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Visionary Boutique Has A Wish for the World (and a Discount Code for you!)

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If you still think that making it your mission to save the earth means sacrificing your style morals, think again greenophobe. Magda Rod’s Los Angeles, California based eco haven Visionary Boutique is stacked floor to ceiling with goodies that will keep your family as chic, green, and chem-free as possible!   We love shopping at Visionary (online and in person) because it’s literally a tiny one stop shop of perfect items; perfectly fitting bamboo jeans for you, incredible onesie for your friend who just had a baby, cozy new button down for your Man, ethically-made tchatchkes, and sweet-smelling moisturizer for your ashy elbows… not to mention jewelry you’d sell your soul for.


Magda Rod

The boutique grew out of Magda’s Visionary line of organic and eco friendly cotton clothing for babies, kids and women that launched in 2007. After attending the 2007 San Francisco Green Fest with her Visionary line, Magda knew that she wanted to make it her mission to educate others on the benefits of freeing their lives from wasteful habits that are damaging to the planet, especially when it comes to style.

Magda is a strong believer in taking small steps towards going green. Her personal motto is, “progress not perfection” and her journey to ultimate greenification is still in the works. Magda calls herself a “maniacal recycler”, drives a biodiesel truck, and one of her latest post’s on Visionary’s blog mentioned that this eco fashionista is on her way to going totally veg.

Cute and delish!

Cute and delish!

In terms of fashion, Magda has got her green game down to a tee. She refuses to work with designers that are not 100% eco… just consult her list of criteria. Designers who want Magda to sell their goods at Visionary must have “style and aesthetic, integrity, transparency, and be committed to working for change.” This earth girl’s attention to detail shows in her sweet offerings at Visionary Boutique. We’re talking books on upping your eco game, organic bedding, all natural (and vegan) makeup, and sustainable furniture. But what really makes us happy is the truly wearable gals clothing section – um hello organic cotton hoodies, dreamy organic jeans, and thigh high vegan boots.


Chiara Boot, $385.

Magda’s current must have fall pieces at Visionary Boutique are the Rain Tees ($38.), 100% organic tee shirts designed by youth in Central and South America who live in endangered rainforests (one tee bough equals one tree planted in Costa Rica,) and her handcrafted Amazing Agate rings, whose stones come up in the farmlands of South America.


Amazing Agate Rings, $75.

On top of Visionary’s LA and Costa Mesa locations, Magda has a little something else up her (organic cotton) sleeves. With the help of “Eco-MacGyver” Darren Moore, Magda took over a 1966 airstream trailer and gave it a green makeover, turning it into a battery powered mini version of her boutique. In her trailer Magda takes eco-maven wannabes and guides them on the right path with green makeovers that start with asking them to rate their “green-ness” on a scale of 1-10. After that Magda plays fairy godmother, giving her Visionary groupies a lifestyle overhaul. She tells them to purge toxic beauty products, evaluates what they wear and where they shop, and educates them on living the environmentally friendly way all in the comfort of her decked out trailer.


Visionary Boutique’s tagline is, “What’s your wish for the world?” Magda’s wish is for people to wake up from their ignorance and open up to environmental information in order to educate themselves, and ultimately spread the message to others. Submit your own “Wish For the World” on the Visionary Boutique website and be entered to win a purple “Revenge Is” tee made from recycled soda bottles. Exclusively for GirlieGirl Army readers!

What else? How about 15% off shopping (in store OR online) til October 26th 2009 with discount code “GLAMAZON.”

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Readers Comments (7)

  1. […] ***The GirlieGirl Army*** » Blog Archive » Visionary Boutique Has A Wish for the World (and a Disc… – view page – cached Visionary Boutique Has A Wish for the World (and a Discount Code for you!) — From the page […]

  2. Lindsey says:

    Going this weekend!! The store looks amazing!!

  3. robin says:

    I love what you’re doing. What a true “visionary” you are.

  4. ashley says:

    This is great and all, but there is one tiny thing that bothers me –
    “this eco fashionista is on her way to going totally veg.”

    When an environmentalist hasn’t already adopted a vegan lifestyle, I take them a little less seriously. It’s not hard to “go veg” – in fact, a person can make that decision overnight. A diet containing meat is far more harmful to the planet than a non-sustainable dress ever thought of being.

  5. Magda says:

    Yes Ashley,that’s why once I learned about the stats(recently),I did make a decision to give up meat.6000 gallons of water and how many pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef? My conscience won’t allow it,not to even mention the animal right issue….Today I educate anyone who will listen about this,and take an active role educating high school students about the relationship between what they eat and the environment,through my non profit work.

  6. Malextemtax says:

    Many of folks write about this subject but you wrote down some true words.

  7. Is all the labor even eco-friendly? Even the gas in your gorgeous trailer?

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