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Skating In Uganda

Skating In Uganda

Jackson Mubiru is the devoted director of the Uganda Skateboard Union, Kitintale Skate Park. Located in the Kampala district of Uganda the skatepark has been existent for about 4 years now and is going into its fifth year. From the initial amount of kids skating the numbers have grown due to an increasing popularity of the sport. Today the popularity of the sport is growing exponentially; at least fifty kids are skating, upwards from a humble beginning of less than thirty. This is great news, however, nothing is ever easy, and with the rise in number of kids attracted in to skating there is lack of gear, skateboards, and most of all the kids are in need of a bigger and better skate park. Despite these setbacks, folks have reached out and sent donations from time to time and have kept Kitintale skate park in theirs hearts. There have been many passing foreign visitors at the skate park and some have donated money for the cause. This is vital because the park relies solely on private donations…for now.

There is an overwhelming amount of work to be done, but Jackson remains positive. Jackson’s vision for the future is to have two main skate parks in Kampala, to have skateboarding in school parks, and have skating competitions annually. The role skateboarding plays for the youth here is a positive one. It teaches patience, embraces solidarity, eliminates idleness and ultimately is a place where kids can just have fun and skate!

My sister Cassi and I have been living back and forth between Kampala and NYC for the past five years, we have tried our best to contribute to the welfare of the park even from overseas. Our good friend Andy Stepanian, got in on the project and has been helping us document the skatepark. As the old Yorban/Igbo proverbs goes It takes a village to raise a childĀ We need as much help as we can get to make the dream of Kitintale Skatepark a reality, and that’s why we are reaching out to our GirlieGirl Army posse!

The Skate & Solidarity Project is in dire need of funding. Please make any sized contribution online by visiting–solidarity-uganda-/ or by directly donating to paypal at this link

You can follow Sparrow Media and The Skate & Solidarity Project on facebook & twitter. Join us in making this project happen, participate in the discussion, and become the change you wish to see.

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By Nicolette Gibson