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The Worlds Greatest Healthy Vegan Ice Cream

The Worlds Greatest Healthy Vegan Ice Cream

Winner of the 2009 GOLD Fancy Food Show award for Outstanding Organic Product, Organic Nectars raw, organic, non-dairy low-glycemic frozen dessert is amazingly delicious, with a creamy texture you’ll pass out from. This frozen cashew creme is made from raw, organic cashews and is free of processed sugar, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten and GMOs… so it’s not like the other vegan ice creams we totally love, but know will give us wacky sugar and soy after effects.   This takes guilt-less pleasure to a whole new level.   Like, dirty sex with your Husband/ Long-term Partner kinda good (sans walk of shame.)

Sweetened with Organic Nectars 100% raw, organic agave syrup, it’s suitable for people watching their sugar intake – like diabetics. And at 150 calories or less per serving, it’s a summer itch that must be scratched.   It’s certified organic, vegan and non-dairy kosher.   And (trust us, from experience..) this stuff works magic on morning sickness for those of you knocked up or considering taking the plunge into Mommyhood.

Presenting: The Worlds Greatest Healthy Vegan Ice Cream!


Other items from Organic Nectars we are totally in love with? Their line of raw, organic flavored agave dessert syrups. Chocagave Raw Cacao. Chocagave Bold Roast. Vanillagave. Gojiagave… SYRUPS.. for ice cream!?!   Are we in heaven yet?!

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