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Are Mirrors Good Feng Shui?

Are Mirrors Good Feng Shui?

Mirrors are a tricky thing in feng shui and the most inquired about subject according to feng shui expert Alice Inoue. Proper usage depends on each situation; however, if you first understand the function of a mirror, you can better understand its role in feng shui. Mirrors can be used to draw in positive energy, expand an area to give it a more spacious feeling, energetically and visually “break down” wall blockage, bring the essence of nature in, add light, brighten up a room, redirect energy flow or strengthen an image. In feng shui, the intention you hold when placing a mirror is important. Be clear on what you are using the mirror for and why you are placing it in a particular location.

Does my entrance need a mirror?

If you are contemplating whether antique mirrors at the entrance is “right”, look at what the mirror reflects, and ask yourself whether hanging the mirror there brings beauty into the space, or whether, for example, it reflects the messy neighbor’s yard. Your answer will determine whether a mirror is right for that wall. If I look in a mirror and feel drawn into the room, then I know the energy is being drawn in, as well. If I look in the mirror and want to run out, it is obvious where the energy is going.

What to do about a “blocked” entrance

If you have a blocked entrance, where a wall is blocking your vision from seeing the rest of the room, you could consider placing a mirror to “unblock” it. Blocked entrances stop your movement, and consequently the flow of energy. Putting a mirror on that wall can “open up” the space and the flow of energy, but again, as mentioned above, look to see what it is reflecting.

Is it “bad” to have mirrors in a bedroom?

There is no simple “yes” or “no” to this question. If a client asks this, I ask how they are sleeping. If they sleep fine and wake up feeling refreshed, then no matter how many mirrors they have or where they are placed, they are not being adversely affected by them, and there is no need to take the mirrors out. If they have trouble sleeping and I notice a lot of mirrors in the bedroom (often as mirrored closets), I explain that mirrors naturally increase photon activity, which in turn increases the vibratory energy, brightness, and unseen movement in a room. Since rest and rejuvenation are the purpose of a bedroom, having too many mirrors can create excess “exciting” energy. A good solution for curing this, without having to remove the mirrors, is to install a simple curtain rod over the mirrors and hang sheer curtains that, when closed, will “quiet down” the mirror energy. During the day, the curtains can be pushed open to conveniently reveal the mirrors for use.

When removing mirror energy, give it some time to take effect

If you decide to remove mirror energy from your bedroom because you suspect they are the reason your sleep has been disturbed, do not expect immediate results. Your body is accustomed to “managing” the energy at night and will continue to do so for a while. Give your body about 21 days to readapt to the new, “quieter” environment, and be able to relax more deeply.

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What about mirrors in children’s rooms?

Children naturally have a high level of energy and are easily excited. My recommendation is to have no mirrors or only one in a child’s room, as it is hard enough to get them to calm down each night as it is.

Basic mirror rules

Use high-quality mirrors. A mirror that warps images (usually a low-quality mirror) sends warped energy into the environment. Avoid mirrors that have ripples, distortions, cracks or flaws, are darkened, smoked, crackled, or tile mirrors, as they can have unpleasant subconscious effects. Since mirrors symbolize clarity and self-image, be conscious of the mirror energy that you place around you.

Alice Inoue is a life guide that uses the modalities of feng shui, astrology and spirituality in her work. Her offerings include award-winning, mind-body-spirit themed books, as well as a series of feng shui instructional DVD’s. For more information visit Sign up for her newsletter to receive monthly articles on feng shui, astrology and life wisdom.

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