her work here.

15% of painting sales will be donated to The Kindness Collective.

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