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Annie Get Your Gelt!

Annie Get Your Gelt!

Chanukah starts in a few weeks – super early this year.  What’s a Yid to do with a laundry list of present recipients, a budget, and a barrel of scruples?  Why review our first Gift Guide of the season, of course!

The rock n’ roll aficionado in your life will be all over this book like cats on the ‘nip.

Life, $16.

There is something about this ridiculously addictive desk toy that would make us kiss the person who gave it to us full on the mouth!  It’s pure magic.  Something anything from your annoying kid neighbors to ocd Dad would enjoy! Ethical bonus: BB will donate 100% of online profits on 11/8 and 11/15 to the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Buckminster Fuller Challenge,  to support the development & implementation of strategies that have significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems

Bucky Balls, $29.99

Someone you love knee-deep in a break up or the loss of a loved one?  SARK’s new book will leave them seeing the light of new opportunities in the face of change.

Glad No Matter What: Transforming Loss and Change into Gift and Opportunity, $12.89

For your hip or child-like BFF; let her or him make a not-so-subtle statement about fur with this warm and precious hat, scarf, hand-warmer trio;

Animal Head Trapper - Husky (Long), $26

For your funky Aunt; these bracelets are handmade from whole Tagua nuts sustainably harvested from the Colombian rainforest, and help you look great while also helping to provide fulfilling work to the women artisans who create each piece. The collection of tagua also helps provide incentive to protect and maintain the rainforest.

Chip Style Tagua Bracelet, $16.99

For your raw foody bff, the brand new raw food cookbook that we are loving on;

Raw Food for Everyone: Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes, $23.10

These modular wall pockets are made from vegan felt (recycled water bottles) and easy enough to Do-It-Yourself. These brilliantly designed pockets create an instant lush living wall – indoors or out. Just attach your system (universal fasteners & wall anchors are included) then fill the Pockets with soil and beautiful full-sized plants.  Water and enjoy!

Wall Pocket, $39-49

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Beauty junkies: unite.  We are loving on the Clairvoyant Beauty line.  It’s a new line that is 100% natural and organic, paraben-free, with no chemical preservatives and no synthetic fragrances, not to mention Cruelty Free, and entirely Vegan Certified!! It works wondrously well, and smells like an herb garden embedded with love! It’s also packaged really prettily, so it works fantastically as a gift.

Get Set Collection, $103 @

Instead of bringing your Host a bottle of wine (blahhh,)  bring a bottle Drink Skinny Margarita Mix.  It’s totally delish, minus the grody additives and uses fruit juices, stevia, and agave to sweeten your margie!

Drink Skinny Margarita Mix, $10

What could be better than having a (vegan) personal trainer who comes to the house for an hour of yoga or traditional training, and then gives you an hour long massage?  Nothing.  Buy it for anyone, they will love it more than any of their other presents.

Private Training and Massage, $250

Gramps likes to listen to his npr on a real radio? Made of renewable bamboo and eco-friendly PLA plastic, this AM/FM portable radio can be powered by winding the built-in crank or by AC power adapter. Two minutes of cranking provide thirty minutes of listening! It also has an MP3 amplifier.

Safe Bamboo Radio, $80

How rock n’ roll badass excellent is this fleur-de-lis bag?  It’s so cool in every possible way, best of all (and obviously) entirely animal-friendly!

Amy Kathryn Signature, $95