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Eating Our Way To Extinction

Eating Our Way To Extinction

Brand new feature documentary, Eating Our Way To Extinction, narrated and executive produced by Academy Award® winning actress Kate Winslet, is a hard-hitting and visually stunning film experience, produced by Broxstar Productions and released by Fathom Events is now available online.

Eating our Way to Extinction takes audiences on a cinematic journey around the world, from the depths of the Amazon rainforests to the Taiwanese Mountains, the Mongolian desert, the US Dust Bowl, the Norwegian Fjords and the Scottish coastlines, telling the story of our planet through shocking testimonials, poignant accounts from indigenous people most affected by our ever-changing planet, globally renowned figures and leading scientists. This powerful documentary sends a simple but impactful message by uncovering hard truths and addressing, on the big screen, the most pressing issue of our generation – ecological collapse. 

“This is the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today” Leonardo DiCaprio

Available via iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play and VUDU, Both entertaining and alarming, this powerful film will change the way you look at food forever.

The trailer provides an inside look of our planet struggling to keep up with the demand of human consumption.


Confronting and entertaining, this documentary allows audiences to question their everyday choices, industry leaders and governments. Featuring a wealth of world-renowned contributors, including Sir Richard Branson and Tony Robbins, it has a message of hope that will empower audiences.

The documentary is co-directed by Otto and Ludovic Brockway, produced by Kian Tavakkoli, Mark Galvin and Ludovic Brockway. Executive Producers on the film include Kate Winslet, Sir Richard Branson, Magnus Hollo, Ivan Orlic of Seine Pictures, Lauren Mekhael, James Wilks, Joseph Pace and Susan Vitka. 

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World-renowned scientific experts featured in Eating Our Way To Extinction include Dr Sylvia Earle, Former Chief Scientist of NOAA; Prof. Olivier de Schutter, Former United Nations Special Rapporteur; Dr Marco Springmann, Senior Researcher on Environmental Sustainability, University of Oxford; Jeremy Rifkin, Economic and Political Advisor; Prof. Peter Wadhams, Head of Polar Ocean Physics Group, University of Cambridge; Joseph Poore, Environment and Agriculture Researcher, University of Oxford; Dr Tara Garnett, Head of Food Climate Research Network, University of Oxford; Dr Michael Greger, Physician and Researcher; Prof. Arjen Hoekstra, Water Management Expert, University of Twente, Netherlands, and Dr Penelope Lindeque, Senior Research Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratory. 

For fans of The Game Changers, Racing Extinction and The Inconvenient Truth this is the next must-watch documentary for anyone interested in the future of our planet, and for those who want to gain a further understanding of the true cost of what we eat.

This powerful feature documentary urges viewers to look at their own daily habits, raising questions about the true cost of our food, but it also amplifies the solution through EATING FOR TOMORROW®: a reminder that with every bite we choose the future of our planet.  EATING FOR TOMORROW® also encourages reforestation.  It has a goal to plant 10M trees in Madagascar – the EATING FOR TOMORROW® Forest, and helping local communities, many of whom are farmers or fishermen with a deep understanding of the land, who will replace a portion of the 90% of deforestation on the island.  EATING FOR TOMORROW® has already started planting 100,000 trees on the island. 

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