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The Breast Advice You Ever Got: Breastfeeding Basics

The Breast Advice You Ever Got: Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding Primer Checklist to Prepare for Breastfeeding Success

Okay, so maybe not all of you are Mommazons yet, but you will be one day, or you have a pregnant friend.  So this is info you will really want to know. And if there is one thing we can promise you a Glamazon always does.. it’s breastfeed!  Breast is best for baby, there is no question about it. Breastfeeding leaves no carbon footprint, is endlessly organic and vegan and as natural as it gets, and the best is.. it’s green!  Not like beer from St. Patrick’s day! Human Milk is Green – Ecologically speaking… according to La Leche League; It’s a natural, renewable resource and is all the baby needs for the first six months of life. It requires no resources for packaging, shipping or disposal. No precious energy is wasted producing artificial baby milk and related products. No land needs to be deforested for pasture or crop production. It does not create pollution from the manufacturing of human milk substitutes, bottles, nipples and cans. It helps space babies by suppressing fertility in the mother. It’s ironic that most pregnancy classes are geared towards labor when those intense 24-48 hours are relatively short compared to the time you will spend feeding your new little bundle of joy.  Here’s your Breastfeeding Primer – your checklist to prepare for your journey towards breastfeeding success.

Connect and share with other Moms who’ve been there Probably the greatest resource you will find is listening (and being listened to) to a mom who’s been through the challenges and successes of breastfeeding. Learning what they “wish they had known then,” as well as having support for when you’re going through rough patches can be invaluable.

Watch a Mom Breastfeed Learn by watching. Sit with a new mother and watch her breastfeed her baby – ask her questions, discuss challenges that she’s faced. If you don’t know anyone who is currently breastfeeding, attend a local breastfeeding support group.

Talk to your Partner about Breastfeeding Have a candid discussion about not only what’s involved but what both of your expectations are. Having your partner as your “breastfeeding cheerleader” is a great way to boost your confidence as well as involve him/ her in the feeding experience.

Do some Research There are tons of great breastfeeding resources both online and in print. If you’re looking for a good place to start, check out for great resources divided by stage.

If you’re going back to work, talk to your employer beforehand Talk to your boss before you go on mat leave and let him/her know that you intend to pump when you return back to work. Giving your company advance notice, is better than springing it on them on your first day back.

Set up your Lactation Station Set up a spot before baby comes: a comfy chair, and a pillow are all you’re going to need to get started.

Two Nursing Bras You’re going to want at least two nursing bras when you’re starting out – one to wear, and one to wash. Choose a nursing bra with flexible sizing, and cottony comfort as your size will be changing, especially throughout those first few weeks. The GGA Mom Squad swear by the Bravado Bras and tanks, and we tried every brand.  The Bravado were endlessly comfortable, durable, sensible, and great under everything.  Our faves? The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and the Essential Nursing Bra Tank. Trust us, any other brand will just sit in your drawer and rot.   Create your Support Network In an ideal world, breastfeeding will come easy, but if it doesn’t don’t be afraid to ask for help. Identify your support network beforehand, whether it’s a Lactation Consultant, doctor, midwife, or doula.   Remember that breastfeeding is a learned and new experience for both you and your baby. While some women find breastfeeding easy right from the start, many women have ups and downs, especially in the early days. GGA’s Founder Chloe Jo Davis had a nightmare of a start.. scabs, pain so bad she had to bite down on a piece of wood, and a baby with a short frenulum linguae.. but she stuck it out (through salt water nipple soaks, massage n’ pump sessions, and lots of tears) to crown herself a Breastfeeding Queen, when after 2 months of pain, breastfeeding became second nature and the pain completely disappeared.  She’s still happily breastfeeding her beautiful seven month old son, and still wearing a Bravado nursing bra every single day!

Looking for more information? Bravado Designs has a section of Breastfeeding Resources dedicated to helping you find your breastfeeding success – no matter your stage or situation. Resources including: When to Pump, How to Use a Breast Pump, and more.

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