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For My Ambitious Ladies

For My Ambitious Ladies

Hi Friend,

I wanted to take a moment out from busy summering to dare you to do something for yourself, and share a little advice from my friend Michelle Pollack;

If you’re anything like me, you’re exhausted from pretending you have your shit together all the time and putting everyone else’s needs before your own. 

As women, we’re socialized to believe that our value comes from what other people think about us. 

So when we decide to go after a raise or new job… 

… or open a new business… 

… or finally stand up to shift the culture of your industry….. 

first we get excited – and THEN this happens…

“What will so-and-so think of me?”

“What happens if I fail?”

“What if I get fired?”

Suddenly, anxiety and self doubt take over.   

Do you feel like I’m in your head right now??


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Immediately grab my workbook called The Essential Guide to Cultivating Confidence.

Michelle made this workbook for ambitious women just like us.  Michelle is a Mom and leadership coach who we adore. Working with her is a gift, consider giving yourself a few sessions with her – and let us know what you think.

We’re up to big things, but sometimes we just need permission to play a bigger game.

Here’s the link again for the guide. 

Photograph of Michelle by Studio 5800

Reach out to Michelle on Instagram: @michelleepollack or LinkedIn or her website

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