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5 Things You Don’t Have To Buy Eco-Friendly Versions Of Because Nature Does It Better

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There is an all natural cleaning solution for everything, as says today’s contributor Uttrang Kaur who lives like she preaches in India. “Natural Breath freshener are just a way to help someone make a greener choice in a small way. Chewing gum, mints, and sweets create pollution in factories, and often have plastic packaging. A natural cardamom pod is just as natural as nature made it, and so much better for your blood stream.” Today she shares her favorite simple tips for upping your earth-loving ante.


For all vitamins there is a completely natural fresh potent version. If we eat a freshly-cooked-from-scratch, varied, healthy diet – all vitamins are easily included, so it becomes something you don’t have to worry about.

Breath Freshener 

Cardamom Pods Freshen Breath Naturally

It’s easy to carry a cardamom pod, neem stick, or fennel seeds as an alternative to chemical chewing gums or breath mints made of e-numbers.


Try what our grandmothers used: explore potato, radish, or lemon as a deodorant.

Eye Make-up make up tips make up tips

Did you know that you can use cocoa powder as brown eyeshadow and oil lamp soot as Khol like an Goddess yogini from the Himalayas? If you can eat your beauty products – they are generally kinder.

Laundry Soap

Soap Nuts

Try putting soap nuts instead of chemical laundry liquid into your wash. Sensitive Baby like skin will love you for it, as will the environment.

Uttrang Kaur is a Sikh and prayerful environmentalist living in India

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