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Krazy for Kombucha: The tea that gets you drunk and healthy!

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We’ve waxed rhapsodic about the way Kombucha makes us feel before.     We are totally addicted to it, in the best of ways.   It tastes like a strong soda, and it somehow makes us feel like a mixture of a marathon runner, and a little high.   Since we discovered it a year ago, it’s been a staple of our fridge.   However, this is no new invention;

According to WIKI; “The recorded history of this drink dates back to the Qin Dynasty in China (around 250 BC). The Chinese called it the “Immortal Health Elixir,” because they believed Kombucha balanced the Middle Qi (Spleen and Stomach) and aided in digestion, allowing the body to focus on healing. Knowledge of kombucha eventually reached Russia and then Eastern Europe around the Early Modern Age, when tea first became affordable to the populace. The name “kombucha” is said to have originated in Japan in 415 AD. Reportedly, a Korean physician called Kombu or Kambu treated the Emperor Inyko with the tea. It became known by a combination of the name, “Kombu” and the word, “cha,” meaning tea.[1] However, in Japan, kombucha tea is known as “kocha kinoko” which translates as “tea mushroom”. Kombu literally means “kelp” in Japanese[2] and the name “Kombucha” is used to refer to a hot drink made from powdered kelp.”

Thus far we’ve been hooked on the GTS Brand Organic Raw Kombucha brand, since they have had a strong hold on the market (the only other one we have found has added sugars, and homey don’t play that). The GTS brand was formed by a son trying to find homeopathic ways to help his Mom beat cancer, as Kombucha has incredible cancer-fighting properties. It’s a taste you need to acclimate to, but we find it delicious, and it satisfies that part of us that craves something fermented (like beer). We get Kombucha by GTS (available at most health food stores, Whole Foods, and delis in major cities). We just hope they start carrying it at bars, so we have alternative to $12 glasses of organic Merlot, it makes you feel THAT good!

With all the recent press surrounding this odd tasting beverage, we thought we’d go to the Kombuchaman himself (yes, that is his name, and yes, Kombucha is his game) for answers and the scoop on his very own brand of Kombucha hitting the NY area this summer (watch out GTS!);

Kombuchaman with his baby.

“Four years ago I was handed a bottle of GT’S Kombucha.   It was the first exposure I had to this cultured tea that has now taken a hold of many areas of my life.   At first I was over taken by the intense bubbles and sour apply taste and a little put off by the drink.   Regardless of the taste, I continued drinking it.   After a week it became a regular part of my diet.   Now, four years later, as Kombuchman, I brew kombucha, speak kombucha, cook with kombucha, and of course drink kombucha. My name is Kombuchman and I am the founder of Brewed in Brooklyn Kombucha, providing and brewing the best and only local kombucha for the people of New York (will be in stores by this summer).

Kombucha has been around for over two thousand years.   It has moved its way all throughout the world and is made in many different ways. Kombucha drinkers around the world have credited it with:

  • Curing stomach problems like heart burn and poor digestion.
  • Improving acne and keeping skin healthy and young looking
  • Increasing energy
  • Heightening mood
  • Fighting and preventing common illnesses
  • Relieving menstrual pain
  • Stabilizing blood pressure
  • Repairing a damaged liver
  • Cleaning blood
  • Controlling weight

Kombucha has done many things for me in my life.   I have incorporated it in my daily routine and attribute it for keeping my body as healthy as is has kept it.   Along with a good organic diet and regular exercise, Kombucha keeps my body balanced and energized. The process in which kombucha becomes kombucha is simple in practice but complex in nature.   It requires a batch of sweetened tea (I have found black to be the best), acidification from already made kombucha, and a Kombucha SCOBY.   This stands for “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and yeast.”   As soon as the SCOBY hits the tea, the bacteria and yeast begin to convert the chemical structure of the solution into Kombucha.   With a warm constant temperature and a lot of love, Kombucha is ready to bottle in around 9 days.   After bottling it can be left outside the fridge to gain carbonation.

After falling out of the limelight for many years, kombucha is beginning not only to find its way in peoples homes, but is also becoming more an more present in stores everywhere.   If Kombucha (and Kombucha drinkers) continue to propogate as quickly as they are, we will hopefully see kombucha around every turn. If you want to know more about Kombucha, including the exact process in which it is made, sign up for one of my classes at the Brooklyn Kitchen (in Brooklyn, NY) or check out my site:   If you just have questions, ask them below, or if you would like a complete brew to make your own Kombucha; hit me

This is going to be our new favorite.

One thing is for sure, Kombucha aint going anywhere, anytime soon.   Have your insight, comments, or questions about Kombucha?   Share in the comments section below.

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Readers Comments (25)

  1. Susan Anton says:

    If it priced around $4, i will support local!!

  2. Jeanie says:

    it may be incredibly healthy, but BLAH–this stuff tastes terrible imo, and to say it gets you drunk is just false advertising. :( the alcoholic content is almost negligible.

    that’s a no for me, though more power to you if you enjoy it, and i would be absurdly happy if americans switched from pepsi to kombucha en masse.

  3. themessenger says:

    My girl is obsessed with these. They always pull her out of a little slump. And you get accustomed to the taste, its not as bad as you think, its just that Americans are obsessed with sugar.

  4. Chloe Jo says:

    Hey Jeanie, Perhaps because I’m such a healthy “clean teen”… the “negligible” alcohol content really affects me. It makes me feel a little tingly, but I can still focus and get anything done. It’s a totally natural high, like after drinking a huge green juice.

  5. dt says:

    I’m totally in love with kombucha! I can’t get enough of the grape flavor which to me tastes like totally healthy and light Grape Fanta. Most people I know either love or hate it although I think the taste does grow on you. I <3 KOMBUCHA!

  6. M says:

    I know some people think this stuff tastes like vinegar, but I like it too! The one with the algae really makes me happy…must be the alcohol with the bliss chemicals of the algae…hehe : )

  7. I personally love Kambucha … especially locally made ones … every place seems to have their own flavor and extra special je ne sais quoi!

    It has helped many of my clients including myself digest food better, feel focused, have energy, and an improved mood.

    You will want to be mid-full of the quantity in which you use Kambucha as those fighting candida will want to limit their intake.

    If you LOVE Kambucha I have a sneaking suspicion you will love water kefir… what’s that you say? ;-)


  8. I say bring it on. Mushrooms have long been used for their healing properties, and fermented foods are great for balancing the diet. If you’re not into the taste, try some different flavors. Also, they say you have to try something 3 times before you develop a taste for it. Remember the first time you tried beer? Ech.

  9. Roslinda says:

    I LOVE the stuff. And since I don’t really drink…I also get a little “high” off of it. I drink it at work and not only does it help me do good for my body, it helps me get along with my co-workers a little better…hehe.

  10. Kombucha is SO FREAKIN’ FUN!!!


  11. Jenith says:

    It has def left me feeling healthfully intoxicated!! nummy!

  12. Thomas says:

    I’ve actually found that drink any tea in a certain ambience e.g. a chinese restaurant decorated with chinoiserie and dimly lit can make me high and give me a certain lucidity often associated with an the lucidity of an alchoholic lucidity. I’ll give kombucha another try.

  13. If by drunk you mean a high consumption of alcohol, than NO. Kombucha tea does contain a trace amount of alcohol, usually .5% to 1%. That means that drinking an entire gallon of kombucha is the equivalent of drinking a half can of beer. To put it another way, kombucha tea has the same amount of alcohol as a fermented piece of fruit (leave an orange out in the sun for a day)

    That being said if you are an alcoholic , Kombucha could set something off in you and make you drink 4 gallons of this stuff.I have never felt drunk on one of them but I also would not buy a case of these as it skates just a little too close to the dark side and I’m afraid I’d sip these all day until I got bored and scored some blow and a prostitute…. and then move to Bolivia.I know other alcoholics who drink it all the time and have no problem.I guess you got to try it yourself and see what your spirit guides tell you. Mine always tell me to kill people.

  14. Kombucha does get me a bit high…it’s no lie. Maybe ‘drunk’ is a strong take on the natural levels of chi and energy the drink carries – but there is no doubting how excellent you feel and alert, after taking three sips.

    I will say this – though I drink it
    every-other- daily (and it’s an expensive habit at that, about $3.79 each) – there has been some negative press and controversy over the process and ingredients. It is said to take a toll on your liver/kidneys.

    Just like anything – do your research and don’t believe everything you read.

    Big ups to Brooklyn.

  15. Maria says:

    It Def gets me high. You can smell the alcohol right off. Enjoy it unless… you’re a recovering Addict, it triggers craving. Scientifically proven. But it IS good. Warning to people in recovery. xoxo

  16. J. Finger says:

    Wow! A healthy tea that gets you drunk? Now I can stop brewing my Manishevitz Chamomile Blend!

  17. pro says:

    My Husband started to drink the kumb… and now he has the gout It my not be the thing for people that has to watch your uric acid, please respond if you know anything about this happening to any one you know that has started drinking kumbucha, home brewed

  18. beth says:

    GT’S Kombucha does have sugar,it is used in the fermentation process so they do not have to list it on the label.Buyer beware, a little dishonest if you ask me!

  19. […] Jordana who is blogging, researching, eating collard greens and drinking kombucha all at the same […]

  20. Kom Fan says:

    @pro – Kombucha actually flushes uric acid out of the body. Glucuronic acid is a natural by-product of kombucha’s fermentation process. The acid is believed to enhance the body’s immune defenses as part of its detoxification support, and that includes flushing uric acid and some cholesterol through the urine. It definitely did not cause your husband’s gout, and many people actually have great success treating gout with this lovely elixir. Tell your hubby to drink up! Good luck!

  21. lindsay says:

    I left store bought kombucha out of the fridge for a few hours, is it bad? Should i dump it?

  22. admin says:

    I’d still drink it.. should be fine.

  23. Kristin says:

    My son brought me a scoby from Hawaii. I went on YouTube to discover how to brew–I’ve had my first successful brewing and am on the second–what a difference it makes in how I feel! Plus, as it keeps creating new babies, I get to share. I love it!

  24. wyne says:

    Make Your Own Kombucha

    Some call it a tea, some call it an elixir, some just call it hard to find. For many, it’s a miracle. It’s been used around the world for hundreds of years to help restore balance and vitality.

  25. Michelle says:

    I drink lots of kombucha and regularly vary between two and 5 different brands. I have to say that GT’s is the ONLY brand that makes me feel funny – like too much alcohol funny. Not sure what that means, but I’ve not had it with any other home brews, local brews, or bigger company brews.

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