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The Beauty Of A Specialty Market

Published on September 15, 2008 by   ·   3 Comments Pin It

In the search for affordable bulk seaweed (I’m a noted addict), my GirlieGirlfriend and personal trainer – aka life saver – Kendra Coppeysuggested I head to Sunrise Mart (above my absolute favorite Independent bookshop St. Marks). Sunrise Mart is a tucked away nook of a genius in NYC’s East Village. It’s a Japanese grocery store that is so perfectly dreamy and cute, it’s practically a kitten. Stop in for the most fabulous huge glass containers of cheapity cheap kimchee, organic button mushrooms (almost too adorable to eat!), precious pottery, and fabulous Japanese beauty products. If you are fan of beautiful produce and seaweed, or Japanese cookies and candies – you’ll want to make a trip over to Sunrise Mart. Don’t live in NYC? That’s cool, use this blog as a reminder that ethnic markets (Indian, Kosher, Japanese, etc etc etc) are usually a treasure trove for the healthy and broke, and help fill in the produce blank of items you’ll never find in mainstream markets. They are perfect for healthy eaters and vegans since they often have less American-ized food options (super processed and sugar-laden foods), and offer better prices. I go to Indian markets for super cheap bulk spices, dry beans, and incense, I head to Kosher markets for great “Parve” dessert options (fabulous dairy and egg free foods), I pop in to Chinese markets for the best leafy greens for pennies, etc etc! Remember to think outside your local market, where you are usually overpaying. Supplement a weekly trip to an ethnic market in to your shopping regime to broaden your eating horizon and stretch your paycheck.

My goodies from Sunrise Mart.

My goodies from Sunrise Mart.

Sunrise Mart: 29 3rd Ave (between 10th St & 2nd Ave). Upstairs. NYC

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Geoff Olson says:

    I just discovered a fabulous little market on 125th Street in central Harlem. It is a Korean-Caribbean market, with many different Rices, Dried and preserved fish such as Herring and Mackeral among others (those are what I bought. The smoked Herring was 6 pieces for a dolla foaty foe, and what appears to be perhaps two somehow fresh yet preserved Mackeral for two fitty. There are a number of Jamaican Jerk seasonings, Soy Sauces, and a well stocked Badia spice rack. There are many labels in Spanish. There is a marvelous Fresh Fruit section, and an extensive selection of Tubers. All around a great and varied selection of interesting and ethnic food and spice products, a nice atmosphere, high ceiling, and friendly cashiers and employees.
    One oddity – Cash Only, No Credit Cards.
    It is located on 125th Street between Lenox Ave and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard.
    Also of Note: The Fresh Fish Market across from the Fine Fare on Lenox and 116th. The Fine Fare is probably the best All Around grocery store in Harlem, outside of Fairway. They offer many organic and ethnic foods as well as many affordable basics in vegetables, meats, grains, eggs, but don’t expect sales too often on specialty ice cream.

  2. So good to know! Whole Foods’ seaweed is so expensive! Yay!

  3. Kendra says:

    Oh yeah, it’s Sunrise Mart time. I’ve been infatuated with this store foreva and I’m so glad the Army is in on this little secret!!

    Btw – Geoff, great recommendations for the markets in Harlem, can’t wait to check out the Caribbean market for all the fresh fruits, tubers and spices a girl could want.


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