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Wrap And Roll: Earth Friendly Wrapping Tips

Wrap And Roll: Earth Friendly Wrapping Tips

Did you know that in the US alone, an additional 5 million (an equivalent to 25% more garbage) tons of waste is generated during the winter holidays? Astonishing, isn’t it? It makes us gag when we see piles of wrapping paper ripped open, then tossed in the trash.  Most people don’t even recycle the wrapping paper.  Get with it, wasting is so 1980.  Why not try wrapping in old newspaper, magazines, thrift store fabric and ribbons, or brown paper bags?  We love “wrapping” in tote bags that can be reused by the recipient, or burlap sacks that oranges comes in.

Cut up old subway maps or music sheets to form his/ her name, or craft a bow from junk mail!

The Lyzitote is a washable oilcloth tote with a drawstring ripstop liner. No need for tissue paper, the liner conceals and protects everything, and you can add a little gift note in the front pocket. These totes can thendouble as overnight bags, purses, picnic baskets, grocery bags and more.

LyziTotes, $10

Another idea: Bobo Wrap, perfectly sized scarves that are meant to be used as wrapping, then morph into part of the gift as they are beautiful silk-free scarves!  Some of them even do triple duty as cross-shoulder bags and halter tops!

Here’s a basic wrapping tutorial:

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