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Top Five Ways To Save Money & Live Like A Green Socialite

Top Five Ways To Save Money & Live Like A Green Socialite

You are on a budget, but still want to live a green, gorgeous, and exciting life.   Here are our top five ways to keep the eco- friendly fabulous dream alive;

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Those products (the ones that don’t give you cancer, we mean) cost quite a bit of cash.  We are talking $5-10 per bottle, unless found on sale (and if so, buy in bulk!)  So for now, til your vegan bakeshop makes a million dollars, DIY. It’s unbearably easy to make these products at home yourself. Here’s how to make your own DIY, earth-lite Cleaning Products and some tips on how to Green Clean Your Palace.  Learn from your Grandma.  Take her beyond useful household tips (here are our favorites compiled,) she lived through the depression and knows from saving a dime.

Get Free Clothes

Need new clothes? Hold a swap with your girlfriends, dye your clothes, or make simple upgrades at home.  And of course, buy vintage and consignment shop.  Try Giving Old Duds New Life: How To Dye Your Clothes
and learn how to update your current closet with these Free Ways To Presto Chango Your Wardrobe .  Consign or ebay whatever you don’t wear – you could be sitting on a pretty penny with the good quality clothes you no longer fit or wear.  Do a clean out and cash in.

Enter contests and cross your fingers to win things you can’t afford.  Your karma is awesome, it will happen.  Always use services like Gilt , Shop it To Me , Totsy, Groupon, and Pure Citizen (the last of which is a green version of Gilt) for awesomely discounted online shopping.  Those services get you sometimes more than half off the brands you covet.  Whenever we buy something online we first check Retailmenot to see what we can get a percentage off code for.  And obviously our cheapskates section gets you all the coolest vegan brands on the cheap.

Be Your Own Glam Fairy

Skip the mani and pedi’s.  Clean nails always look more elegant anyway.  Those mani/ pedi spots are toxic and should only be used for the totally desperate moment. READ:  Could Your Manicure Kill You?

Do your own hair – blow outs are obselete if you have a good set of hot rollers which give 70’s sexy hair every time. Learn how to do a good smoky eye which makes getting your make up done null and void.

And let’s not forget your face, Make your own damn body oils, bath bombs, and moisturizer.  It’s really simple and just as fun.  Not to mention, you actually know what’s going on your epidermis.  Here are our favorite body product recipes.  READ: Aromatherapy 101: Make Your Own Aromatherapy Lotions And Potions. READ: Make Your Own Body Oils.

Eat (Almost) Like A Freegan

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Don’t eat out.  If you are really trying to save money, eat mostly at home and plan your meals in advance so you don’t veer of course and end up eating three packages of tofurky for dinner.  Save up your dinners out for out of town relatives who you know are going to offer to treat you or a hot date.

READ: A Week Of Cheap Vegan Meals, and always keep your pantry stocked with affordable healthy eats.  READ:  Tips for Cooking Healthy Meals on a Budget.  WATCH: VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Alexandra Jamieson & Chloé Jo Davis Share Tips On Healthy Eating On The Cheap.

Party Like A Salahi

If you are dying to go to a certain party or benefit, offer your services in exchange for tickets.  Offer to design the flyer, help stuff goody bags, work the guest list… whatever you need to do to give yourself a cheap social life.

When a big day arises, learn money-saving party throwing tips from the greats.. us! READ: How to throw a Cheap and Green Wedding.  READ: Wedding Recycling.  READ: Say I Do To Affordable Weddings.

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