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10 Reasons You Should Consign Your Kids Clothes

10 Reasons You Should Consign Your Kids Clothes

Most parents are all too familiar with how quickly kids grow out of just about everything you’ve bought for them – clothes, shoes, toys, backpacks, bedroom sets, and the list could go on.  Or if they haven’t actually grown out of it, they’ve moved on from Elmo to Spiderman, or just need something new to capture their attention.   The concept of “new” to children usually has nothing to do with whether they’ve actually ripped off the tag or pulled the item from its packaging.  “New” to children is whatever is “new” to them, and that is a wonderful thing because we can teach our children valuable eco-friendly lessons about recycling, reusing and being thrifty.

As an avid bargain shopper mom, I started Kiddieo Mall online children’s consignment shop because I recognized the need for a quality online children’s consignment marketplace.  Kiddieo Mall offers parents the top brand names they know and love at a significant discount, and allows parents to sell gently used kid’s clothes online without having to pay a listing fee, unlike other consignment sites and online auctions.  We accept a small commission only after items sell.

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There are many reasons parents should consign their gently used kid’s stuff.  If you need a little convincing, here are my top 10 reasons you should buy and sell from children’s online consignment shops:

  • Save yourself the time and energy from doing a yard sale and simply snap a photo and load it to a children’s consignment website.  Trust me, it beats sitting outside in a lawn chair for 2 days straight.

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  • When items are in your house, you probably feel the need to maintain them, even if you aren’t using them regularly.  If they are out of your sight, they are no longer on your “to-do” list.  Check!
  •  Reclaim your closets and garage by getting rid of all of the gently used kid’s stuff that is cluttering your life.  After all, now is the time for spring cleaning.
  • Keep your playroom stocked with age-appropriate toys for less.  We all know that 6-year-olds will play with toddler toys if that is all that is available so find new toys to teach them something educational at their level.
  • Buying gently used kid’s products online is faster and usually less expensive than going to retailers for similar items.  You can shop from the comfort of your home and the store is always open.
  • Find unique items that you may not be able to find elsewhere or may be discontinued.  Sometimes you can even find brand new items at deep discounts.  There are always treasures waiting for you at children’s consignment websites.
  • Keep the environment green and clean by recycling your kid’s unwanted items.  Give gently used children’s clothes, toys, books and other products a new and useful life, and feel good that you’re teaching your children eco-friendly practices.
  • Help other parents save money by selling them your quality, gently-used kid’s clothes and other items at a fraction of the retail price.  Parenting can be a team sport if we all play nicely together.
  • Make some extra money by selling items your kids no longer need.  It is never too early to start saving for college!
  • Even celebrities shop thrift and consignment.  Hollywood is full of eco-conscious parents who celebrate the value of second-hand shopping.  Next time you buy gently used items for your kids, you too can call them “vintage.”

Trang Le is a mom and entrepreneur in East Bay, CA, a suburb of San Diego.  She is an avid consignment and value-conscious shopper, but also loves buying the best brand-name quality items for her kids.  She is dedicated to reusing, recycling and reselling, and is helping other like-minded moms do the same through online children’s consignment.  Visit and

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