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The Rise Of The Conscious Consumer – And How It Affects Your Business

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Perhaps you read my article entitled “My Creative Business Guru AKA The Unicorn Of Creative Spark” about Joh Morris. Today, in an exclusive sponsored post from Joh (looking adorable with her two rescued mutts below) we look at our how our spending choices are affecting big (and small) businesses, and what she can do to help your money intake whilst keeping your scruples afloat;

Joh and her two rescued Mutts!

Take a moment and think about all the products that you and your family use on a daily and weekly basis. I dare you to count them.  The nearest I get to being present to how much stuff I go through is when I do my recycling. From what’s in your fridge, to the bathroom cabinet, laundry, electronics, what you wear, how you clean, just in your every day-to-day life.. how much stuff are you using? When you ask google how many products exist in the world it doesn’t have an answer. It’s actually countless – with more being made every week and if you know where and how it was made, well – you are a very educated person.  I always wondered how a pair of jeans ended up at H&M, and sure, I can guess, but have no real clue and part of me doesn’t want to find out.

Yet, I consider myself a switched on person, I eat organic, recycle all my plastic waste, buy beauty brands that I can see have no toxins in them, don’t drink soda or eat meat and care about the environment and my health. Yet I still know it’s not enough.

Businesses are awakening: they need to be a solution to all the major issues we are facing.  Our consumer needs and the increase of B Corps, brands that care, mom and pop shops creating natural products, and urban farming shows – show that we want to get back to basics, but can we really go back, we know less is more, yet we still want our Seamless food deliveries.

Because of YOU, brands will be expected to be authentic, have a story, be responsible and care – not just about the lifecycle of a product – but also to have a great culture for their employees and customers and have a product that works. Through social media and the rise of people wanting to be educated on what they buy, where it came from, and what’s in it – this is going to be the new normal.

That’s why I left entertainment and marketing and created Giving Ideas Life, a futurist consultancy that works with conscious experts, influencers, major companies and brands on holistic strategy, business development, and authentic marketing on making the biggest impact possible.

It’s going to really take something from all sides to bring a new conversation forward on the conscious consumer. This is where we take responsibility – and this is the future.

If you are a business owner interested in finding out more. Please email or call 917- 687-0294 today.

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