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A Glamazon Knows Her Net Worth

A Glamazon Knows Her Net Worth

You aren’t just a hot piece of ass, you are finely educated woman (or man) of the world who knows her (or his) worth goes way beyond what’s in your bank account. However, you are (as our Grandma used to say) “old enough and ugly enough” to know that money matters, and to know you’ll need some to live and feed your family. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to use some of your monthly income to set a little aside each month for life insurance to help protect your family; if you don’t have cover yet, you may wish to check out these Geico Life Insurance Reviews to see if this particular provider could be good for you. If you want to continue to keep your money healthy and be able to donate more dough to your favorite animal shelter, or simply to buy more Stella McCartney heels.. read up! Doing these things will only be possible if you have enough funds in your account to be able to do so, which ultimately means that managing your money has never been more important. If you’re asking how this can be done, then one of the best ways to manage your money would be to consult with a professional financial planner who will be able to put plans in place in order for you to meet any long term, or short term financial goals that you may have. Most people who have gone down this route have said how beneficial it has been to their financial situation, allowing them to spend or save their money how they see fit. But with that being said, there are other ways to make this happen.

Here, our financially savvy friends at give us some scoop that may prove to be more helpful than you’d ever imagined. Think of the DailyWorth gals as Suze Orman, with fashion sense, and minus the crazy look in the eyes.

Now, most of us know our credit score and how much debt we’re carrying on our credit cards. But do we know the value of our net worth? NetworthIQ is a social personal finance tool that allows you to determine your net worth — and keep your finger on the pulse of your financial health. Here’s how it works: You sign up (it’s free), plug in your numbers and start tracking. You can even share your information and compare your net worth to that of other NetworthIQ members by such categories as age, income, occupation and education. We wish they offered gender, but alas, they do not. Concerned about privacy? You can use a pseudonym like Futurezillionaire or Needmoredough.

If keeping tabs on your net worth is something that tickles your interest, click here here to check out how NetworthIQ works and what it can do for you.

Here are some of the newest profiles on Networth IQ.

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