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Put A Cork In It

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We’ve often been told we yap too much, but a simple cork au vin couldn’t stifle our timbre!   Cork… just the word alone invokes hazy, memorable evenings in sky high 40’s style wedges by musty fireplaces with red velvet drapes, and clove cigarettes.   Wait, was that us or Tom Jones?   Either way, cork is BACK!   And it’s really cooler than ever. Plus it’s sturdy and since most of it is recycled, it’s super eco-happy and easy on your wallet.



Tie one on with this Corky Sinclair.

Darling Cork & Hemp Springtime Tote,  $84 @

Darling Cork & Hemp Springtime Tote, $84 @

According to; Cork products are durable and provide excellent insulation.   Cork floors are ideal for areas where maximum comfort and high noise absorption is required. They can be applied to any leveled surface including kitchens. We think they also happen to look really modern and sparse, in a beautiful Danish way.

Cork tiles from

Cork tiles from

Cuff us, and call us Sally.   This baby is sweet n’ green;

Cork Cuff, $48 @ Studio 1.a.m.

Cork Cuff, $48 @ Studio 1.a.m.

The cork cuff above is 100% recycled and recyclable, flexible, and water repellent. Each is cut from a single block used for storage and display.

This is what we call a good night.

This is what we call a good night.

Though not vegan, we are sharing the photo of this jacket made from mostly cork (below) because we are hoping some of our green designers will see it and take note that cork can make way fabulous looking garb;

DDC Labs cork jacket

DDC Lab's cork jacket

This article has some more fantastic leads, should you go cork-crazy and need more.   Til then, don’t blow your cork with this crapconomy.   Go light some incense, and take a proper bath.

But before you do.   Here are a few notable Corky’s to put a happy lil’ fizzle in your bathbomb;

Corky from Life Goes On

Corky from "Life Goes On"

Corky from “Bound”
Corky from Waiting for Guffman

Corky from "Waiting for Guffman"


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