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Junk Your Junk Mail

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You haven’t wanted the Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog since the internet was invented, so why do you still get bombarded with them Monthly? Americans receive 100 billion pieces of unsolicited mail, resulting in tons of waste, consumer privacy issues and environmental degradation.

Junk Your Junk Mail

To help save thousands of trees this Earth Day, Catalog Choice—a non-profit mail preference service—is calling on individuals to stop unwanted mail at the source. Since every day is earth day at GirlieGirl Army, we aren’t going to hit you up with some ridonkulous “what to consume on earth day” email including things like grass-fed beef and eco-fur (how dumb do marketing companies think we are?!)  We know how nice it is to sometimes get a kick in the tuchus to push just a little harder to be just a little better (whatever that means to you.)

So, today’s arm-chair activism task is, stop getting junk mail.

If we all commit to this for one day we would:

·         save over 1,400 trees and avoid over 200,000 pounds of solid waste annually.

·         reduce paper, resulting in saved treed, water and electricity.

·         help businesses cull uninterested parties from their lists.

Sign up and get unlisted here.

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Readers Comments (3)

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  2. Andrew Jolls says:

    Catalog Choice rocks! I’d ask you to check out to learn how to get your non-junk mail in digital PDF form. The service is free to consumers. Sorry if this seems like a shameless plug, but I think your audience would love to reduce all their mail, not just their marketing mail. Best, Andy

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