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Meet The Worlds Best Frozen Burritos

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We all have days when food consists of chips and hummus.   Thank goddess for frozen foods that can be popped into the toaster (or we daresay microwave in times of utter famishment – not a word – we know.)  Well, sayonara Amy’s dairy-free burritos – our frozen food dream has surfaced, and thy name is Sweet Earth Naturals. Kelly Swette is the brilliant woman behind the company.

There is nothing about this company that we aren’t obsessed with.

Here’s the rundown;

Amazingly delicious and nutritious line of all natural burritos (8), all vegetarian and four, of them are vegan. These flavors are worldly and distinctive. Every burrito is an intentional blend of plant based protein, ancient grains, fresh vegetables and efficacious herbs and spices. These  products are for those who care about protein, calories, fiber and exotic flavors.

The protein is from hand-crafted seitan, which they hand make in the Central coast where growing food and preserving wilderness are two of the regions constant priorities.
Seitan is an ancient but modern protein option that is:
  • Clean, low fat, non-GMO, cholesterol & hormone free
  • It contains 28 grams/serving of plant based protein, more than twice what you get from tofu, and equal to meat (without the fat)
  • And, it uses less water, fuel and land to produce protein than meat
They make Seitan in three, flavors (Chipotle, Traditional, Curry) and in four kitchen ready cuts (strips, ground, slices & satay).  This brings vegan home cooking to an entirely new level.. this is some seriously meaty, clean, gourmet tasting seitan.  And the burritos are to faint for good.  Like, why on earth would I even go to my local burrito spot if I can eat these suckers?! And the extra good news is – this company is blowing up in a serious way – they’ve just added vegan pies (!!), vegan burgers, and energy bars to their repertoire.  Are they purposely trying to fatten us up? We think yes. But wait, we won’t get fat eating this divinity.  Only healthy and happy. More, more, more. Our inner font nerd wants to add that the packaging and website is absolutely gorgeous.
Check for a list of stores near you that carry these nuggets of perfection.

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    This list has a privacy policy.