Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Homemade Vegan Macadamia Nut Cheese

Sure, everyone's making plant-based cheese, dips, and spreads with cashews and almonds - but what about the oft overlooked and delicious macadamia nut? Macadamia nuts can: Reduce ...

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Why You Need Cacao Nibs In Your Cabinet

Cocoa beans are dried after harvesting, then fermented and cracked to produce small, dark bits called cacao nibs. Nibs have a ...

Rainbow Vibed Looks and Gifts For Spring

Yea whatever, I'm 43 and I still love the color purple, rainbows, and unicorns. And I know I'm not alone. There ...
Vegan Giambotta Recipe

Prep For Summer With This Delish Vegan Giambotta Recipe

Chef Tara Punzone is the Chef & Owner of tasty vegan Los Angeles restaurant Pura Vita LA. Chef Tara is an ...

Arkansas Forces Rape Victims To Carry Their Rapists’ Baby To Term

We have made it clear here that we are PRO-CHOICE, with no exception. But can you imagine the desperation of a ...

Montana’s War On Wildlife: 8 Bills Sentence Thousands Of Native Carnivores To Their Deaths

Some Montana legislators have launched an unprecedented attack on Montana’s wildlife with eight radical, new bills that would sentence thousands of ...

Elisa Solomon’s Sunny Jewelry Makes Our Day

We recently discovered Elisa Solomon's jewelry, and her pieces just appeal to our inner, sweetest, Gaia-loving 12 year old self who ...

If You’re Not Doing This With Your Receipts, You’re Wasting Money

A very wise woman recently introduced us to Receipt Hog, a functional and fun app that lets your upload your receipts ...

I’m An NYC Teacher Working During COVID And It’s Not Easy

When you decide to become a teacher you do not choose this path for the money and the fame. Most people, ...

I’m A Mom Of 3 And These Are – By Far – The Best Kids KN95 Masks I Have Found

Our kids desperately need in person school, but we know sending our kids to in person school is a risk every ...

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Rowayton, CT: Incredible silver pibble with gray eyes needs the world’s best home!

Wanaque, NJ: Perfectly adorable puppies need homes!

Wantagh, NY: Senior German Shepherd (full breed) needs forever chill home.

Los Angeles, CA: Chunky female husky with two different colors needs the best ever Ma.



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