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How To Make A Healthy Vegan Meal From Bodega Stuffs

Published on February 23, 2012 by   ·   3 Comments Pin It

Ella Nemcova is not only the genius behind Faux Gras (vegan foie gras, fit for a Queen,) the founder of vegan catering company The Regal Vegan, she’s also a sassy Russian Yidbot (single, gents) with brilliant ideas.  Like making a dope vegan meal off of the wretched offerings of the average bodega.  New Yorkers are very familiar with bodegas, open all night – sell beer and cigs and chips when you are desperate, but you could easily translate the basics of this idea to a 7-11 or your local drugstore!  We’ve all been there, starving marvin at 4am after an all-nighter. Now you can throw down a real meal for a coupla bucks, with leftovers to boot.

That’s Ella above, yes, she’s hilarious.

As The L-Magazine (who ran this feature) says; “What Nemcova came up with was nothing short of badass bodega gourmet: A bean, beet and plantain stew in coconut milk sauce, served with tortillas and an surprisingly fresh-tasting salad for stuff that came out of a can.”

You can get the actual recipe here.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. eric bessette says:

    awesome? yes. quick? no.

  2. […] How To Make A Healthy Vegan Meal From Bodega Stuffs […]

  3. emma says:

    this does not seem so quick. it may be good if there was rly bad weather and you needed food and this is this closest place but…

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