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Nursing a Revolution

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Jennifer Davidson and Chantal Molnar aren’t just the producers of the upcoming film Bottled Up! The Film – they are also lactation consultants who believe that reinventing the Madonna image and reclaiming iconography of mothers is worth something, and you know we agree.  We believe this film is going to do for breastfeeding what The Business Being Born did for childbirthing.  Read what drove Jennifer and Chantal to make this important documentary and then watch the film preview below and get involved in this important work;

Over and over in our lactation practice we see mothers who have been saturated with fear. “Don’t sleep with your baby!” “Don’t nurse so much!” Don’t pick up your baby so much, you will spoil her!” “Your baby is not gaining enough! Supplement!!” “Get him on a schedule!” “Is she sleeping through the night?” “Slings are dangerous!” And on and on. You get the picture.

As lactation consultants Jennifer and I do our best to guide mothers into what ordinarily is second nature for them, but has been scared out of them. We encourage mothers to follow the knowledge within, and lead them to trust their bodies, trust their babies, and trust themselves. We find that so many women have trouble with breastfeeding and self-confidence, and that they are often made to feel inadequate by the very professionals that are being paid to serve them.

We decided to supplement our practice with a film – a culture-changing film to restore the phenomenon of the nursing mother to America.  We are creating a film that is as revolutionary as it is beautiful. We will take you on a journey that will outrage and incite, enlighten and inspire, as we expose the social programming that derails breastfeeding, and explore:

  • Why this is happening?

  • Who benefits?

  • What is at stake?

Join us on our mission to elevate the nursing mother to a place in society where she receives all the necessary support to successfully nurse a child, where scientific evidence overrides marketing influences, and a woman does not fear breastfeeding in public.

How you can be involved:

Contemporary culture is in desperate need of 21st Century iconography of the nursing mother.

Icons of nursing mothers have been nearly eliminated from our cultural landscape. The MotherBaby is more than just an image – we see them as an energetic whole, as a phenomenon. One of our goals for Bottled Up! is to saturate culture with imagery that normalizes the nursing mother.

Join the movement!

All across the US, mothers get kicked out of restaurants, malls, and stores, TSA harasses mothers who dare carry breastmilk on to a plane, and Facebook takes down pages that post nursing photos.

Enter the Madonna Mosaic, a project to involve as many women as possible in the movement to restore the nursing mother to a place of normalcy and to raise money at the same time. With your help we are creating a 21st Century Icon for mothers. Help us infuse culture with imagery that restores the overwhelming acceptance of and admiration for nursing mothers.

GirlieGirl Army Founder Chloé Jo Davis Photo by Joey Falsetta

How it works:

  1. You make a $20.00 contribution to the campaign at:
  2. You email a vertical imaged photograph of a mother nursing to:
  3. We collect the images and create a digital mosaic from the first 3000 images of nursing mothers we receive by December 28, 2012.


  1. You’ll receive a digital download of the final Madonna Mosaic poster image.
  2. You’ll also receive a complimentary digital download of the film upon its release.
  3. Your name will appear on our Mosaic Participants.
  4. Our sincere gratitude for supporting Bottled Up! and the movement.

This is your chance to make a tremendous difference in the lives of nursing mothers.

To view our 6 minute film preview go to:

OR watch below;

Jennifer Davidson RN BSN IBCLC and Chantal Molnar RN MA IBCLC are lactation consultants in the LA area.

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