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Cruelty-Free Cowgirl Kicks

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You know how we feel about leather.   Producing leather heavily contributes to global warming, land devastation, environmental pollution, usage of valuable natural resources, water supply contamination, the abuse of billions of animals, and diseases in adults and children.   And we have facts to back it up: read this blog.   But not to worry, Cinderella, you won’t be stomping about shoe less! We have plenty of absolutely dazzling cruelty-free, eco-friendly alternative options – whatever your budget.   In fact, you can sanguinely browse this list of our animal-approved shopping favorites for days.

But that’s not answering today’s reader question: WHERE CAN I FIND VEGAN COWBOY BOOTS?

Reader: Hang on to your pasties, cuz they recently fell into our laps at a clandestine run to a cheapy store.   And (HURRAH) they weren’t totally cheesy like so many of the non-leather cowboy boots we’ve seen in the past.   And they are made from renewable rubber and man-made leathers.   The “Austin” (below) is available in Chestnut, Brown, or White.   We tried them on at Strawberry on Union Square in NYC, but they are available online on as well.

Austin Boot, $46 @

Austin Boot, $46 @

And what kind of friend would we be if we just offered you one option?   We like choices! The “Dakota” (below) is available in Burgundy Brown or Taupe.   Love the vintage vibe of these!

Dakota Boot, Manmade leather/Rubber. $44 @ Available in Taupe or Brown.

Dakota Boot, $44 @

Want something really authentic ethical Cowgirl?   The Madden Girl option (below) is under $60 and perfect for your vintage denim, and “boy-beater” tank.

Madden Girl Sanguine Western Boot, $59.95 @ DSW

Madden Girl Sanguine Western Boot, $59.95 @ DSW

Want to go white to match your (fake) tanned legs? These are just begging for a rocker tee, beat up denim skirt, and messy beach hair.

Laredo 68016 (mens or womens), $81 @

Laredo 68016 (mens or womens), $81 @

Of course, this is our inspiration for the look… and it never stops being hot:

Like the trend, but don’t really want to promote people who wrange baby cows, and then kill them?     Try out these badass Blowfish babies, which take the trend slightly elsewhere but still gives off that tough girl vibe, which we heart.   You can grab both of the last two styles at DSW (online or in store) now.

Blowfish Fantum Zippered Cuff Boot, $59.95 @ DSW

Blowfish Fantum Zippered Cuff Boot, $59.95 @ DSW

Want to rock more of a riding boot?   That’s a whole other blog, Darl.   But these are seriously on sale (below) and we couldn’t resist giving you the option.

Solana Sienna, $49 @

Solana Sienna, $49 (on sale) @

And remember, boots aren’t only for Fall and Winter!   The more casual (shorter) cowboy boots look deliciously Daisy Duke-esque with a short summer dress or denim shorts.

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