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My Creative Business Guru AKA The Unicorn Of Creative Spark ?

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When I met Joh Morris Benichou, the founder of Giving Ideas Life Consultancy, I was trying to figure out how to grow the next stage of my long list of potential business ideas organically in an Instagram-obsessed world, where I was going to take my message, and how to grow not only monetarily – but spiritually and philanthropically. Many of my readers ask, what is the difference between a loan & fast cash advance? Although I’m not the best person to explain this, there are many websites, like Delancey Street who can give you an in-depth definition. At the time Joh was a manager at a very famous talent management firm, and we began working together – she representing me for my on-air lifestyle expertise. She immediately struck me with her other-worldly positive energy, never-say-no attitude, deep belief in magic, and success strategies. Simply put – Joh is a miracle worker – so it was no surprise to me that when she decided Hollywood wasn’t for her that she created her own creative consultancy firm, catering to everything from corporate fortune 500’s to a Mom trying to find her new career narrative once the kids went go kindergarten. If you want to make a career out of the skills you’ve learnt as part of parenthood, there are classes to help you develop these skills, such as Baking Classes in Delhi which not only helps you to develop your baking skills but also teaches you business skills so that you can combine the two. What is a creative consultant? A creative consultant develops original and unique methods of presenting products, people, or businesses in a positive manner. Whenever a personal friend talks to me about their business or work, I automatically recommend that my British Business Bombshell (BBB!) Joh take a look at what they are up to and give them a proper chime in. I realized I have been keeping this big secret from my GirlieGirlArmy family, and it wasn’t cool. So let me introduce you all to my no-longer best kept secret!


Meet Joh:

“I love to work with purpose-driven companies and people who have a passion or an idea that wants to make a serious impact. Since launching GIL in September 2017, I have had the pleasure of working with CEO’s, Startups, Game-changers, Influencers, Experts and Entrepreneurs to create purpose driven businesses with business and marketing strategy that’s not only true for the vision of the company and thought from a different place that’s not just about the bottom line or what everyone else is doing. I don’t believe that all people work in the same way or so my job is to really understand my client and create a custom approach that is going to suit them. I don’t have a “program” or a ‘system” just 20 years of working in marketing, business and entertainment that guides me in what the client needs to have their business or idea flourish. My approach is holistic and intuitive, and I work with clients who have an extreme amount of courage, trust and tenacity to build a business and business platform by their own design along with strategic partnerships and know there is no plan b. I specialize in the tech, health, beauty, travel, environment, wellness, fashion, eco and food space and open to others.”


Joh is offering 3 special packages that will inspire you, creative more positive wealth in your world, and lead you to your spark;

3 offerings:

  • 1-hour call: Look at a problem from a different approach to see what else can be accomplished with the same resources and time or simply brainstorm a new business idea for your existing or new business.
  • 3-hour zoom or in-person meeting: Create a vision and strategy plan that will be your guiding compass for a new business or complete refresh for an existing one that invigorates and inspires you.
  • A month incubator: Take the vision and work with me closely for a month to build out an idea with velocity and get things moving immediately.


“Joh is an incredible strategist. She sees synergies and connections where others would miss them. She is endlessly creative and moves projects forward. My work with Joh was the foundation of what will continue to grow and will end up being an incredible business. She makes people connect and helps them to understand how they will help each other grow” Liz Josefburg – Celebrity Wellness Coach and Author of Target 100

It was clear the moment I met Joh that I was in the presence of someone with a giant commitment to the planet. She backs up that commitment with tangible action that helps make a difference. That’s why I asked her to work with me to develop an initiative at Smithsonian Media called Projects with Purpose, a primary proposition that articulates our audience’s commitment. Joh’s strategic vision enables her to see the big picture and help companies see their true north. She inspires with her passion and backs it all up with her actions” Amy Wilkins – CRO Smithsonian Media

“Working with Joh has been critical for Vidcode over the last year. We began scaling our sales and are building a sustainable revenue stream. Joh has been able to point out potential blind spot, work with us on team management and help us set goals that has saved us from costly mistakes and helped us build a successful business.” Allie Diracles – Co-Founder Vidcode

“In 15 minutes Joh was able to see things in my business that I wasn’t able to see for years. As such, she identified a massive opportunity for growth and is strategically coaching me through making it a reality. I am forever indebted to Joh’s strategic thinking capabilities, her creativity, attentiveness, and overall warmth. Joh is a force to be reckoned with and a warm hug all wrapped into one” Megan Smith Gill – Author of Give A Shift: 10 Simple Steps to an Abundant Life

“Working with Joh Benichou has changed my life! She helped me get unstuck and build my dream business, The Love Group – a speaking agency whose incredible team of female speakers are impacting millions of young girls all over the country. It’s absolutely incredible how far I’ve come in 8 months working with her. I’ve done more in 8 months than most people do in a lifetime because she’s brilliant at guiding me on being the most effective. Working with her was the best thing that ever happened to me – she was a gift from the universe!” Kim Weiler- The Love Group and International Certified Holistic Coach and Author

“My 3 months with Joh have been amazing, she has taught me skills that go beyond business. I am very much a “no nonsense” kind of person, and Joh has taught me how to soften my message to reach a greater audience. She has helped me rework marketing materials to have greater appeal, reorganize slides to captivate audiences, and craft follow-up messages that help engage new connections. I am excited for the next months with what Joh has taught me, because I am seeing my business develop in ways I was only hoping for before I began working with Joh” Alessa Caridi- Founder Jobufit- Corporate Wellness

“Joh is incredibly creative – in just our first working session, she was able to take a small idea that I had and bring it to life for my own business. Joh’s passion for working with other professionals that would like to have more impactful careers is evident in each of our sessions. Most of all, she has been amazing in developing me as an entrepreneur and has become an incredible mentor in my life.The business that I’ve created with Joh is called the Gaining Clarity Experience. It’s a 5-day travel adventure helping professionals to rediscover their purpose in their careers and the workplace. As part of the experience, participants complete a powerful social impact project in one of the trip locations (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala) and work with the local underprivileged communities to help build a school or give a TED style talk to a bunch of students helping to inspire them for their future career paths. At the end of the experience, participants create a vision plan that outlines anything new in their careers that they’d like to go for or move away from. Joh is a magician. People should be so lucky that they have the opportunity to not only work with her, but interact with her too” Max Linkoff – Entrepreneur

“Joh Benichou was a key voice in the successful expansion of my company during her tenure at Authentic. Joh’s input made a massive difference in the expansion of our executive team, she helped our growing administrative staff to work smoothly and effectively, she trained and developed staff members to do their jobs efficiently and effectively, and she enabled the entire company to thrive through communication and community.” Jon Rubenstein – CEO Authentic Management

What’s next?

Email Joh at for more information, to schedule a call, and to see if you’re a fit to work together!

My Creative Business Guru AKA The Unicorn Of Creative Spark ?

My Creative Business Guru AKA The Unicorn Of Creative Spark ?

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