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Idiot Proof/ Eco Hair Curlers

Idiot Proof/ Eco Hair Curlers

Have you finally learned what our Grandma’s have always known?   Hair curlers RULE!   Whether you need a bit of oomph in your roots or a quick fix of dirty hair before a night out on the town… your go-to should always be your curlers before your hair dryer. After all, stick straight hair is SO Melrose Place.

We’d been using our hot rollers regularly ’til we discovered Kevin Murphy’s curlers which are self fastening (ergo, idiot proof).   Each curler fastens with an genius little ball that is held in place to the curler by a covered elastic.   These are so simple to use, you could put them on 6 Sangria’s deep.   They are also snag free, so your Husband won’t hear you swearing from the bedroom.   Best of all; these rollers don’t need to be plugged in (energy drain!) to give your hair a delicious boost!   Even better, your hair doesn’t get dried out from the heat of traditional rollers, because these babies are heat-free!

Kevin Murphy Hair Curlers, $36 @ or
Kevin Murphy Hair Curlers, $36 @

How they work: Each curler has tiny ridges that feed hair evenly onto the surface of each roller.   They have circular vents that improve air circulation for even cooling (if you do decide to apply heat on top of the curlers with your blow dryer) and a smoother wave.   To use with heat: Put them in your hair when it is 50% dry, blow dry and leave in place for 20 minutes to rock a curly Sue-do.   Want gentle waves?   Apply when hair is dry (if it easily takes a curl) or 80% dry and leave on for half an hour or so… and Ouila!   Perfect waves!

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