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A New Way Of Holding Your Baby

A New Way Of Holding Your Baby

When we first saw the Godee we didn’t care what the heck it did, it was so damn gorgeous and soft – we wanted to live in it ourselves.  But the concept of the Godee  from MeLuvKush is nothing new, it’s a tried and true classic in India.  The Godee (from NYC Mama owned company MeLuvKush) is a beautiful modern-day redesign of the traditional Indian godhri.

Godee $65
Godee $65

So what is it?


The Godee has been adapted from the traditional Indian word “godhi” – meaning in your lap. The Godee holds the baby and provides a safe surrounding and supports the entire body, including the head, neck, spine and legs. It allows for easy positioning of the baby when held by family and friends. It provides infants (til 6 months old) with a plush, comfortable, safe and warm environment, much like the womb without messing with blankets and folding.  Not every baby likes to be swaddled – this is a less intrusive option. It also said to prevent germs from spreading with its pouch-like shape that keeps the baby from direct skin-to-skin contact. You want this when it’s Mommy or Daddy, but not with visitors harboring who knows what.  It also opens for other uses such as tummy time and changing pad cushion and nursing aid.


Filled with polyfill and lined with ultra soft cotton for a plush newborn experience, these are handmade with ultra soft cotton and create a comfy and happy environment. The Godee is screen-printed using a technique known as the wet-on-wet process that uses a cold-wax table and all of the dyes used in their printings are eco-friendly. The inner panel is designed using a block-print made from a hand carved wooden block. The block is first dipped into the dye and stamped onto 100% cotton fabric. Four talented women in India with traditional quilting expertise handcraft each and every Godee  from their homes. They are handmade and fair-trade with love from start to finish.

The Godee secures the baby within its pouch with a zipper along the front flap and a ribbon that ties and cinches at the opening for added protection. To replicate a womb-like shape, a hooded element was designed with a zip component, allowing the baby’s head to lay on a flat cushion surface or keep it enclosed by keeping the zip closed.  Use the Godee to hold, pass, nurse, and bond with your newborn.

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