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Wish We Were Smart Enough To Have Invented These Foodie Gadgets

Published on April 10, 2013 by   ·   3 Comments Pin It

Why didn’t we think of this?  Here are some of our favorite new things for you kitchen cuties & maniacal Mommies;

Spend a fortune on those squeezy fruits and veggies for your little one, but know it’s the only way they’ll eat their greens? It’s easy to pack your own now and fill them with even fresher, healthier goodies with the Little Green Pouch! Simply make  your favorite puree, funnel into reusable pouch, and go-go park time.  We like to puree lentils, apple sauce, and kale as a sneaky squeezy meal on the fly.  Holla.

Little Green Pouch, $14 for 4 @littlegreenpouch.com

Always losing tops to your (or your kids) drinks when they insist on having a straw? This brilliant little gadget will put that to a stop. Use Spill Spoiler caps with bottles you already have.The caps fit any standard baby bottle, but we’ve been using ours to cover our kombuchas!  Thanks to the valve in Spill Spoiler caps, knocking over the bottle won’t cause a huge mess and bumpy stroller rides won’t result in stains from sloshing juice or water.  This is a total life saver.

Spill Spoiler Pastel 3-pack, $6.99 @spillspoiler.com

Go through piles of ziplock baggies when you travel with snacks on the go? Here’s your new BFF;  100% Organic Cotton eco•ditty™ bags.  They carry your perishable and dry food items, and you’re keeping a plastic sack out of the landfill and dangerous toxins like BPA and PVC out of your body. eco•ditty™ bags can be washed and reused 100’s of times, saving money and reducing waste. Plus they are so so cute and available in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors.  Your kids will go mad for them.  We’ve been calling ours the carrots house.

snack ditty™ - Whispering Grass BW, $7.99 @eco-ditty.com

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Ruby says:

    Whoa! I need all three of these. I especially am digging the pouches; I tend to make really thick “smoothies”; the thickness challenges my son when trying to sip and I did have that thought about having a pouch of sorts to place the goodies. I even once tried that trick for icing where you put the icing in a baggie and then cut a tiny hole at the end…lol…squeezing that stuff into my son’s mouth was hilarious!

  2. kelly says:

    great stuff leave it up to gga to find out about stuff like this!!

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