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3 Embarrassingly Easy Ways To Help The Children Affected By Hurricane Harvey

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Things aren’t getting better for the kids affected by Hurricane Harvey. They are still displaced, and may be so for quite some time, and most are still sheltered in large, cold spaces without any of the comforts of home. Can you imagine your kid keeping preoccupied and not being scared to death in the same situation? Our kids can barely make it a few hours with their toys or a movie! Every tiny bit of support helps and continued support ensures continued help for those recovering!

Here are 3 ways to help that will take you less than 10 minutes:

Image via Unicef – support them via clicking image

  1. The Playroom NYC (an adorable play space in New York City) is teaming up with The National Diaper Bank Network to collect Donations for those devastated by the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  New Yorkers: Please drop donations of gently used kids toys, clothes, diapers, etc at The Playroom NYC by September 13th. School is about to start for us New York Parents, and this gives you a perfect reason to go through your closets and give back. Out Of NYC or US? Donate directly to The Diaper Bank Network Of Houston online here.
  2. Ship directly off an amazon wishlist that disseminates items in need to victims of Harvey. Items most needed: toys, puzzles, baby clothes, blankets, bottles, diapers (larger diapers, sizes 4-6 and pull-ups, are always needed most,) menstrual pads, adult diapers, wipes, & formula
  3. Donate money to the organization of your choice – and there are a ton of them asking for support. Here is a list of the most recommended places to donate money to after Harvey. This list includes organizations that support animals, the elderly, and others in need.

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