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The Most Controversial Book Title Of The Year “Meat is for Pussies”

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Before you start writing us hate mail based on the title of John Joseph’s new book, MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES, listen up.   This book has a controversial title, yes.   But the content is pure life-changing.  The Most Controversial Book Title Of The Year “Meat is for Pussies”

With MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES, John Joseph makes sure you never look at meat the same way again in this how-to guide for “dudes who want to get fit.” The title alone tells you this is not your stereotypical book about veganism, nutrition and fitness. And how could it be? John Joseph is an icon in NYC’s hardcore/punk scene as a member of the seminal and globally respected band, Cro-Mags. His early life was tumultuous and traumatic (as told in his last mind-blowingly engrossing book THE EVOLUTION OF A CRO-MAGNON,) but changing how he thought about food saved him from the same early death many of his peers fell victim to. Today, almost 30 years since first swearing off meat, John is training for an Ironman Triathlon, rocking insane mosh pits worldwide and hitting the gym every day. Oh, and he’s a fierce fan of the GirlieGirl Army and majorly respects the ladies.

The knowledge contained in MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES worked for John, and it can work for anyone (not just men!) who want to stay healthy and kick ass. Written in language that is straightforward, hilarious, and sometimes wild – Meat is for Pussies proves that consuming a plant-based whole food diet makes men strong, athletically competitive and virile (just wait til you get to the penis chapter!) John Joseph is living proof that being vegan is not for pussies. The book contains a seven-day meal plan and workout plan along with a list of John’s favorite whole foods and natural products.


And the book already has some fans;

Dr. Fred Bisci, says, “John Joseph’s in-your-face, kick-in-the-groin style of writing will get your attention. Be prepared for a wild ride. For those of you who want to change your lifestyle, READ THIS BOOK.”

Pro Ironman triathlete, formulator of Vega, and best-selling author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, Brendan Brazier says;

“In language that cannot be misunderstood, John has written the quintessential pussy-transformation guide. Meat is for Pussies is essential for every man who strives to leave pussyism in the dust. Do yourself (and your friends who think you’re a pussy) a favor and read it. John cleverly explains why exclusively eating plants is a truly sensible option. From my own experience, I don’t hesitate to say that a plant-based whole food diet is the superior choice for boosting athletic performance. I owe my professional athletic career to it.”Musician Moby says;

“”I’m really glad that John Joseph is finally showing that vegans are some of the strongest, healthiest, and toughest people on the planet. I mean, everyone wants to be thin and healthy and live long lives, but people still eat meat? That’s insane.”

And chicks dig this book too!

Rory Freedman, Author of Skinny Bitch and Skinny Bastard, says;

“Make no mistake: If you mess with him, John Joseph will break a bottle over your head, beat you with a chain, or pound you senseless with his fists. He has lived a life few could even imagine, let alone survive. So if you measure a man by his grit, it’s safe to say that John Joseph is as tough as they come. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s totally hot that he’s such a badass. But what really gets me going is that this shredded beast is a vegan – he doesn’t eat any animal products. Huge turn-on. Meat is for Pussies will completely transform your mind, body, and life. It’ll also score you major ass with hot vegan chicks.”

In response to the potentially offensive title – John says;

“The title, “MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES”  has nothing to do with a woman’s body.  It was conceived after I heard a meat-eating gym rat say that ALL VEGANS look like skinny little pussies. Well, after I schooled him, we decided to break the wimpy vegan stereotype and throw it back in their faces. It’s a play on words, its a NYC street-slang term and me being someone who was raised on the streets of NYC I know full well that shock brings attention, and as my target audience are those kinds of people, the title makes perfect sense. Much like the title “SKINNY BITCH” our title is to get attention and make people focus on the issues of health and animal cruelty. I don’t hate or degrade women in any way in the book, or in my personal life, as a matter of fact I praise women for being more bad ass and conscious than the guys on this planet.  I think being someone who has made thousands of vegans and vegetarians through my music in the last 29 years with the Cro-Mags, and in my every day life,  considering the fact I am dealing with my target audience: AGGRESSIVE CLOSE-MINDED MEN, the end justifies the means.”


Visit for more information.   Talk about a way to strike up convo’s on the beach.. “What’s that book you are reading?”

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