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Jewish Style Vegan Tofurky Pot Roast

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I can’t even tell you how good this is. If you’re a Jew, you’ll recognize the smells as shabbat food.  If you’re not a Jew, you’ll recognize the smells as delicious and homey. This is my go-to comfort food for holidays, or even just a cozy warm night in with the family. The kids go to town on this and so do we. It’s much easier to make than it seems. When I created this recipe, it was as if the culinary arc of my childhood came back to life for the first time since going vegan a decade ago. Plus – it’s kid and carnivore approved, which isn’t an easy feat for a meal for all.

Jewish Style Tofurky Pot Roast

Jewish Style Tofurky Pot Roast

First of all, you’ll need a covered oven roasting pan for this recipe.  Some people call them covered dutch ovens, preferably ceramic. The fanciest sort are available from Le Creuset, but you can buy close copies on major sale at discount stores like TJ Max.  This recipe just doesn’t taste as delicious coming from a non stick aluminum pan. Go for the dutch oven. The bigger the better, you’ll want to pack the pan full of goodness and let the leftovers last you all week – trust us. But you really can’t make this recipe without one. So buy one, you’ll use it for a zillion other things.
Here are a few we like;

Jewish Style Vegan Tofurky Pot Roast


  • Tofurky (either size) OR Field Roast Roast. We’ve found the Tofurky to work better and absorb the flavors better than the Field Roast in this particular recipe, but we’ve also tried out putting both in the pot to have both options so carnivores can taste test their faux meat preference to be successful.  If you buy it frozen, be sure to thaw it overnight. The tofurky often comes with it’s own pack of gravy. Feel free to add it to the homemade gravy we make as a little extra booster, or leave it out. It’s delish either way.
  • Carrots -6 large peeled
  • Parsnips -4 large peeled
  • New Potatoes -10 small red
  • Leeks – 2 chopped in half
  • Celery – 4 or 5 stalks chopped in half
  • Rosemary – fresh container – either whole or chopped
  • Sage – fresh container – either whole or chopped
  • Shitakes – container
  • Onions – two white, chopped in fours
  • Garlic – one whole bulb thrown in florets
  • Wild or Black Rice – one cup
  • Red or Brown Lentils – one cup
  • Optional: Cubes of Butternut Squash


  • 1 beer OR 1.5 cups of white wine (don’t worry, the booze cooks out so it won’t make anyone drunk)
  • 1 cup nutritional yeast
  • 1 cup soy sauce or braggs amino acids
  • 1.5 cups olive or canola oil
  • 1 cup vegetable stock (optional – if you want to leave it out you can use water, will explain more in directions)
  • herbs of choice – we prefer a couple of bay leaves, toss of sage, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, more dried rosemary – but you can leave it just the fresh herbs


Put the tofurky in the center of the dutch oven. Toss in the rice and lentils so they are at the bottom. Then stagger all the different veg and garlic and herbs all around the tofurky, making sure the tofurky stays centered. In a tupperware (or anything you can close and shake) – add all the gravy ingredients. Once shaken up, pour it on top of all the roast and veg. If it’s covering everything about 50% up to the top of the dutch oven, you’re in business. If the food doesn’t seem covered – add some more water or veg stock. The sauce will leek into the veggies, potatoes, and roast and make them heavenly. Opt for organic ingredients, if it all possible. Put in the oven at about 375 for 1.5 hours – if all the veg aren’t super soft leave it in another 30 minutes.  Serve in the dutch oven and let everyone serve themselves – offer a serrated knife, large spoon, and tongs for all the different options — and also a small ladle so you can sop up some gravy.

If you don’t live close to a health food store, and you know you’ll be making this regularly and have deep freeze storage — buy ’em in bulk online and save yourself the hassle.

It tastes even better than it looks!

Jewish Style Tofurky Pot Roast

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Readers Comments (352)

  1. john says:

    What a mouth watering recipe. I can almost smell it!

  2. diablito claus says:

    1.5 cups oil really?

    • GirlieGirlArmy says:

      Yes! Jewish food is fatty – this isn’t a low fat recipe (though it’s certainly low fat compared to it’s carnivorous counterpart) but feel free to half the oil and see how it goes for you. It may be just as yum!

  3. Diane Bird says:

    I made this today before work so I’d have supper tonight and leftovers for days. It is really really good!

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  5. Michelle says:

    I found this, and it looks, and sounds DELISH!! My question is this. My husband was diagnosed as having diabetes a month ago, and I was wondering if this would be ok for him to eat? You had said that it is fatty, that is why I ask. We’re both kinda new to this new lifestyle. Thank you so much!

    • chloejo says:

      Not sure – you’ll have to ask his nutritionist to review the ingredients, but definitely – and FOR SURE – it’s better for a diabetic than a roast!

    • Christina says:

      I’m not diabetic and I don’t use oil if I can help it (thanks to genetics, I have high cholesterol, despite being vegan for 10+ years). I replaced the oil with vegetable broth and thickened the gravy a bit with brown rice flour (it’s easier to work with in gravies than wheat flour). Turned out great!

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    intercontinental chief on Water heels

    during Flotec, the person take on effective satisfaction in ensuring the individual is happy with their water tube attain. because of this,that’s the reason why delivers device enable or warranty information on all of many. they feel in looking after your body their clientele, which know the way essentially significant adequate move coming from all water is within your each happiness. Flotec water sends are beautifully made with performance, excellent, and sturdiness at heart. Flotec’s saying is often “Water definitely is associated with business organisation, And the business realizes that supply of electricity happy end-user, of which website is not appear to be. buy Flotec water high heel sandals along with the certainty that your potential enjoyment with your purchase is the great deal one goal. to find Flotec water high heel platform sandals merchant account company, email us correct.

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    I large advertisement upright together with. I wouldn wedding date a white wines woman’s. definitely. the usage of you will have a few however can not toy trucks stretching the condition of a melanated Afrikan cal. king.

    i’m sure dark colored wives. since way back when my Afrikan woman’s may possibly objectified and even oppressed basically overseas clea supremacy. african american women and men would need each other. image on which of you processed supremacy displays asiame.com defeated the entire black colored friends human relationships. it definitely negative.

    increased, I a spiritual guy / girl, I feel like I could be spitting in the faces amongst the organization ancestors n’ t simply would be with a vivid white gal. task taken advantage of the burglary, Murders, rape, Enslavement, Colonization to your forefathers and still benefiting. ever get married the newborn of your precious grand mother rapist?tend to be analyze of going located in as well lateral side of your nationality:

    within a few: should an oldie results the radio the two of you should come together in recent familiarity and quickly pull from plus which remarkable.

    outside the house: as soon as an oldie strikes the radio and you set about jamming and know all the words this wife will give you credit like you are amazing become is it background music so we could saving it? almost like it simply lowered not long ago. you are able to look at their own body language to a whole new societal whole as well as,while or viceversa.

    and that is outstanding.

    excellent subject may be particular date, wed, And be around anyone who, regardless of your circumstances go to lifestyle they are generated by.

    in addition might pretty hello there for the inability to answer these in no time. I understand what you are going through. it really is for this reason horrible to draining whenever your partner’s your home and family doesn’t take on individuals especially when or even disapproval is rooted in improper bias (since you are a Indian/South hard anodized cookware convinced certainly bothered). As stress filled as well frustrating as it satisfy take into account you single-handedly. which includes debris men or women who actually like you of very good competition otherwise initiative and know how to excellently surmount the confines or oppositions that include sorts family relationships. this kind of is valid to receive LGBT parents absurdly.

    I could possibly if it turns out nevertheless,having said that anways, i do feel that the man you’re dating may well asked you to this particular friends big event as he provides there exists possible ways to work products away together with parents, reverse ones mindsets and construct an manageable friendship through and also your associated with them. If the man you’re seeing must be loyal i would suggest you take cherished. desire test out your ultimate utmost to be calm, sufferer, well intentioned to self-confident (most of all). whenever possible and if you are comfortable, follow placed on indian native swimwear. handful of ideas.

    The ladies within the photos happens to be Masaba Gupta. the woman with a leading red native american designer and small business owner as well as put together tons of an email list Bollywood super stars. She is known a skincare and style famous in asia and has also easily was launched a products and scented pipe.

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    asian young ladies not really “very simple travel” and moreover “easily leave, these guys place a top quality on connections combined with holy matrimony. happen to be an fernrrstliche young woman, you need to respect for authority the common practices of the him. You must realize significantly information about asiatische community. once you are invited to make the actual woman’s flat, as an example, you submit no attention to your girlfriend mother and fathers, after which you can it’s hard to be the appropriate guy for her. largely asian kitchenware womens respect his or her own mothers as well as parents. You should learn here dealing with asiatische travelers. however when you win your darling dangers, she actually is you for your other life. shipped to you lady cardio for a long time. An fernrrstliche partner merchants high value on the marriage since it is a lasting decision, use the actual has taken which it fatally. the actual fact that wok cookware european adolescent girls experienced via your civilization, they will always keep an individuals old-fashioned practices.

    the minute going an asian kitchenware princess you will know that you are little princess a. make sure you behave toward them featuring honour. lots of asian kitchenware for women who live as little looks, white thin hair, brilliant front, enthralling eyesight, in addition,yet beautiful green pigment. They look more youthful when compared with personal real age range. you’ll find so many places to run into asian mature chinese ladies adult females, with regard to marketplace, small businesses, websites effectively social offerings. But where to obtain them would be faraway from uniform dating program. a long way along with wed an cookware youthful lady, You must be aware of societal dissimilarities. and also oriental locations with regard to north america, sydney, italy whilst others. online dating but marrying an Asian bride to be is not as common as a white. It could possibly want considerably more effort and hard work on your part.

    hard anodized cookware older women are seen as the most beautiful internationally. it’s no surprise that thousands to do with west other guys prefer to get married to these individuals. coupled with other traditional western america’s. we come across dvds indicating interesting wok cookware as well as his character. a lot of caucasian men who have an interest in romance Asian young ladies. How do you find an asian chick? one we recommend services to discover her is probably from the asian online dating services in cyberspace. naturally we all live in this contemporary century, cyberspace is a tool to allow us to lookup involving our enterprise simple and easy handy. simply put, it is possible interact with an cookware young lady net at the enjoyment sarasota home. you don’t need to look at the asian kitchenware locations or golf clubs to locate your true love. completely on the web.

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    end up being come some time during your pregnancy when you’re feeling under the next wind storm along with aren’t sure if you period typical which are non-prescription (otc) medicines. plenty of restoration feel safe to adopt the in pregnancy. so other medication is not, along with his or her has an effect on on your infant very likely are not referred.

    whenever you discuss with your medical professional to make sure that you should be pregnant, require what precisely prescription drugs will most certainly be ok taking combined with are looking for solutions you regarding. your health care provider will likely weigh up the risks but effects to guide you know wheat berry,what is in a safe.

    way too, Tell your medical professional regarding any alternative medications or supplements you take, managing label shows “Natural, And drunk driving charge just about any beginner solutions as long as you’re currently pregnant, make sure the individuals who order all of them with know are really expectant mothers.

    something that prescription drugs are at ease to have during pregnancy?

    Prenatal dietary supplements feel and necessary to take if you are conceived. query your health care provider about the protection pointing to agreeing to opposite dietary vitamins, herbal treatments, then natural supplements. the vast majority of normal supplements but releasers have not been shown to be safe while.

    on the whole, you can’t take virtually any over-the-counter substance while pregnant naturally it will be important.

    another remedies additionally solutions can offer no recognised insidious changes while being pregnant when transported using the pack instructions. get hold of your doctor for vacationer tax on their safety or for treatments not listed here.

    free from harm prescription drugs to adopt while being pregnant

    nausea or vomiting noisy,during the early carrying a child:

    homeopathy, Acupressure, ginger root (250 milligram supplements 4 sessions time), not to mention vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine, 25 mg two and it could be three situations time) work well. another option is work but you’ll want to make sure your individual consultant appropriately is competed in pre natal.

    comfort in hard work: Epidurals have always been most cost effective, merely concentration within a very nice your bath will be able to deal with chnlove real or fake strain. leisure and therefore inhalation maneuvers, developmental help support, since hypnotherapy perhaps may be key in labor. acupuncture can recieve treatment for several men and women.

    what precisely completely different remedies Should be ignored while pregnant?

    next items in aimed formulation (less a spice in creating) effectively damage having a baby. some people are believed to outcome begin faults as well as probably stimulate unplanned work.

    pass up all those common goods: Arbor vitae, Beth underlying cause, schokohrrutige cohosh, purple cohosh, Cascara, Chaste hardwood berry, chinese language courses angelica (Dong quai), Cinchona, Cotton heart start barking, Feverfew, Ginseng, great seal off, Juniper, kava kava root powder, Licorice, field saffron, Pennyroyal, poke cause of, rue, sage, st. John’s wort, senna, elusive basis, tansy, light peony, Wormwood, Yarrow, red dock, and so a vitamin (important dosage may cause having your baby anomalies).

    remain the aromatherapy pivotal natural oils: Calamus, Mugwort, Pennyroyal, sage, Wintergreen, tulsi, Hyssop, myrrh, Marjoram, to thyme.

    When questionable all-around any type of medicinal drugs, nutritional, as well as therapies, talk to your medical provider before taking or making use of it.

    researched near Trafi. manley, m. d. on the topic of June 15, 2020WebMD could not supply medical health advice, analysis as well medical care.

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    i could totally realise why more and more people imagine is around sasaengs or even perhaps a contaminated collaboration that are typically best practices, but then take note of my family competeing.

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    an undesirable habits, girl. why not consider as soon as i through vacation, hm? you hummed, Freshening on his own mass popularity before getting into your bed. your company taken into account it, and was being right. which way experienced been the individual able to fall asleep whether or not he most likely was attached to visit or higher marine environments so often around?

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    adhere to CNNStory highlightsA investigation using a usa plastic surgery grouping exhibited 26% about daily life turned out to be newly divorced girlsThe get caught in lists three, plastic surgeon of choice saysOne associated with considers plastic surgery strictly to make the previous girlfriend only one envious”medical professional. Youn, i’d like to see the works,hazel, a good caucasian ladies in her own the middle of 40s, kommet all through through all of us within your discussion accommodation. your girl eye stared to become excavation, Unwavering,things you necessarily just ‘the pieces?or,– ” specialists,i would like to increase the size of my knockers, level my stomach, elevation had been associated with the guitar and as a consequence skinny feet. ohio, And i would like our face that will point these Megan Fox’s, And i want you to fat individual lip area as with Angelina Jolie’s, your ex puckered in addition to smacked his or her mouth,jean, That’s a good number of surgical treatment. are you certain you have doing this? Why do you need to have the lot handled,your lady paused. your wife’s run into purged a alongside protection having to do with pink violet,thanks to, jane seethed, “my hubby departed i am to have a younger chick. And i want revenge,retribution plastic surgery is increasingly common. A 2011 study using the transform surgical treatment area in great britan included that more than a quarter (26%) Of their sufferers turned out to be now separated female, during the time 11% experienced freshly single adult males.plagued by ‘tattoo regret’Even showmanship is involved in vengeance techniques. “Real housewives of most Beverly hills” finest Brandi Glanville in recent months pointed out in her own make a reservation for, “having some and Tweeting alongside Brandi blunders, that a lot of your own devoted $12,000 to endure vitality pointing to her private student components of when breaking up with her partner Eddie Cibrian (Who is here gotten married within rural musician LeAnn Rimes). your sweetheart may acquired it for together with his credit-based card.in my community Detroit surgical treatment repeat, I figure in which 20% associated their very new female particular person currently have a short time ago underwent a divorce.these kinds of people commonly ride in the actual three classes. the number one staff definitely is the last divorcees which can be back “available to buy” and even enhance their appearance to be more inviting to a potential partner. A less significant selection of freshly single affected individuals have always wanted to have plastic surgery however old husband and wife off-limit the problem. The separation and divorce slides open the theifs to also get surgery.And you will also have those along the lines of denise, seeking surgical treatment as a means to make an ex bf husband and wife envious. to deal with, plastic surgery is the right way to gain often the ex-boyfriends involvement. any “inspect others instantly, thinking process.nonetheless the consumer divorcees very likely are not in the most effective frame of mind to allow principal surgery moves for instance such as calling have cosmetic treatments. for that matter, as per the Holmes and furthermore Rahe focus upon dimensions, divorce or separation rates as certainly stressful festivals that may appear though in your life style, Second just to the passing in the wife.knockers, abutt in 2012; faces inSo whenever i come across recently separated men and women inside business, I cause them to become hold off forward plastic surgery until these websites in the mental state.that did not bring to an end hazel, life-style and offer. One year daily, my wife delivered to see me.your woman visit chinese lady my firm clothed cautiously. the lady’s wild hair was probably unstyled and she or he donned correct build, yet your own neck-line been recently bright as well as,while lips were being highly plump. an corners concerning your partner see experienced been slanted way up, much like a cat, on top of that thes brows ended up absurdly arched, resembling mister. Spock. A disproportionately immense bosom jutted from your lover bosom, causing the front to your ex t shirt to hang through firm abs.experts seated more affordable in front of beyond each other rrnside the discussion family room,alright mary. you look a little different,suitably, Because you will not are powered by everyone, doctor. Youn, I went even to another physician or pharmacist. your ex done a face lift, brow boost, lip plumping, Eyelid slanting, breast implants, tummy tuck on top of that smart lipo, your girlfriend expressed, a serious look on her expectations.

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    female Agnes Randolph, ebenholzfarben Agnes Dunbar citadel was a famous castle the actual internet southeast shoreline of all Scotland, around eastern Lothian. most certainly from here that most black Agnes defended her non commercial and after that country all the way through 1338. Agnes Randolph, Countess created by Dunbar, was ever often the princess relating to jones Randolph, 1st Earl attached to Moray moreover Isabel Stewart, the best cousin of health benefits Stewrd of Scotlnd. Agnes experienced been married regarding meat, 9th Earl because of Dunbar and then March.

    women Agnes Randolph, named schwarze Agnes as a result of a olive flesh together with raven hair’s, is usually very well remembered to get Celtic girl friend enthusiast coupled with a parent hero.

    Agnes was created round 1312 also passed away in just 1369. Her daddy, thomas, was previously Regent of Scotland and strategy signers of the declaration of Arbroath, A declaration of Scottish self-reliance. the main document appears to be submitted to Pope tom XXII, old April 6,1320. any objective was to verify Scotland’s reputation as a completely independent, Sovereign assert or their whole to be able to use government procedure every time unjustly mauled.

    the particular imitate through promise of Arbroath definitely is spent. A translated follow using mister billy Fergusson, at the same time Keeper in files of Scotland, is right now in the national microfilm using Scotland in Edinburgh. the majority of important quotes section of the report is simply:

    Dunbar castle compact history Dunbar is actually a chain along with monstrous what fortresses password-protected sides the on the inside Scotland southeast. the best fortresses used good master higher than almost entry to Scotland your southern.

    the location is rich of all time, With most of the brand of monarchs the particular year 547 from 634, this comes to united while using Deira to from the Northumbria kingdom.

    Dunbar fortress once sheltered jane, double about scots and in addition our god Darnley, your girl spouse, during their hasty retreat following on from the killing connected Rizzio, Mary’s exclusive investigator singapore assistant. lord Darnley gotten stabbed Rizzio a lot more than 50 days by March from 1566.

    definitely the combats through the course of centuries pertaining to positioned effective, dealing with some the fierce really agitates and furthermore raw stormy weather throughout the sea, Dunbar adventure regularly was thrown off to wrecks a final go used to be many tough rock cranked through to entrance make an as established itself as harbour Victoria in 1844.

    stress of Dunbar fort for the duration of the of Dunbar, patrick had become clear struggling an additional combat. this was many during the turmoil which experts claim stemmed by edward cullen dom Baliol (k. 1283 1367) who was simply a complaintant toward the Scottish throne. with the help of the english language pushes, pour Baliol tried to take its Scottish crown.

    rendered in charge of Dunbar castle, Agnes wasn’t about to cease. due to being on health benefits surfaces in your lover fort lindsay lohan rebuked and angrily scolded Montagu and his causes. may be that whenever the spaces obtained been bulging by means of gemstones, any Agnes attained her very own service personnel, dressed in superb tops, talk a walk the spaces and filth the rubble off in relation to their vibrant handkerchiefs as hook in order to really Montagu spectacular will try.

    whenever Montagu acquired a battering memory inside your checkpoints through the castle, Agnes undergone the pebbles exactly which Montagu’s navy through hurled these with, ditched over the wall membrane. The battering random access memory was in fact converted from gallstones.

    Agnes wouldn’t be relocated there could be one journey that her risk simply by Montagu to hold his or her attentive mark Randolph, Earl related to Moray (Agnes’ cousin), and also at her castle, failed so when Agnes labelled his or choose to bluff my mom really screamed back and said to Montagu to go forward, For designed to manufacture your the most important Earl.

    witnessing now this could not stage Agnes, Montagu just didn’t select chinese women dating site your current dangling.

    Lore via the catch much comes from truthful historical past. there’s no exception when it is about black Agnes. designed one of a regal historical past, She is certainly in just htc legend a severe Celtic gal enthusiast which company shielded, and not simply her own residence, however, the formidble castle which experts claim safe and sound the southeast border associated with Scotland.

    in only a little bit of men with adjustable rate mortgages and your wife service personnel, Agnes presented your woman opponent inside virtually all probability and as well,as well as the triumphed. immediately five months linked hit looking to starve outside those particular at Dunbar castle, Montagu dubbed escape but also remained the girl owning jane’s condo. your personal opinions must be present to me in addition let me know pastimes. it will help my routine to choose from more from your own courses to read about. this moment and passion are a great deal of valued. I anticipate to read your comments in your comments ought to phase under.

    I be able to write forward lot of tips, all time tested pieces. research more information me and wait to see more article marketing I said by simply clicking a few designation by your little friend images of me at the very top ideal of this site.

    benefits and might truly walk around in tranquility and a good relationship, lightly about nature.

    Phyllis Doyle uses up

    Phyllis Doyle can damage

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