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Why You Are An Asshole For Buying A French Bulldog

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This is Damus. He was KILLED the other day. A fluffy CUTE young 15 pound terrier mix died. Damus died because as he sat sick dumped at a pound while overwhelmed and bursting at the seams rescues were scrambling trying to find a foster home for him, but they didn’t get to him in time because they had nowhere for him to go. Rescues don’t magically have open foster homes or unlimited funds to save pound dogs. Notice I use the word POUND? Shelter is too nice of a word. A lot (if not most) “shelters” are shit holes where dogs lay on cold hard concrete and freeze in the winter and bake in the summer heat surrounded by piss, shit and flies and multiple dogs are crammed into kennels together and food is thrown in and they are lucky if they get to eat SOMETHING and DOG forbid a fight breaks out over food and someone gets killed.

Damus died because a foster home wasn’t found fast enough to get him out and to a vet. Damus died because ASSHOLES continue to buy those cute French Bulldog puppies from pet stores and “breeders” Damus died because YOU who got your trendy French Bulldog (or English Bulldog, or Yorkie, or Maltipoo, or Golden Lab, or GoldenDoodle or teacup Chihuahua, or whoever you BOUGHT) from a pet store or “breeder” didn’t open your home up to him instead. Damus died because every time one of YOU shared pics or videos of those cute French Bulldog puppies that you all go gaga over YOU are advertising for THEM to be BOUGHT and in essence YOU are advertising for the DEATH of dogs like Damus. That’s the bottom line.

Why is a purchased French Bulldog’s life more important than his? WHY? So YOU can look cool? So YOU get more attention from people walking down the street? So YOU can get more attention from your stupid and vain friends ahhhhing and oooohing over your new “purchase”? So YOU can spend thousands of dollars on clothes, toys, overpriced fancy leashes and collars while THOUSANDS of dogs like Damus are sitting in pounds across our country cold, scared, terrified, lonely and surrounded by DEATH knowing it’s just down the hall?

I don’t want to hear that you can’t bear to go to a pound because “it’s too depressing” Is Damus getting KILLED because of YOU not depressing? How depressed do you think all of those dogs feel? You won’t DIE by visiting a pound. But Damus died because you did NOT. Damus died because YOU didn’t ADOPT a dog from a rescue.

Here’s how it works, as rescues adopt dogs out, they then have a free space to SAVE one more, it’s quite simple math really. I don’t want to hear the excuse that the pounds only have pit bulls either, you can find ANY other breed at a rescue too. Also don’t want to hear the excuse that there are no small dogs at your local pounds or rescues. If you have $3000-$5000 dollars to BUY a dog then you have plenty of money to get on a flight to Florida or LA or whatever area you choose and just fly in, go to a pound, pick out a little lap dog, pay the $125.00 adoption fee, buy a carrier, rent a hotel room for the night, and fly your new babe back home. I guarantee it will save you not just a few grand for your “purchase” but thousands of dollars in vet bills thru the years, money which YOU can then donate to a legit rescue and then YOU will be saving even more lives-see how that works? I have news for you too, FRENCH BULLDOGS ARE ALSO BULLY BREEDS.
Notice the word BULL. Also don’t want to hear the excuse of you having to get a French Bulldog or any other puppy from a breeder because their temperament and health is guaranteed. BULLSHIT. Do you know how many breeder bought dogs I’ve seen surrendered to pounds for health and behavioral problems? THOUSANDS. So you have a couple grand to buy a French Bulldog who then will probably cost you THOUSANDS of dollars in vet bills thru the years because they are so inbred to look the way they do while we rescues are struggling to find funds to pull sick dogs like Damus to be able to cover vetting and boarding until foster homes are found because WHY? Because you are VAIN, SELFISH, UNCARING and HEARTLESS. Damus DIED because of YOU.

Now that you are ready to ADOPT and SAVE a life and have GOOD KARMA and be a HERO to a feeling and living being go check out or or just google for a pound or rescue close by and go ADOPT, ok?

Can’t adopt? Please find a rescue close by and offer to foster so one of Damus’s friends has a spot to go to and won’t die like he did, alone and scared. Can’t foster? Go volunteer with a pound or rescue.

Can’t volunteer? Host a fundraiser and donate and help raise funds for the rescues who are in the trenches doing the dirty work and seeing these souls and getting their hearts broken a thousand times a day every day for years on end because we can’t save every Damus.

Be a part of the SOLUTION – not the PROBLEM.

Zizi Zarkadas is the owner of Love Artists Agency, an agency that represents celebrity photographers. She’s a vocal animal advocate/ dog rescuer/ vegan/ “bad ass tattooed bitch” who is a senior volunteer with Bullies and Buddies Rescue Group in Los Angeles.

{Editor’s note: If frenchies are your dream, all you gotta do is google french bulldog rescue group, you’ll have a field day of adoptables ready for you to take home!}

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  1. Rebecca says:

    It’s totally necessary to advocate for animals. What’s not totally cool is to shout (using all capital letters) at people. Repeatedly. I’m also confused as to why the preaching to the converted is happening here, at GGA. I would hope most who visit this site are already pet adopting, reducing/recycling/reusing vegans. If not, this aggressive tone could only serve to be off-putting to those “assholes”, as you call them. While I appreciate learning the real world vegan news, (not only about the latest vegan fashion), I don’t find this helpful to the animals.

    • GirlieGirlArmy says:

      No preaching to the converted happening here. 85% of our readers are not vegan. And 50% are not sold on animal rescue. This article is necessary and honest. It’s also an opinion piece by one of our authors. We stand behind it 100%.

      • Jacquye says:

        I dont think its an honest article. I would rather know that the dog I purchase from a quality breeder was bred for the temperament and behavior I need. I have nothing against adopting but that does not fit my lifestyle or my needs.

        I compete in dog sports. The dogs purchased are bought with those sports in mind. My breeders pick the puppy they feel best suits my needs.There is nothing wrong with responsible breeders. In fact EVERY breeder I have delt with wants their puppy back if at any time said dog no longer fits the buyers lifestyle.

        Why should I feel like I am being shamed for this? I didnt buy the dog and then dump it. Its not my fault that it ended up there. That is the fault of that dogs previous owner and the breeder that did not want that dog back.

        • Bonnie says:

          In that case, you should also pick the best dna from other women and men to make children to suit your needs. Eye roll insert!

          • Jacquye says:

            Thats why I dont have kids. I have health issues that are not fair to pass on to another human. I have a hard enough problem living with my health issues. Wjy should I risk passing them on to someone else?!

          • K9Justice says:

            What does human childbearing have anything to do with it? Yes, the best DNA SHOULD be picked in breeding for family dogs, as with any purpose bred dogs! Because wow, then you don’t get the vast amount of behavioral issues, poor temperaments, and health. Things that do come from “breeders” in scare quotes, as in BYB. People with no effing clue what they have, what they’re doing or how to place their puppies. That is what shouldn’t be. Knowledgable breeders do NOT contribute to the problem. And I will NOT be vilified for the choice to get a purebred dog of known DNA, because that is what best suits me. So I have a versatile working dog that is a service dog as well as sport dog. It’s quite specific. Police K9s, MWDs, SAR, these are all dogs who do work, and require certain makeups. Breeding these dogs, for the purposes they fill, in no effing way kills a shelter dog..sorry, pound dog. LOL. It’s faulty thinking to the hilt. Not everyone is out getting froofy doodles, either. I also have a newsflash. A mixed breed dog is just as likely to have health issues, and even more so from either side of the lineage… Temperament matters. They all shouldn’t be saved, either. There’s far and enough sketchy, reactive, dog aggressive (or worse) dogs out there, with rescues pushing them off as “fur babies” to “fur mommies and daddies”. (Gag). Love cannot fix a F’d up temperament .And while we’re on that, if more “pet parents” actually did more than show off their dogs for approval, and trained them, and DID things with them, like sports, then FAR less would end up dumped. THAT is a symptom that needs addressing. People have unreasonable expectations. That they all should fit at dog parks and daycare and love everyone, and be perfect with no work involved. Fix that.

        • Jen says:

          How can not adopting a dog fit your “lifestyle”?

          • Jen says:

            Sorry, I meant how can adopting a dog NOT fit your lifestyle.

          • GJacquye says:

            Not knowing the temperament or the dogs workability. The dogs I have were bred to do specific jobs. Not knowing a dogs history coming from a shelter does not fit what I want. Also I dont want to fix someone else’s issues (ie aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, etc)

        • Jim says:

          Wow, you sound like a legitimate piece of shit. You seem to have no problem with buying dogs, using dogs for sports and then dumping them if they don’t fit your lifestyle anymore? Sneakers have a better than dogs and end up in your care. At least you can’t return sneakers once their used. We should put out a public service announcement to all dogs to stay away from you.

          • Jacquye says:

            Jim where did I ever say I dump dogs when they dont fit? I said that I purchase dogs, from responsible breeders, that are bred for what I want them to do. When they retire from work or sport then they lead a very cushy life in my home. None of my dogs have EVER been dumped anywhere. Show me where I said I dump dogs when they dont fit my lifestyle

        • Deb says:

          When amazing dogs die in “shelters”, THAT should be reason enough to not go to a greeder.

        • Bec says:

          You sound like a narcissist. Me me me me me! Are you an expect in what dogs are left in shelters? Did you know that 80% of the elderly get dogs to avoid loneliness. What happens to those dogs when those people die? They end up in shelters…yes…even the “perfect” dogs that you suggest don’t have “behavioural” issues. There are also people out there who buy a dog and like yourself, things change, maybe they have a kid and don’t have time/space for a dog or maybe they move into a place that doesn’t allow pets and it “doesn’t fit their lifestyles” so they give them up. Are you saying those dogs are now damaged goods? You should feel ashamed! You and others alike are fueling an industry to put money in breeders pockets when there are so many lives that could be saved because of your ignorance.

        • Mark says:

          Jacque I’m just embarrassed for you. Shaking head.

        • Jennifer says:

          Jacquye, you’re being shamed because your MO is selfish. You can state every single excuse for buying a dog, and in your mind they all are justified, doesn’t change the fact that you are simply selfish. As long as you can sleep at night knowing when you bought your perfectly bred dog, that fits your every need, you stuck a needle in the vein of a shelter dog.

          • Eric says:

            What this boils down to is some people’s abiltiy/inability to discern humans from animals. All domestic breeds were shaped by “breeders” before we were so bored and sensitive. Every single one..from shelter mutt to champion show dog, originally had a purpose in mind. For example this little terrier mix was originally bred to hunt rats for humans …how selfish of them right?

            News flash : being at the top of the food chain allows you to choose your companions . They are just dogs after all and would gladly eat you for dinner if the tables were slightly turned don’t forget.

          • Karla Brewster says:

            Awe….isn’t that special. Still doesn’t mean everyone wants someone elses cast offs.

        • Claire Vinet says:

          An adopted dog does not “fit your lifestyle”??? Say what? Are you mental? Buying a puppy from a breeder is a guarantee of nothing. The last dog I bought from a breeder was 18 years ago. We flew to Phoenix to buy him from a nationally renowned “reputable” breeder. He was a complete psycho even then at age 9 weeks. Since then I’ve adopted 4 dogs. Three are purebreds from breed rescues. All are terrific. If you insist on buying from puppy mills – large or small – which is what you are doing – that’s fine, but at least be honest and say you do it because you’re a snob or whatever else your problem really is and NOT because an adopted dog wouldn’t “fit your lifestyle” or whatever other bullshit you can come up with.

        • Babygyrl2nv says:

          This is why YOU are part of the problem. Shelter dogs are just as good if not better than you backyard breeder or over priced I have to have a $1000 plus dog because “I think” they have good temperament. My pit I adopted from a shelter and she’s the most amazing dog ever. If I knew what I knew now about adopting back then I would have done it way earlier. So when your prancing around your overpriced Breeder dog just think you could of saved a life at a local shelter. And FYI THIS IS AN HONEST ARTICLE. i also volunteer at a rescue. This is 10000000 % accurate.

      • Alice Rogers says:

        This is the dumbest article I have ever read. Many Frenchies are rescued. Why not blame the dog’s owner for dropping their dog off at that “pound?” So the author couldn’t have saved Damus? SHe’s a sanctimonious twit. Your decision to print and stand by her 100% shows your ignorance as well.

      • Grizz says:

        I agree that people need to rescue but this is extreme. Many shelters should be called pounds by for those where they don’t kill and animals have a decent life, you’re lumping them together. Then, you’re telling people who should be wanting to rescue dogs instead of purchase them that all rescues are basically being rescued from the animal equivalent of a 1920s asylum or a maximum security prison. Do you see the influx of comments about reputable breeders? That’s what this piece fosters. You’re making it sound like every shelter is terrible and the immediate connection is I don’t wanna get a problem child. Immediate opposite effect.

        Was this piece meant to blow off steam or actually convert someone? It would seem that your purpose would be to convince those capable to rescue rather than buy but much of it doesn’t do that at all. This is a very offputting piece and it will be about as effective at convincing people as heavy handed vegans are in convincing friends.

        • Nick says:

          Oh wow – this is profound. I’d like to learn more about your perspective, and ways to better appeal to people’s rational/empathetic sense.

      • Bill says:

        WTF does being vegan or not have to do with adopting dogs? That’s just stupid!

    • Gina says:

      I am an asshole, and proud to have two beautiful French Bulldogs (Zoe Girl and Little Guy, ages 6 you and 5 yo). I’m secure in who I am and if you want to label me, I am okay with that. Since purchasing my two French it’s, my life has changed for the better. As a member of numerous French Bulldog rescue sites I have been able to help financially many times, in fact everyone I know that owns a French in helps support the rescue sites. Had I not purchased my two “furchildren” I would have never learned about French Bulldog rescue network. I am happy to be an asshole.

    • Josie says:

      I think this article is informative and not offputting . People shouldn’t buy a dog period. Good reading zizi !

      • GirlieGirlArmy says:

        WE AGREE! :)

      • K9Justice says:

        I have news for you. You are still BUYING a dog if you are “adopting”. You see a dog, money goes out, you bought a dog. And another thing, not everyone automatically “rescued” a dog just because it’s secondhand.

        • Tia says:

          Bullshit. Whatever helps you sleep at night to believe your own garbage.. go for it!

        • Rapunzel says:

          It’s an adoption donation. I know that witty “point” gave you a chubby but it’s ignorant and hardly the what she’s getting at here.

        • Rose says:

          Ummmmm no. Adopting a dog and donating to a non-profit is not the same as stuffing cash into a breeder’s pocket so he/she can make his dogs fuck for profit. Nice try though.

          • Schminder says:

            Responsible breeders don’t breed for profit. They breed so that responsible owners can have a healthy, well rounded dog with minimal health and temperament issues. I’ve never met a good breeder that hasn’t made a profit on breeding dogs. Most breeders don’t even make enough to cover what they spend on their dogs.

          • jc says:

            Then would they please stop breeding genetically twisted dogs, contributing to stuffing our miserable kill “shelters” with dogs that get killed to the tune of several THOUSAND per DAY they can’t find homes because stuck up a-holes like Gina insist that shelter dogs are beneath her lifestyle and that has to be payed for out of my tax $$ ?? Thousands of overworked, under-appreciated dog rescuers will say Thanks! As for “minimal health and temperament issues” that’s a good one; biggest MYTH spread by “responsible breeders”. It’s BULL.

        • Harry says:

          Really? Rescuing/adopting a dog is buying? What planet do you live on? Also, your statement about about breeding for temperament. HA! I could give you 10 different scenarios of dogs I know who were bought “for temperament” and turned out to be resource guarders, biters, anxiety ridden hot messes. So please. Spare us. Dogs are not products of the gene pool. They learn behavior from the people who raise them. Have you been to your local pound lately? tons of amazing dogs sitting there who won’t be sitting there much longer because people continue to buy dogs, breed dogs, and dump the dogs in shelters.

  2. Allison says:

    Get off your fucking high horse. If I decided to judge you for any of your life’s decisions, I’m sure there a good few I could argue aren’t valid in MY opinion. But that would be none of my damn business — I hope you tattoo the word “Savior” across your face, because based on the condescending tone and accusations, you must all walk on water. I’m not sorry that I have three, wonderful French Bulldogs that I will care for until the end — it doesn’t mean I suddenly take responsibilities for all these other animals I do not (and never did) have the ability to save. If you want to make that your life’s purpose. HAVE AT IT. But, who the fuck are you to judge?

    • Rose says:

      Just because you don’t have the “responsibility” to save other animals, it doesn’t mean you can’t help. Too bad you have such a cold, black heart. You sound like an absolute joy to be around.

    • Chongchong says:

      I couldn’t stand reading the article- the author was a total jerk!!! but thanks for speaking in behalf of all the other “a-holes”..I just bought a frenchie for my daughters 5 months ago and we have owned two tea cup chihuahuas who are now both 18 years old and STILL living comfortably and happy. We were happy to help out a family who is not really a breeder but had a few too many chihuahuas in a litter. The frenchie was purchased through a registered AKC breeder and dang it was a lot! Best of luck to your fur children.Hoping our frenchie would live to be just as long as our chihuahuas.

  3. Sturmfalken says:

    It’s absolutely none of your business if someone goes to a breeder or to the pound.

    People that go to a reputable breeder are not the ones responsible for pound dogs. I foster when I want and I decide which dog I want to foster or not. So long our shelters IMPORT dogs from outside because they don’t have enough dogs to “sell”, I’m not concerned at all.

    This year alone, our shelter imported dogs twice because they didn’t have enough dogs to adopt out. So yeah…people buying French Bulldogs are NOT at fault. Neither are reputable breeders or buyers.

    • Bonnie says:

      WELL – IT REALLY IS. It is because dogs die because people buy. It’s fact. Science. Can’t cute that away.

      • Sturmfalken says:


        No! People who buy are not responsible! What I need in a dog cannot be found in a shelter. And I am not going to compromise on my personal needs. Most reputable breeders are highly involved in rescue as well. So are most responsible pet owners. These are not the people that are at fault!

      • Raye says:

        Do tell?
        I won’t have a pound puppy. Refuse. If I cannot find the dog of my choosing(Rottweiler, bred for temperaments and looks) I won’t have a dog.
        I don’t want someone else’s f uck ups.

        How about putting the blame on the people who dump their dogs in shelters, rather than investing time and money into

        • Babygyrl2nv says:

          How are shelter dogs fuck ups? I own one and I’m proud of it! I’m sure she’s just as smart if not smarter than your “reputable breeder” that you paid thousands of dollars on when I saved a life. And I’d do it all over again and again and again. Humans are the fuck ups time and time again. Most ( including you) are heartless pieces of shit that are “too good” to get a shelter dog. Ok I hope your kids throw your ass in a home when your to old and they can’t handle your “fucked up ass”.

    • Rapunzel says:

      It actually IS everyone’s business when thousands of animals die in shelters each day.

    • Harry says:

      unfortunately, that “reputable breeder” thing is kind of a myth. It’s non existent. I can name tons of folks who bought dogs-french bulldogs for that matter-from “reputable breeders” and those dogs are hot messes. Friends of mine-sadly-lost BOTH their French bulldogs within 3 months of each other. Frenchies from a “reputable breeder”. One died basically of a heat stroke. the other of cancer-at a year old. These dogs are genetically unsound. It’s cruel. They breed them into medical disasters on 4 legs and cost folks an arm and a leg to take care of. For the amount of money one French bulldog spends a year could spay and neuter 200 dogs! THAT is the truth.

  4. Bailey says:

    So why didn’t you foster/adopt him?

    If I want a purebred dog from a reputable breeder, I’m allowed to do that. Doing so isn’t killing Damus, because I wouldn’t have adopted him regardless (because I want a dog that comes with a known pedigree, health tested parents, etc.)

    • Rose says:

      What is your pedigree? I’d like to know if you are even qualified to comment here because you sound like a complete asshole.

    • Rapunzel says:

      You really think your dog is any better because you paid more and you received a bullshit piece of paper? Wow. You really need to do your homework.

      • Schminder says:

        I didn’t pay for a piece of paper. I paid for a mentally and physically healthy, temperamentally sound dog from a line of dogs that have been health tested and proven themselves worthy of breeding in the working field.

        Not to mention the amount of work the breeder puts in to be sure that the puppies have the best chance at a long, healthy life. Vet visits, vaccines, early socialization and training, etc.

        Much better than some ones messed up, sick, human aggressive, food possessive, unhealthy, untrained mutt from unhealthtested, conformationally-incorrect lines. I don’t have time to deal with someone else’s problems.

        • jc says:

          In other words you bought a THING, a possession, a conversation piece. Not a living, breathing, intelligent friend – a status symbol. An object. As long as there are people who see dogs that way, society, and dogs in particular are going to have to pay the price for there coldness. That’s why they are a-holes. Congrats.

        • Harry says:

          A friend of mine made the mistake of buying a dog years ago from a lineage similar to yours…yada yada yada..bullshit. One of the worst cases of food aggression I have ever seen in a dog. How’s that for temperament? Oh wait, that’s bred into them? Dude. Dogs are not robots. Oh, and guess what. The Mutts I have are the best dogs on the planet. Kindest, most loyal, loving, kid loving, HEALTHY dogs I have ever had. So take your logic and shove it. moron.

        • Mishka Forbes says:

          ALL my dogs have been rescues. ALL have been healthy till they took their last breath. Most of my ‘friends who opted for purebreds have had multiple health issues. My Ko lived to be 18 years old and was one of the kindest, most socialised dogs that ever lived. For you to say that all dogs from the pound are ‘messed up, sick, unhealthy, untrained’…wow…youre are such a mis-informed heartless person. That is why the rescue community and it’s foster programs are so important. They can determine if a dog is kid-friendly, dog-aggressive, good with cats etc. I’ve known PLENTY of purebreds who are messed up and aggressive and usually very sick. Go and look at the original French/pug etc hundreds of years ago…they were bred to be cuter which is why they have so many breathing issues and pugs have eye issues and dachshunds have spine issues, etc. You breed for aesthetics. Please stop trying to defend your consumer/prop worship. These innocents are dying by the millions why you just want to defend being your kind of ‘right’. Open your eyes. Open your heart. And the reason the world is so ugly is because of your last statement…’I don’t have have time to deal with someone else’s problems’…whoa…You are everything that’s wrong with this world. I pity you.

        • Autumn says:

          I have adopted three dogs over the course of 15 years. All three have been loving, friendly, not at ALL food aggressive and all around great pals. One was a mix, one a Cairn Terrier and one a Westie. Only one had health problems, but she was older and I knew that going in and was willing to love her and take care of her regardless. My brother, on the other hand, has adopted three dogs during the same period. All three were bought from “highly reputable” breeders and cost him thousands. Two had/have severe health problems, which has also cost him thousands and one of them dropped dead in the house in just a few months, from a heart defect. So buying from these ‘highly reputable’ breeders doesn’t guarantee shit!

    • Linda says:

      I would take all of them if I had the means! 3 are enough right now!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Speaking of being honest maybe you could tell the readers about how the dog isn’t dead.

  6. Frenchies Rock says:

    You’re a total idiot! Your article is pathetic and false!
    I bet you really want a Frenchie so bad, so you figured you’d bash us owners, you heartless witch! I bet you won’t even post this because you don’t agree with Frenchie owners. Just your absolutely crazy assumption!
    Get an education before you spread hate!

    • Tia says:

      hahahah YOU are a heartless WITCH! How dare you put down a rescuer? When was the last time you did SHIT for animals?

    • Rose says:

      Bitch please. She doesn’t want a Frenchie. You sound completely insane. Newsflash – a Frenchie is nothing but a dog. A DOG. Like the rest. Nothing special, nothing exotic, a dime a dozen. LOL!

    • Rachel says:

      That’s a lot of exclamation marks! You’re the idiot dear. The use of french bulldog is a symbol. It can be interchanged with any other malti-mini-poo or golden doodle. This is to spread awareness for adoption. Imagine if you fell ill and your dogs went to the shelter because no one could care for them. This is an education. 1300 dogs die every month in Chicago just at Chicago Animal Care and Control. WONDERFUL DOGS. The problem is people, people like you.

  7. Ryan says:

    I say Fuck Off to this fucking article. I rescued a French Bulldog from being left alone for weeks by his owner who died and was severely underweight, had sores all over his body and was near death. So I say Fuck Off to your nonsense judgment of ‘US’ Frenchy owners that paid zillions of dollars so we could have a designer dog.

    • Rose says:

      Did you “rescue” the dog or did you buy the dog? Not sure why you feel this is directed towards you? Hmmm…..

      • Raye says:

        If you pay money for the dog, you have purchased them.

        What about the shelters who are importing dogs from other countries….and bring in disease and dogs that are mentally screwed up and do not make good pets.

        Oh, they are excused from selling dogs for 1,000.00 and collecting donations, aren’t they

        • Rose says:

          Ryan, you didn’t do well in school, did you? Donations are used to run non-profit which BTW are tax deductible. Donations are used to provide medical care and basic needs. And please show me which shelter or rescue asks for $1,000 donations to adopt a dog.

        • jc says:

          No, sorry, you’re just plain wrong. The donations that shelters and rescues ask for is TO COVER THE EXPENSES THEY INCUR. No one, not even dedicated rescuers can possibly save the dogs that because of people like you, end up homeless, without somehow making ends meet. The PRICE charged by breeders is them cashing in on the traffic people like YOU support. Your insistence that they are one and the same may make you feel better about being an a-hole, but doesn’t change the reality. And WHAT shelters that are importing dogs? Show me what shelter is selling dogs. You are making stuff up.

    • Jim says:

      Ryan, I think you may have missed your daily meds today. This article is not specifically about French bulldogs. FBs are simply an example of the type of dog people commonly purchase instead of adopting a great dog from a rescue. this article is not about you personally — you DO know that right? Anyway good on you for giving the dog a new life. But seriously use your brain before such silly comments.

  8. Ellen Warmstein says:

    Damus did not die because of those people who chose to purchase a French Bulldog or any other breed for that matter. Damus died because a dog owner was too irresponsible not to neuter/spay both of Damus’ parents.
    Stop shaming those people who chose to purchase a pet. The answer is not to clean up someone else’s mess by adopting from a shelter. The solution to the problem is prevention!

    • Rose says:

      So let’s not clean up others messes. Let’s allow ALL the dogs who end up in shelters be killed and let’s all go out and buy dogs. Did you know that there are plenty of purebred dogs in shelters? Did you know there are plenty of purchased dogs that end up in shelters? If the answer to the problem is prevention, what are you doing to help? Are you donating funds towards spay / neuter projects or is that also someone elses responsibility?

      • Eric says:

        Ellen is absolutely right, the damage has been done by whom ever didn’t responsibly fixown Damus parents. Backyard breeders fill shelters, not people buying dogs from reputable breeders. If you personally feel the calling to save shelter dogs that is awesome! But the honking that everyone who doesn’t feel that calling is satan shows what a lack of real world experience you have. I truly hope all shelter dogs get adopted because of this article so you and all the snotty furlickers are forced out of the shelter to get some social skills and perspective.

    • K9Justice says:

      No, it was allowing the breeding to happen. It’s not irresponsible to have an intact dog. Doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be bred. Mine is, and I won’t be breeding him. Yes, the dogs are bought, and discarded when the dumbasses don’t know how to deal with inconvenient truths. Training, management, costs of owning, etc. Yes, prevention. As with anything. Stop blaming responsible people because it doesn’t fit your agenda.

  9. Trainer says:

    Okay, as someone who has both rescued and bought a dog, and who has spent her entire life devoting herself to the positive training process and rehabilitation of dogs…I find your tone offensive on several levels.

    The problem is not breeders in general, it’s back yard breeders nor is it the fault of a breed, any breed. People who breed their dog with know knowledge of the standards/criteria for breeding beyond “oh they’re so cute and pretty” or others who just put two opposite sex dogs together and want puppies.

    Saying it’s selfish or wrong for someone to buy a dog because rescues exist, is not true. As a trainer I can assure you, not everyone will meet the criteria that some of these high horse rescues require, people who have good intentions, stable homes, and would absolutely provide for the dog, but get denied anyway (I’ve seen it happen).
    For that matter- not everyone wants to put their kid around a dog whose whose history they don’t know, perhaps there are triggers for an adult dog for example. Not everyone is a horrible person who buys a dog. I could go through a litany of reasons that are credible that give cause to buy just like I could for adoption.
    Have I adopted? Yes.
    Have I also bought a dog? Also, yes.
    Do I think it’s great if you can adopt, sure if it’s what’s right for your family. But is that the ONLY choice that’s good? No, I don’t agree that it is.

    The author of this article is entitled to an opinion but being that I do this for a living (and have for 18 years) I definitely can tell you that he’s off base on several points and truly doesn’t grasp all the factors that matter to individuals and families. For example: Many rescues will not let someone have a dog if they don’t have a yard.
    Would they walk it? Sure, but that doesn’t matter.
    Or they won’t give them a dog because they’re in an apartment, when plenty of people would take excellent care of the dog in the apartment.
    They don’t consider the entire the situation, and they turn away LOTS of good applicants who guess what then decide to buy a dog.
    So they also perpetuate the process you so deeply hate.
    I work with a rescue, I love them. I consult with them all the time, but even they will tell you, a good breeder isn’t the issue, it’s people who aren’t qualified to breed in the first place that are. Like your neighbor Jimbo with the “pretty lab”. Thanks to Jimbo who has no vested knowledge in the breed, he’s probably breeding two dogs who have no business mating together and then sending the dogs off to make the fastest buck, which let me just say, GOOD BREEDERS DO NOT DO. They screen, they invest thousands (often tens of thousands) to preserve, protect, and love the dogs they produce, and they care about the people who may need further guidance down the line who take a puppy or a retired dog home.
    Ignorance is still ignorant whether you put it in an article or not.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree with you Trainer. I work in on of those “pounds” and agree about the tone of this article. I wish that the writer realized that by being such a condescending bully that it will probably turn more people away than towards coming to the shelter and adopting or even donating. Why would anyone want to be a part of this mess with people like this backing it? There’s definitely another way to go about it.

    • GiveAThumbsUp says:

      I completely agree with Trainer. I find this article offensive to people with purchased dogs, as I am one of those who was rejected from the rescue application process because I do not have a backyard. My old dog, rescued from Ohio, Black and tan Coonhound mix lived until she was 14 years old and died of brain cancer. I loved her with every piece of my soul, she was my best friend at a time where I was very alone. I will never forget her, and I will never forget that she was on death row before she came to me. The rescue that pulled her from a high kill shelter eventually was shut down, because people were complaining about them “not fulfilling the strict requirements of an appropriate rescue : read: their screening requirements weren’t the same as the humane society or OSPCA. Shaming people who purchase dogs, name calling, belittling people, shows immaturity. with a name like girliegirlarmy, I’d like to think that the women in charge of this blog could do better than that when representing women online.

  10. Dogowner/ manykinds says:

    Its my opinion that i live in a free country where people have the right to choose how they live, what they buy, and where they go. Let’s try laying the blame where it belongs with irresponsible pet owners. Their actions or lack there off is why the shelters even exist. I don’t know who your “readers” are, but I think the 50% is off and if not, you have idiots for clientele. That’s MY opinion.

  11. Sandy says:

    You are not a bad ass, you’re just ass. Those of us who own french bulldogs and rescue dogs are so glad that you won’t be joining our Frenchie tribe. Pretty sure the rescue tribe wishes you’d shut your vulgar mouth too.

  12. Cindy says:

    Actually, I’d start by looking in the mirror to look for the asshole. As an owner of an adopted frenchie, I take the best care of my animals – they get regular vet visits, they are groomed, they have car seats, I cook for them and bathe them weekly, more than I can say for the owners of this dog, who dumped him god knows where in who knows what kind of conditions. Maybe you’ll consider reforming your idea of what an asshole is – right now, the only assholes I see are the writer, and the asshole who dumped off the dog. And good riddance to your less than stellar career as a journalist.

  13. Pilate says:

    Woo hoo I’m an ass hole. Yup I totally prefer my purebred borzoi or ibizan hound any day

  14. Mel says:

    Not one of my French Bulldog owners doesn’t also own a rescued dog, including me. My rescue dog was at a kill shelter & was heart worm +. I got him bc I knew they’d kill him. 6 years later, he’s happy& heart worm free. Shame on you for shaming any of us. You know nothing about how many dogs that we have saved in the or similar situation. Your judgement is ridiculous. It’s so easy to spread hate when you know nothing about the people you’re spreading it about.

    • Tia says:

      Complete BS! I’ve never met a single frenchie with a rescued sibling. But nice that you have!

      • Tia but smarter says:

        You are one person Tia, you haven’t seen many pet owners obviously. Your sample size is small so it’s flawed out of the gate. Why didn’t you adopt Damus? He died because you didn’t.

  15. CeCe C says:

    Evidently, I AM AN ASSHOLE!
    I got Bentley at 8 months from a responsible breeder, who did not want to breed him, because he had a congenital defect.
    Bentley required a costly surgery because it required a laser. Equipment most veterinarians do not own or have the skills to operate with.
    He is neutered.
    So call me whatever you want.
    He is my child!
    And I would not trade him for anything!

    • Jim says:

      First of all crazy, he’s not your child — he’s a dog. Second of all, getting a discounted puppy from a breeder is still buying a puppy from a breeder. It’s supply and demand. If that breeder had had to get the proper medical care for that dog… It may have set him back a few thousand dollars and maybe, JUST maybe they not be able to afford to breed another litter. Supply and demand. Look it up.

    • Rose says:

      Good lord lady. He’s a DOG – Hes not your child. Did you give birth to him? Oh how sweet that a breeder sold you a dog they refer to as defective. Hope you got a discount.

    • Mary says:

      Didn’t want to breed him b/c he had a congenital defect. ummmm hi. sorry. but that is a French bulldog defined. Did the breeder pay for the surgery or have you foot the bill? Let me guess…YOU! French Bulldogs should not be bred. It’s basically cruel-spinal issues, breathing issues, joint issues, skin issues…seriously? just b/c they have cute faces people are willing to overlook the tragedy of these poor dogs? It’s truly heartbreaking that humans are so vain that they will overlook the heart of the issue here.

  16. Lauren says:

    You’re an idiot. There are hundreds of Bulldog Rescue organizations where you can adopt surrendered or tortured animals. Bulldog Rescue Squad, National Milldog Rescue, and Short Mugs Rescue are where we got ours. There are thousands of every breed or mixed breed that need homes so don’t say that my French Bulldog caused another dog to die. That’s like saying you killed a cow because you chose to eat chicken. Dumbass.

    • Rose says:

      Just going to share a little something with you. THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE IS: Why You Are An Asshole For Buying A French Bulldog. BUYING. BUY-ING. PURCHASING. Nothing stated about adopting from rescue orgs. Christ.

      • Teri says:

        It also didnt say ” NOT INCLUDING THOSE THAT ADOPTED FRENCHIES from a RESCUE! Frenchies that were Mill Dogs and had never been on grass , or French Bulldogs the were bred and rebred til ” they were considered too old to breed and useless” or French Bulldogs that were purchssed because they were so “cute” not having done their research and were abandoned because they were ” so expensive to care for” or were ” too much trouble” . No your article did not include any of that . There r MANY MANY French Bulldog Rescues out there that cater to such Frenchies and there r MANY MANY people oyt there who purchased these French Bulldigs as well. Perhaps u should rewrite your article to exclude all ” those” people !

  17. Noneyos says:

    Not everyone wants a shelter dog for many different reasons…. And that’s ok…
    The assholes you should be mad at are the idiots who let there whatever dogs breed and have mutt puppies like Damus that end up getting dumped at the shelter.
    If people were more responsible with their PET animals like fixing them instead of thinking, “Oh wouldn’t it be cute if fluffy pants and Jack had puppies, we should let them breed”.. More than likely he wouldn’t be there sitting in a concrete cubical.. No it isn’t cute, It’s irresponsible to breed mutts and to let dogs just breed for breeding sake, just to have puppies.
    Be mad at who ever bred Damus, be mad at the people who committed to giving him a good life when he was a puppy, be mad he was dumped at the shelter vs. Going back to his breeder where he should have if they couldn’t take care of him, be mad they didn’t find him a home themselves instead of dumping him at the shelter…

    Don’t be pissed people want and buy a specific type of dog..

    Be mad at the people who abandoned Damus at rhe shelter in the first place…

  18. dianna says:

    I have a frenchie. I purchased him. He was ill and would have not survived had I not purchased him from the man that was trying to pimp out his puppys. This pup is now safe and well cared for. I also have a rescue. a dog that was to be put down and I took him in. I have a foster that I hope to find a home for. Not all people that purchase puppies are assholes and some of us purchase for reasons other than trying to “look cool”. You cast a large net with you assumptions.

  19. Imma says:

    Wow… there might be some truths in this, and I’m certainly all in favour of rescuing as many dogs as possible (mine are both rescues). But putting the blame entirely on those who happen to want to buy a puppy – even if it’s one of those apparently abhorent popular purebreeds – in such an unnecessarily rude and aggressive tone, goes far beyond what is appropriate. The only thing you achieve by that, is alienating people completely and then they’d certainly not listen to your actual message.

    Much of the blame should first of all be put at the feet of incompetent lawmakers who put business profits above the health and wellbeing of pets (be it dogs, cats or whatever) by allowing abonimations as pet shops and puppy mills free play with almost no restrictions.

    Secondly at the feet of industrialized puppy mills and whatever organisations/people that are more or less directly supporting them, and the pet shops buying from them. Again, profits is the imperative.

    Thirdly the AKC, for actively and directly endorsing puppy mills by allowing them to register the dogs. Pedigree is always a big seller, with big money attached.

    Fourth… incompetent backyard breeders and irresponsible pet owners who don’t spay/neuter and breed litter upon litter, mostly not socialising them, or checking for illnesses. This is probably where this poor dog comes from originally.

    Then you can blame the market of underinformed and perhaps ignorant buyers for not knowing better, about the background of that sweet puppy that steals their heart at the pet shop… or that puppy that looks soooo adorable on that website, that offers delivery and whatnot. They often have no idea where the puppy comes from and what the parents of those puppies endure there. Again, undersocialised (taken away from the mum too early) and often very ill puppies, that more often than not end up either euthanized out right, or abandoned at a shelter because it. Because that little adorable puppy suddenly isn’t that adorable anymore, becomes neurotic or even aggressive.

    So that should be our mission: Inform inform inform and fight with tooth and nails to get lawmakers to take this problem seriously and do something about it.

    Screaming in the face of people and calling them assholes or whatever other degoratory juvenile terms you might fance, doesn’t create allies. And we need allies.

    • Teri says:

      Yes , we certainly do ! There r MANY MANY RESCUES out there that cater to the Frenchies that r abandoned or has been bred for 8 years in a dark room and that has NEVER been outside on grass and is considered too old to breed and useless. Oh and they r adopted and yes “dare I say purchased” because in reality they too are “purchased” , so why r they saying this doesnt INCLUDE RESCUED FRENCH BULLDOGS ?

  20. Emily says:

    So why didn’t you adopt the dog?

    • Esteban says:

      That’s the real question isn’t it?

    • Rose says:

      Why didn’t YOU?

      • AnimalsRock says:

        Same question Rose. Why didn’t YOU?

        You have such strong opinions and have made numerous, rude and nasty comments. How many dogs has that nastiness saved?

        • Rose says:

          Many. Much more than you, obviously. You do realize that the city has a limit and some can’t go over that limit, right? Hoarding is not ok, sweet tits. So, back to you now…WHY DIDN’T YOU SAVE THIS DOG?

          • AnimalsRock says:

            Good question. Why didn’t I? Well, like you I have a pathetic excuse. What I don’t have is a nasty habit of attacking the wrong people (other than you) for what happened to precious Dumas. Until YOU or I can save them all, stop blaming the wrong people who are ultimately responsible for Dumas’s fate.

            Oh and “many” isn’t an answer. I have had the utmost pleasure of having been involved in the rescue of not only dogs, but many a cat, one rabbit (who was destined for someones stew pot) and even some very special wildlife over the years that have included two very young orphaned cougar cubs and a fawn.

            One last thing. I would HATE to think that your extreme rudeness would ultimately cause someone to stop their consideration of ever bringing a rescue into their hearts and home.

          • AnimalsRock says:

            Correction “stop blaming the wrong people who are ultimately NOT responsible for Dumas’s fate.”

          • Rose says:

            Hahaha!! You have no problem with people who breed and purchase dogs, talk shit on this thread but you have a problem with me? LOL!!! You’re really “special”. Thanks for your elaborate resume of all the animals you’ve saved. I’m totally impressed ?

          • AnimalsRock says:

            Rose, bless your heart. Now all I feel is sympathy for you and your sad mental state. You apparently know everything about me and cannot fathom that you could be remotely wrong about much if not all of what you’ve written to many people on this thread, including me.

            Please take to heart what I wrote earlier. I would HATE to think that your highly caustic attitude could turn someone away from adopting an animal in need. Because it is folks like you who are a bane to the good people of rescue.

            Please do get some help. It is apparent to everyone here, you desperately need it. Good luck to you.

          • Rose says:

            Oh “AnimalsRock”, you are truly, truly special. Thank you for the advice, I’ll look into it ASAP. You are such an expert in so many fields – I’m sooo impressed. Now go eat your burger or fried chicken (you big animal lover you) and have a beautiful day! ?

  21. Denise says:

    Fuck you. People like you are why I don’t rescue or volunteer anymore.

    I happy live with my basenji and xoloitzcuintli that’s I bought from responsible breeders and I don’t feel a shred of guilt. Suck my ass.

  22. Sophie Schnell says:

    to whomever wrote this… you can kindly go fuck yourself. ive rescued two out of my three dogs and yes my third was a bought frenchie. THERE IS NOTHING AND I REPEAT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. i find it very absurd that you think we don’t care about animals that come from shelters. most people tend to stay away from shelters because of medical bills, disease or simply because THEY DONT WANT ONE. so quit pretending that you know everything because clearly you’re dumb as shit.

  23. Kelcey says:

    My older dog is a shelter rescue. He was going to be my perfect “the best q is a res-q” Agility competition dog, the one I could live my dream with.
    Two months before his first competition, he jammed his back up grabbing for a tug toy. He’s a corgi mix, and he’s now just unsound enough that competition level jumps and weave poles could permanently cripple him. So now he goes at his own pace, and whines and looks longingly over the fence at the practice course, retired to couch warmer.
    He’s also a dog selective, slow to warm up, leash reactive brat. Given room to avoid them until he investigates them in his time, on neutral territory, he ignores most dogs and plays with some.
    No shelters around me have the space to allow that kind of off leash introduction. You tell them your dog is leash reactive, you probably aren’t getting a dog.
    In addition, I want a dog that’s highly socialized to dogs and people to handle show crowds and proofed enough on foundation obedience to manage off leash training, or a young puppy who I could socialize and train to that point. Trained adult or puppy, I need them to be high drive and energy to love agility, steady, outgoing temperament, and structurally and genetically sound. Health testing a dog of unknown parents for hip/elbow and debilitating genetic issues costs at least four hundred each, with no guarantee I won’t have to check a hundred dogs to find the best candidate. Or that a healthy dog will be one Fionn can stand in his house.

    I went with a border collie pup of health tested, temperament screened, sport titled parents. I met both the potential parents, let the breeders backround check me and my living situation, watched the litter of four grow from week to week as I visited, decided with the breeder which one was best for me and my goals, put a deposit down and signed a contract, brought Fionn to visit loose and watched my chosen puppy turn into his adoring shadow, and finally brought my new prospect home. The place he took would never be available for a shelter dog, because I needed very specific things.
    Adopt or shop, but always go to responsible and ethical breeders or rescues.

  24. Maggie says:

    I have known Zizi for many years and I foster for Bullies and Buddies. The passion she has for the animals cannot be overstated and if she is yelling, its because every animal that DIES instead of being saved is a personal failure to all of us. I also go to the pound in my city and get the dogs that have little chance of making it out and foster them to try to find them homes. I have 4 rescues, only one is a pure breed, but love comes in all sizes and shapes. Quit whining about how thw message was delivered and realize that you have the power to make a difference to a powerless it uncomfortable to go to a pound and see all the dogs and realize how many will not make it out? Yes it is, but not as bad as being the dog you could have saved but didn’t. The parents of those $4000 dogs the breeders sell you would horrify you too, do some research on them.

  25. Ella Scoop says:

    No. Just no. Guilting people and telling them they are ass holes isn’t going to work. People don’t want to be told what to do. You are only hurting the shelter dogs with this article. When you tell total strangers they are assholes and what to do, guess what? They are going to do what they want.

  26. Both sides of the truth says:

    and when that cute little rescue dog with an unknown history and unknown genetics bites your child in the face, just know that on your way to the emergency room, you are still a hero to that dog maybe just not to your child… People buy purebred dogs as puppies for the safety and security of predictability for their families. Temperaments among dogs of a specific breed are fairly consistent and predictable. Because you get them as a puppy you know their history and likely the history of their parents as well. When bringing a dog into the home with your children and family there is no room for unpredictability. The safety of humans has to come first.

    • Rose says:

      My friend was attacked by a purebred, purchased Lab puppy. If you think breeding (and often inbreeding) prevents that from happening, you are sadly mistaken.

      • K9Justice says:

        You have no clue what you’re talking about. If you go to a reputable breeder, know what you are looking for, one that knows their lines, you are not likely to get a poor temperament. You are just parroting animal rights crap. Inbreeding, cross breeding, line breeding, are all things that can be done to better a breed and line. You simply don’t know what you are talking about.

        • Tia says:

          You’re an idiot who breeds dogs. Let’s get real. Admit you’re a breeder. Breeding is wrong.

          • Sturmfalken says:

            I am a breeder. And I am also an approved foster home for my breed.

            Your point is?

            Oh…breeding is bad. Cry me a river. You are the type of person that drives people away from rescues because of how judgemental they are.

          • Raye says:

            And your a cunt. What’s your point?

          • Rose says:

            I agree with Raye. You’re a cunt. A greedy cunt who makes money off of dogs fucking. Do you lust that on your resume? You should – it’s super impressive.

        • Rose says:

          Animal rights crap? HAHAHA! You’re an asshole of epic proportions. My friend dropped a few thousand on an aggressive Lab who came from a so-called, top notch, reputable breeder. You seem to be quite an expert (in your own mind).

    • Jim says:

      Because, dogs from breeders never bite anyone right? Geez Louise… Do you just make shit up as you go along?

    • Tina says:

      I was bit in the face and nearly had my ear torn off by a purebread airedale terrier when I was 5. NO animal (including human) is entirely “predicatable”. This is a ridiculous overgeneralization.

    • Mary says:

      newsflash. Dogs from breeders bite kids in the face. I’ll gladly introduce you to them if you want. One jack Russel, one French bulldog, and one golden retriever. TEMPERMENT is NOT BRED> NEWFLASH. IT IS NOT BRED. I repeat. TEMPERMENT IS NOT BRED! Breeders like to tell you they are, but dogs are a product of environment. Also, getting them as a puppy gives ZERO assurance to how they will end up. I had a Shih tzu who I raised from a puppy 20 years ago who was purchased from a “breeder” and the dog was the love of my life but mentally ill. Truly. She would be first in line to bite a kids face off.On that note I would be thrilled to introduce you to some shelter dogs who would NEVER think twice about biting a kid…wouldn’t harm a fly. How about we stop the generalizations. That’s a good start.

  27. knitbunnie says:

    My French Bulldog, rescued at age 4, disagrees with you. If not for me, she and her $200 a month medication need, would never have been adopted. She’d be dead, just like Damus. Would you rather I’d have let her die, too? I fixed what ailed her with a better diet and specialized vet care, and her meds are now at a minimum, but she was listed at a rescue with the $$$ medication need and NO ONE ELSE wanted her.

  28. Rebecca says:

    You say no preaching to the converted happening here. I’m cringing to hear that you endorse an editorial piece that so denigrates the very audience you claim that you are trying to reach. Leading by example, and positive tone is the answer, which I have previously admired here. This is a fail, but at least now I’ll have one less email in my inbox, as I am unsubscribing.

  29. Candace M says:

    My wife volunteers her time as a rescue transport coordinator. I do transport. We’ve had 3 fosters in our house in the last 6 months. This article makes me hate rescue people.

  30. Laura says:

    The person who wrote this article is full of bullshit and needs to step off their fucking high horses. Not all french bull dogs are bought like they say. Many people choose to get theirs from a rescue or maybe off a friend for FREE. Don’t assume. It makes you look like a fucking ass.

    • Jim says:

      Laura, are you really that stupid? This article is referring to French bulldogs as a general example of people that go to breeders instead of adopting wonderful dogs from their local shelters and rescue groups. You should focus on your reading comprehension skills… read things once, twice, maybe even three times over before you make comments. Because you really are pretty slow.

  31. Teri says:

    Just so u all know , I do have a RESCUE FRENCH BULLDOG named Mika and I also have a RAT TERRIER RESCUE named Lucky , and a PART GERMAN SHEPARD RESCUE named Pollie and a FEIST RESCUE named Milo and A KITTY RESCUE named Kittypuss AND I LOVE THEM ALL DEARLY ! So , Im not as big an ASSHOLE AS U SAID I WAS !

  32. Lori Aguirre says:

    First I have to agree that every dog bought leads to a shelter dog dying. However, their are rescues, volunteers, and fosters who work tirelessly to save certain breeds. Much like you may drive a Ford and I a Mercedes. Doesn’t make a preference wrong. And I am not comparing dogs with cars. I love my Frenchies as much as my mixed breeds. You should direct your anger at people who don’t spay/neuter and breeders. THEY cause death. Whether its a Frenchie or any other breed, I provide the best loving home and I resent you calling me an asshole! All dogs deserve a home. By the way, why didn’t you, ya know the non asshole, perfect human give Damus a home?

  33. Megan says:

    People are taking this as a “personal attack on frenchies” instead of an attack on buying designer dogs from backyard breeders instead of adopting! Listen people! That’s the point!

  34. Carrisa says:

    Oh boy did this blog get posted to a frenchies breeding group, or what? ha! This article is FUCKING GENIUS. THANK YOU ZIZI FOR WRITING IT!! Breeding is WRONG. We have over 800 per dogs per state being put down a day. You are indeed a LOW LIFE ASSHOLE if you buy a dog!!

  35. Gigi says:

    I recently read an article on adoption. It was warm and soft and fuzzy and non intimidating. It got 3 likes. You know how many likes this article has gotten? Look above, assholes, 1.1k as of my comment. This article will save lives. Whoever commented negatively about it is just guilty because they have a bought dog.

    • Tia but smarter says:

      I’ve never bought a dog, I’ve only rescued (paid for at shelters, so I mean, technically bought??) dogs and I love rescue dogs. No guilt here, the writer is a pretentious dick who has three or four hardcore koolaid drinkers lapping up every word.

      None of you adopted Damus. I didn’t know he existed. Neither did any of you. False rage over this? Laughable. Everyone in this group has the FULL maximum allowed by their state right? If not, sit down, and shut up.

      “My apartment doesn’t allow” ok, move. You making a choice to live in an apartment is killing dogs. No excuses.

      “I already have a dog” yeah but most states allow more than one, so go adopt another immediately or I’m afraid you’re killing dogs.

      “I can’t afford any more animals!” Well, get a better job. Your lack of motivation is killing dogs.

      So I hope everyone has the max amount and is doing all they can! If not, be a hypocrite elsewhere.

      Loving parent (oh wait, can’t say that…. they aren’t my kids according to many here…)
      Loving owner (dammit, that makes them property..)
      Loving friend (grrrr but I’m supposed to provide for them…)

      Loving person who is surrounded by rescued animals (as many as legally allowed) who thinks this arrogant article is written by someone who needs to shove it up their untouched orifices.

  36. Gigi says:

    I recently read an article on adoption. It was warm and soft and fuzzy and non intimidating. It got 3 likes. You know how many likes this article has gotten? Look above, assholes, 1.1k as of my comment. This article will save lives. Whoever commented negatively about it is just guilty because they have a bought dog.

    • Melissa says:

      First of all, Adoption is shopping.

      Second only 1 percent of dogs in shelters are from reputable breeders; and the usa is number one in importing shelter dogs.

      I like paying for a dog that isn’t sick and I know it’s lineage and what potential problems their could be.
      I’m proud to support the preservation of purebred dogs. A world that is being destroyed everyday by people who are doing it for all the wrong reasons and not being responsible.
      You should have geared your article toward people with those damn doodles paying and charging $1000 for a mutt.

      However we ask know this dog didn’t die for that reason. It’s either the dog that contacted parvo or it’s the one listed on Craigslist

  37. Bren says:

    Hey ZiZi Zarkadas, for over 30 years now ive been in the job of rescuing. Although i odnt rescue fur babies i have given my whole life over to rescuing and rehabilitating badly abused, neglected, and abandoned babies and children. I am also passionate about the sadness i see and the aftermath i have to deal with in helping the underdog ( so to speak ) The thing is your more likely to gain more help for your fur babies if you come to us with a more entreating manner. I feel your pain honestly i do, Esp when i have to comfort a traumatized child and spend hours in hospitals with them as im sure you do as well. Just saying when you call me an asshole it puts me off helping you and im sure that will mean its the fur babies you care about that will miss out. I can help rescued dogs and also have my frenchie that i work so very hard for. I don’t judge or call the parents who abandon their kids names, i just serve the children and try to bring them healing. Im not having a go at you im just saying to get what you need for your fur babies it makes sense to come across from a positive angle and educate. Rather than from an attacking angle and turn potential supporters away. I wish you all the best in helping those you love and care for.

  38. Tina says:

    Love how everyone is so sure they bought from a “responsible breeder”. Guaranteed many are so wrong. Also, buying a “sick” puppy from an irresponsible breeder just lets that breeder make more.

  39. Felicia says:

    With over 4 million US shelter dogs & cats euthanized annually – there is no reason for anyone to be buying a companion animal. It is no one’s ‘responsibility’ to adopt – but it’s wildly irresponsible & selfish to breed or buy while millions of shelter animals die.

    • K9Justice says:

      It’s irresponsible to breed for selfish purposes, and produce worse and worse versions of dog breeds (and mixes). It’s irresponsible to get a dog to just make it a lawn ornament. It’s irresponsible to not have commitment.

  40. Tia says:

    All of you who think this is an anti frenchie article are utterly as dumb as can be. This isn’t an article about FRENCHIES! It’s an article about buying dogs — any kind of dog. It’s a shocking headline to get people to read and pay attention to the urgent plight of rescue dogs. Get off your insecure high horses, and dig deep.. you feel guilty for buying a dog — down deep — and you’re taking it out on the author of this article. It’s pretty obvious to the rest of us, with brains.. and rescued dogs.. ;)

  41. Dog Eugenics says:

    I hear a whole of me me me me from the idiots who purchase fancy dogs from breeders and pet stores. What a shocker. It takes a big person to say, “you’re right, outrage IS called for. LOUDNESS is called for. Lives are at stake”. It takes a big person to admit “I bought a dog once when I was uniformed, but now I know better.” But you know what small-minded people do that’s so easy and also pathetic? They never, ever admit they’ve been wrong. They double-down on something so clearly unethical. It sounds like a bunch of people can’t handle being called out for funding an indefensible industry of dog eugenics, and can’t possibly handle the thought of doing something that is about more than their own selfishness. Dogs are not fucking products. Let’s not forget that this is not a “personal choice issue” where it’s you and your opinion vs. me and my opinion – because a personal choices should not have victims whose perspectives are left out of the equation in the first place. All you pet-store and breeder defenders are worse than terrible; you’re predictable and boring. What a pitiful reason for dogs to die.

    • K9Justice says:

      No. Wrong. How about rallying people to help more, foster more, adopt more, instead of bullying, shoving a very extreme POV down their throats in moral outrage? Yes it is a personal choice issue. Dogs can serve a purpose, too, let’s not forget. Breeding and genetics is critical to that. Pet stores are a far cry from breeding for a purpose, with knowledge of what is being produced, and where they should go. Not everything is so black and white. Eugenics…SMH.

      • Lee says:

        Breeding to serve what purpose? Trendiness? Last I checked French bulldogs weren’t popular for their bomb sniffing abilities.

        • Animals Rock says:

          Lee, there are some very important jobs that specifically bred dogs do. Herding breeds for sheep, cattle. Gaurdian livestock dogs that help ranchers protect their herds from predators in order to live as peacefully as possible with those predators. Not just any dog can or will do such things. Certainly not designer dogs or 99.9% of dogs in rescue.

  42. Jennie says:

    I am currently looking to adopt a new dog and I couldn’t agree more that there are plenty of pups that need a good loving home. My only issue I have with this is, in my opinion, no dog should ever end up in a shelter/pound in the first place! Why aren’t you scolding Damus’s original owner for basically throwing him away. Don’t just blame the people that buy their dogs (popular breeds or not). If you get a dog it should be for life. I think it is absolutely heartless to get a dog and then decide you no longer what them. I feel you are being a little one sided on this issue. His owner is just as much to blame for his death as someone not stepping up and adopting him. Either way it is sad.

    • Courtney says:

      “no dog should ever end up in a shelter/pound in the first place”…” If you get a dog it should be for life.” Just FYI not all dogs are irresponsibly dumped at shelters – sometimes the owner becomes ill or even dies.

      We can all blame someone else on why we shouldn’t take any action or responsibility for these dogs (and many other types of rescue/shelter animals) – that’s the easiest way right? I didn’t do it – he/she did so not my problem! Don’t scold me scold (insert any other person here).

      Great article and I read it with the emotion it was written in. Rescuing is not easy and dealing with the people can be the worst part – more than dealing with a “damaged dog” (note – usually exercise and basic following of training commands does the trick – you know even what those pure/inbred dogs need as well!).

      For anyone concerned adopting directly from a shelter, please seek out a reputable rescue with fosters who can assess what the dog is like outside of a shelter environment. A lot of these groups will provide behavioral help should the need arise (free!). The dogs also come neutered and vetted (again reputable rescue is key here).


  43. elizabeth olsen says:

    Wow,lots of egos flaired up here

    Breeding is a human, taking an animal,making it fuck another animal and then selling it for money

    Breeders aren’t noble creatures, they are predators and pimps

    It’s slavery,prostitution and explotation Its base, it’s gross and also its racist

    If you can’t see that basic fact, you are ignorant and will just go round and round with excuses

    There are millions of furry souls,that come to be human companions, with higher consciousnesses and they are murdered

    It’s a disgrace to all living beings

    The title of article was just for click bait,and its fustrating working in animal rights, having to share a planet and be patient with ignorance

    I support any voice for the animals..if it offends you, take a look in the mirror

  44. Coby says:

    People are free to choose whether they want to adopt or buy an animal. Many prefer to purchase from a breeder so they know temperament and where their animal comes from. That is their choice. The ones you should be mad at are those who let their dogs have unwanted puppies and those who do not care for their animals. This article makes the one who wrote it seem like an asshole.

  45. Suasoria says:

    It’s amazing how many people missed the actual f*&#ing point and just had their tender fee-fees hurt because they think they’re being singled out for the breed of their dog. All the excuses for buying instead of adopting are silly, and some of are so sadly naïve and misguided it would take too long to correct. But here are a couple of fun facts.

    Animals end up in shelters for many reasons, sure, some because their former “owners” are assholes, and some because of very non-assholey reasons like…their “owner” died and left no arrangements for the animal.

    If you think purebreds are healthier or don’t have behavior problems, you are completely out of your mind.

    Rescue organizations take their role of matchmaking seriously. They get to know the animals in their care very well. They never want a dog (or cat) returned, and if that happens because the rescue made a bad initial decision, it’s doubly heartbreaking. So you can’t complain that ‘you don’t know what you’re getting’ when you adopt from a shelter, and then complain that rescues are ‘too strict.’ (Honestly if a rescue won’t adopt to you because your lifestyle or circumstances isn’t right for a dog, how responsible is it for a breeder to sell you a dog??)

    Not liking someone’s tone does not give you permission to continue an unethical behavior. You do not get a free license to keep beating your wife because someone yelled at you to STOP BEATING YOUR WIFE.

    • Nan says:

      Hi I rescued a dog from my local humane society. He was 3 years old; he had problems with over-barking when he was outside & he had problems pooping in my other rooms in my house even though I took him out for his walks several times a day. He drove me nuts so I looked for a person to adopt him. I found a nice lady in the neighborhood to take him & I took no money from her. I do believe it is ok to buy a dog or cat. I too know that there are breeder’s out there in the public who breed for a hobby & do treat their animals with respect & more…I don’t think the author of this article should have put that ALL breeder’s are bad..Its not the truth.

  46. I am too old to fully understand the offensiveness of capital letters and therefore I thought this article made its point quite clearly: Do not buy dogs while precious beings are killed for the crime of being homeless. If you share your life with a dog you purchased, lucky you and lucky dog. You love him/her and that’s beautiful. But now you know what you didn’t know then. When it’s time to consider a companion for your current companion animal, or at some point in the future when s/he gees to heaven, please adopt. It’s a lifesaving act.

    • Sarah-Mai says:

      Love this sentiment. I have a Frenchie whom I adore, but would never buy from a breeder again. I was ignorant when it came to shelter dogs vs breeder dogs, it just sadly wasn’t something I had thought about, for whatever reason. My dogs in the future will only be rescue pups, now that I’m aware.

  47. Nicole says:

    I am SO FUCKING PROUD of this article. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it let me know who to STAY AWAY FROM. All you people tying to justify the reasons why you “bought” your dogs are just full of SHIT. And the other half of people who are attacking the article (CLEARLY WITHOUT READING IT) because you “adopted a Frendchie” need to learn how to read before you react.

    There is NO REASON to buy a dog, where there are millions of beautiful, loving dogs out there that need your help!! You can all say its for “health” or “temperament” reasons – but your just lying to yourself, your too “proud” to take a chance on a “shelter dog” you need something “better”

    Whatever helps you sleep at night… I sleep next to my beautiful, old, healthy, perfectly tempered Dog who was rescued from the POUD on 4th of July.

    You don’t have to deal with Rescues to save a dogs life….

    • Linda says:

      A pound dog = a rescue dog. Rescue/pound/shelter are the same. We have four dogs, 3 frenchies and a boxer, that were all “rescued” from a shelter/pound. Educate yourself before being hateful. No one will listen to you if you continue to be so aggressive.

    • Becca says:

      I’m not too proud to have a “rescue” dog – I have two of them. But when I decided to get my third dog, I wanted a dog that I knew the background of. I wanted to know what the temperament of her parents was like, whether they were healthy and clear of any genetic diseases, and see what kind of environment my puppy was being raised in.
      Guess what? You can do both. And I would do both again.

      Don’t blame puppy buyers for dogs that are in shelters. Blame the people that abandoned their dogs, blame the backyard breeders and puppy mills that won’t take their puppies back.

  48. Jenn says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you, we are at a time when we need to make some serious changes to how we think about getting a dog. I would love to be able to share this article but it’s very aggressive. I find that when you are trying to influence people, an aggressive approach never works, it puts people on the immediate defense and they stop listening. I like what you’re saying but not how you’re saying it. Granted, I know it’s infuriating that lovely dogs are dying while people are buying, it truly is especially when you are on the front lines. But lashing out and calling it a PSA doesn’t help. I know your intentions are good but I hate to see rescue turning into an US vs THEM just like our country has.

  49. L.M. says:

    I felt the overall message of this article was: stop buying dogs (designer or otherwise) and go to the shelters or rescues!!! All the drama filled angry responses are missing the point.

    In the past I have bought dogs from breeders and I accept that means I didn’t choose a dog from the shelter that could have been one more saved. I regret that I was not well informed about the amount of dogs that die in the shelter system or make it to rescue.

    When I learned about it and met people who are the ones volunteering and watching all of those dogs get killed every single day- of course they are beyond frustrated that people still choose breeders! Wouldn’t you if you saw so many innocent lives lost? Doesn’t it bother you to know that it happens? How then can we still justify buying dogs? It doesn’t seem like “personal choice” is reason enough.

  50. Aubrey says:

    #adoptdontshop!! I am not going to repeat what many have already said–I don’t believe in buying dogs or breeders I think it is a revolting decision.

    And speaking to th difficulties one can encounter trying to adopt from a rescue shelter–this happened to my family. We live in a NYC duplex apt with a yard and we were denied several times for our interior stairs (spiral) and lack of square footage. Regardless we kept looking and after 6 months we found the amazing organization The experience was amazing and worth all of the time and disappointments. We now have our sweet border collie/lab and he is our family. #rescuedogsrock

  51. Linda says:

    I have 3 French bulldogs. Yep, 3. They are all at least seven yrs old and have horrendous scars, both physical and psychological, from the puppy mills at which they were enslaved. My girls had many litters of pups that were probably sold at pet stores.

    Before you blame a breed, or a responsible breeder, or even an owner… stand up against puppy mills. They are the #1 cause of overflowing shelters, pounds, ditches.

  52. Chrissie Di Bianco says:

    I’m really sick of this “responsible/good breeder” myth. Everyone who defends buying a dog for looks or convenience talks about these unicorns, but tell me how you as an every day person seeking to add a canine to your household identify these so called “reputable” breeders?
    What do you think makes them reputable? Do you know this person? Have references? Seen their entire operation? Know how many puppies they squeeze out a year? If they have many returns for animals that are sick or have temperament issues? What do they do with puppies they don’t sell? Do you know for a fact they know what they’re doing and working with healthy animals, not just playing games with the genetic lottery to make consumer products that conform to impossible/distorted/unhealthy modern breed standards? How many of their dogs have chronic health issues? Are you some kind of expert, or so you just want a cute puppy? ?

    If you’re not in need of a working dog, and you’re buying a specific breed bc you “like” it, you are treating a living thing as a consumer product, then yes you are an asshole. Cry over the word all you want, your little feelings over being called a name are inconsequential compared to the suffering inflicted on these poor animals so you can have some fucking accessory for your yuppie lifestyle.

  53. Lee Goldberg says:

    To all those who continue to antagonize the author for her point of view, have any of you spent hundreds of hours at a kill shelter and observed barrels of dead dog bodies in the back of said kill shelter? Or tried to find a home for a cute, young and adoptable death row dog that was ultimately killed in the shelter because someone chose to buy a dog instead of adopting? Right.

  54. E. Wilson says:

    I agree, breeding is not only not necessary in view of the number of dogs being sacrificed everyday for lack of space. Particularly breeding systematically by unethical breeders. It’s insidious and will only stop by the lack of demand.
    My four dogs are rescues. I got the ones no one wanted, with seizures, hip displacia, broken hips or bones from being hit by cars on the street; I don’t regret one bit my decision. They are the sweetest, most grateful, loyal, playful bunch in the world.
    Rescue the old, the mutts, the black ones, the ones left behind, you will never regret it.

  55. Ali says:

    How fucking dare you hold ME responsible for what some arsehole owner and breeder do. It is disgusting what those poor dogs have to go through but I will not be held accountable for other people’s actions. Where were you when all those children were taken from adoption homes to be used in the sex industry??? Shall I hold all parents responsible??

  56. Sara says:

    FYI, adopting a Frenchie from a reputable rescue AINT EASY. We ask for references, we check references, we do home visits, and at least 5 interviews are conducted.

    I have two Frenchies now, one I’m fostering, and one rescues were ready to give up on- nothing wrong with him but anxiety and fear- and he’s 42 lbs of don’t fuck with me!

    So, I’m not going to take your opinion personally. When I was your age, I said the same things. I’ve tried to make a difference for 50 years now, and it ain’t worth my energy to be all up in arms about it. I’ll save my energy for the next Frenchie the org I volunteer with picks up at the pound- or from folks caring enough to realize they can’t take care of their brachycephalic pet.

    My advice to you? Stay passionate about rescue, but moderate your tone. In case no ones mentioned it to you, you catch more flies with honey.

    • Dona says:

      The requirements to adopt a dog are getting insane. . . The application I filled out asked how many stairs my dog would be expected to climb on a daily basis, which door was closest to the road, and how many feet away from the road that door was. Just. . . Why? People with stairs need not apply? How does the proximity of your house to the road on if you are a suitable home or not?

  57. Ramona says:

    All you people crying about hurt feelings are ridiculous, how old are you? Grow the fuck up. And all you people crying because it is your right to purchase a pure breed, go and work one week at a kill “shelter” , look those dogs in the eyes, watch them being put down than come back and tell me again how it is your damn right to pay hundreds of dollars for dogs being bred while others are killed every fucking day for no reason. Just because nobody wants them.

  58. Irene says:

    If dogs were bred the way humans have children breeding dogs wouldn’t even be possible, how comes you try winning a discussion with that argument? The way you talk about breeding and about dogs in ponds is simply racism. I see a huge problem with racism here, if all of you defending breeders apply your logic on humans, and you seem to like doing that, you all are not only selfish assholes but evil racist motherfuckers, do you realize that? Uh, this is so sick in so many ways, more than meets the eye. Thank you Zizi, great great article!?

  59. Dana says:

    Dumas, as well as thousands of other dogs die unnecessarily because people are assholes. They don’t spay and neuter, they don’t consider the life long commitment that they are taking on. Yes…there are plenty of shit breeders and puppy mills…so spend some of that energy on educating people. Shed some light on those conditions, help change laws, promote rescue and don’t be so damn self-righteous. French Bulldogs are not the problem anymore than Labs, or Cocker Spaniels or Yorkies. I’ve helped rescues, I’ve fostered, I still support them. The real difference between my dog’s life and Dumas’? My dog got lucky. What happens in pounds and shelters is tragic…so share and make a change instead of targeting and shaming people. You can give yourself a pat on the back for offering your two cents, or you can use your voice and public forum to offer knowledge and help. Otherwise you are as big of an asshole as the people you are judging.

  60. Dona says:

    I have had some truly wonderful pound dogs and some wonderul dogs purchased from a breeder. When it came time for me to buy my current dog, Iknew I wanted a specific breed of dog because they are famous for a good temperament, gentleness with children, and moderate energy levels. The local shelter informed me that any dogs if that breed were sent to a rescue group.
    I contacted the rescue group, was told to fill out an application.
    Pages and pages of questions and references later, I sent tbe application in confident I was an excellent home for a dog of any age. After more than a week of silence, I sent an email, asking if they had received it. More nothing, so I left a voicemail.
    Long story short, rescue never contacted me at all.
    So I found a wonderful woman who showed dogs of my prefered breed. We spoke over the phone, and she requested the name and number of my vet for a reference, and that I send a few pictures of my house and yard. I did. I went and met her dogs, including the parents of the puppy I ended up with. She had a whole houseful of happy healthy dogs, many too old to show or breed, but happily living out their days napping on the couch or in the huge yard. Because I did not need the papers for my puppy, and was happy to sign a spay/nueter agreement, as well as a right of first refusal cobtract (ie, if I needed to get rid of the dog for any reason I would contact her before selling or giving her away) I got a very good price for my dog, who came home at nine weeks of age, with a blanket, three toys, a booklet detailing her vaccine and worming history, and a cannister of her current food.
    Would I recommend this breeder to anyone in the world? Absolutely. Would I encourage people to adopt a dog first? Of course.
    But this article leaves no room for people who are rejected by rescue groups, who have increasingly high requirements. I will never know why I never heard back from the rescue. Was it because I don’t have a fence? My house to small? Because I said part of my housebreaking plan involves crate training? Who knows? But my dog from a breeder is happy, healthy, and thriving in my care.


    Just LOL’ing all the way home reading these 50 or so pro-breeders comments. Guess who is winning here? THOSE WITH THE BIG HEARTS – the rescuers.. look at the likes on this post — 2.4k — yes THOUSAND. So if 50 idiots who feel guilty about their dog buying and love of eugenics don’t like that the author used the word “Fuck” — who cares? This article is getting out there big time and for good reason. Fuck you, breeders. xo A rescuer in Texas

    • Tia but smartery says:

      Yeah in a world of 8 billion people, 2.4k is really something. I’ll never buy from a breeder but it’s apparent how insane most rescue workers are. Seek help.


        Hey Tia, How many hits your blog get today? Ha! Now this post has gotten 6.4k which means THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE HAVE READ IT. So for your ballyhooing about the 100 nasty comments, 6.4k love these words. Zizi’s righteous article has resonated with countless people. Jelly your insta only has 5 followers? Why on earth would anyone come here to diss someone who has devoted their lives to animals? Pa-the-tic.

  62. Samantha says:

    I really enjoyed this article. A lot of people can’t get past the tone of this article, especially the part about being called an asshole (some people know better than to buy their dog and some don’t) to see the real point the article is making, which is to adopt. One of my best friends bought a frenchie and while she loved her dog, she later admitted to me that she’d never buy another because she felt guilty how many health problems her dog had that are inherent in the breed. At 8 her dog was so much less active than my 17 year old mixed pup because of all her breathing problems. She has since started to adopt her pets.

    My neighbor growing has worked at an animal shelter in northern California for 15 years. She sees dogs being put down day after day. She has rescued pits. Recently I found out that for her birthday she treated herself to a breeder bought Frenchie. I’m sorry, what the actual f*ck? I was so saddened to learn that because she sees the overcrowding in the shelters and sees how many good dogs never find a home.

    You can adopt puppies. You can adopt pure breds (though I don’t understand that desire). You can adopt dogs for $125 where they are already neutered, have their shots, are potty trained etc. My whole life my family circle has had rescues. 25 to be exact. They’ve all been amazing. Even one of our more damaged rescues who came from abuse ended up being a totally love after she learned to trust. There is something so rewarding about giving a pet a second chance. I wish everyone could see that.

  63. Cheryk says:


    • Maggie says:

      I’ve spent some time reading all the comments since this article came out and here is what I think: Zizi has opened a discussion that touched a nerve in a lot of people. The Frenchie people are so defensive they dont even realize the dog in question is just a symbol of any trendy breed…if she had said poodles would you have been so upset? Being called assholes REALLY got your attentiob and like it or hate it, created a discourse about rescues and breeders…and shelter dogs. No matter how you felt about the article, i know when you think about another dog, the little part of your brain where compassion lives will say “maybe they have what i wanr at a rescue or at the shelter” all shelter dogs are not damaged, i have four, three of whom are well adjusted, loving dogs. My pure bred Min Pin, altho a show stopper, is a little neurotic, I’m told that is a breed trait. So, GO ZIZI AND GO GIRLIE GIRL!! Great way to open a dialog..and for the haters..don’t bother, I don’t give a shit!!!

  64. Steve says:

    1 what is your beef with Frech Bull dogs?
    2 you are assuming way too much.
    3 why are you so militant and belittling those you know nothing about?
    4 who made you judge and jury?
    5 last time I checked, this still a free country, people do have the freedom of choice…I know, I served to protect those freedoms…

    From the article, it is you girliegirlarmy that is the a-hole…yelling at people insulting them when they go against your thoughts and beliefs…again…it is their right to choose where they get their companions

    Last question, if you knew about this all along, why didn’t you step up???

  65. Jessica says:

    Rescues save puppies, too. My dog’s mother was found on the side of the highway when the temperature was -20°. She had puppies a few days later and the pound would have put them all down immediately were it not for the rescue organization that saved them. There are so many great, loving dogs that get dumped. You can find your dream dog at a rescue – a dog that could die without you. I got my beautiful and perfect pup and saved a life, too. Pretty cool.

  66. Nor says:

    Hi. I read your post. Are you in Los Angeles? If so, which shelter(s) do you focus on? Depending on the timing/location, I could possibly foster.

    • aggie says:

      We focus on all the LA shelters. Bullies and Buddies takes dogs from all of them as well as dogs that are found in horrific conditions, refer to Zizi’s comment about the pit who had his neck broken and thrown out on the freeway. I foster dogs from the Harbor Shelter as well as B and B if they need me. Shelters have foster programs which give the dogs a little more time and if you can network them yourself you may get them adopted. Its one dog saved the people may not see otherwise

  67. Jen says:

    So so so true. Made me cry just reading it. Truth hurts, y’all. Adopt; don’t fucking shop.

  68. jc says:

    Let’s get one thing straight all you a-holes acting all defensive here because this author called you out: “shelter” and rescue dogs have no more wrong with their temperament than ANY breeders’ dogs! The vast majority of “shelter” dogs are not there because there’s something “wrong” with them, they’re there because of PEOPLE. Sometimes it’s for a unavoidable reasons (my little red chiwawa mix’s old person had dementia and was unable to care for her) and sometimes for truly appalling ones (my little white chiwawa mix’s old teenage owner “got bored with him”). And even ones that are brought in for “behavior”, it’s usually the PERSON that has caused it by abuse or neglect. And even then, it can usually be fixed with a little effort. (My Puffy chewed his tail constantly when I rescued him – a result of being locked in a crate 23 hours a day for months; 2 weeks in a good home and he stopped it completely). Both of my rescued furries are as happy and well-adjusted as any of your all designer dogs and probably genetically healthier since they are mixes, and not inbred horror shows. You who are repeating this falsehood are wrong and are showing your ignorance. I have only ever had rescued dogs, same with people I know, and I have never met a single one that was a “bad dog”. What you all are REALLY outraged about is that this article made you look in the mirror and see an a-hole looking back.

  69. Steve says:

    Oh, and by the way, before anyone decides to get all judgemental and greater than thou on me, both of my dogs are rescue and the 4 cats that i was fortunate enough that they shared their natural lives with me, and mt two current cats have been rescue animals

  70. jamie coughlin says:

    Dogs are in shelters because of irresponsible owners, NOT breeders. Breeders of purebred dogs (true breeders not puppy millers) are not filling up shelters or abandoning dogs and their buyers rarely do either. The people who do fill up shelters with packs of dogs that nobody wants, dogs that frequently have issues, sometimes dangerous issues, are the ones to blame. OWNERS, get it, not someone breeding frenchies or even labradoodles (don’t get me started). IF those dogs end up at a shelter, they rarely stay there for long. I’ve had many purebred dogs, I’ve only paid for one dog though, from a rescue and it promptly tried to kill both my dogs and they would NOT take it back. I should have realized something was up when she was the only one with a run to herself. This is a large well known sanctuary too. But if I can’t find the dog I want, I’m STILL not going to adopt or buy a terrier of any kind. Not even not so dead ones! They are not my type of dog, I thoroughly support OTHER people adopting them though, but not me.

  71. keith stevens says:

    I have a frenchie and a rescue that i went o get from Ms to soutg florida..i dont have the frenchie for prestige or for status que.I got my frenchie and have spent over $20 g to keep him alive…cancer and back operation…dont tell me it was a vain or status que yo dip shit…it is because I love my Frenchie…he is my dog and I will do everything to keep him alive…fuck the staus quw=e of having a frenchie…i love him and I luv the breed….as well as my shelter dog…..suck it up for all for all do not think like you do…..actually you are the one that does not care you fuckin jerk

    • keith stevens says:

      your the ass hole…I have a shelter dog that i flew to /Florida and drove to get as well as my frenchie….I take care of both of my dogs no matter the cost….your a sick misinformed person….status que has nothing to do with it…luv of my animal it is what it is all about…my luv of my shelter dog is just as deep as my frenchie….your a jerk….and uniformed and you have a problem…not all people are in it for prestige……you can kiss my ass and any tome you want to question my luv for animals…bring it…you care not for dogs or you would not have even said this…if a dog comes into my matter what breed…they get the deserved luv and protection…i dare you to respond for you are the type that ‘i believe will not give the love and affection that misplaced dogs deserve.Screw you….

      • Learntospell says:

        Until you can actually use grammar and know how how to spell, please refrain from your ignorant and idiotic commentary on something you clearly know nothing about — which is this article which is clearly about animal rescue and not frenchies, whom the author clearly has no beef with. ?

  72. Lana Cox says:

    The title drew my attention because when a friend found out I volunteer at a dog shelter, he asked me to look for a French Bulldog for him. I ran across a couple, but when I tagged him about them, his first questions had to do with the looks, whether or not it was a purebreed, etc., and I didn’t respond or tell him about any more. It was obvious he was more interested in a prop for his ego than helping a homeless dog. I’ve felt the same about other friends who’ve done this same thing. This article really hits the nail on the head, although I would’ve worded it a little differently, as I believe you don’t win people over with insults and strong language.

  73. Dede says:

    Zizi, I fucking love you for writing this post! Anyone who may be offended by your words needs to wake the fuck up!

  74. Dianne Singer says:

    I dearly wish that well-meaning people would differentiate between reputable breeders – who love their chosen breed, work hard to maintain and improve the breed standard (physically, mentally, temperamentally and emotionally), have regular vet care, place dogs carefully and will always take a dog back – from the backyard breeders and puppy millers – who treat dogs like ATMs, don’t routinely take the dogs to the vet, don’t care where the dog goes so long as they get cash.

    To use “breeder” without the qualifiers of “backyard” and/or “puppy mill” is incredibly unfair to people who love their dogs and match their dogs carefully to ensure the placement is permanent.

    People are entitled to want specific types of dogs for certain reasons. This does not mean that they do not support rescue and adoption (which is a cutesy name for selling a dog).

    The writer may feel better for yelling. However, education doesn’t work when delivered at top volume, and education is what is needed. Starting in the schools – teaching children that animals are sentient beings that require respect and proper care and handling.

    That’s where efforts should be focused. Educating youth for a better future for animals.

    Also, the writer didn’t touch on the subject of cats in pounds and how many more cats than dogs are killed by pounds. As in thousands and thousands more. Again, education is needed. Don’t let the cat out, spay/neuter, etc. etc.

  75. Karla says:

    So, you are saying shelters are not importing…thats funny.

    Broward County humane society last year brought in “golden retriever street dogs” from Turkey.
    China meat dogs.

    Now Broward raised theirfee for purchasing a dog from 150.00 to 500.00

    The dogs had to have health certs before leaving those countries, so vaccines and speutering were already done….they had donations for the flight fees.

    So alas, they got a bunch of purebred golden for free…actually made $ off it.

    Happens all the time.

    But, I am beginning to see that you are nothing more than a shill for PETS and H$U$

  76. Jenni says:

    Whoever wrote this is a complete ass hole. I have had my frenchie for 10 years now, AND I have also adopted numerous rescue dogs. Just because you don’t believe in something OR you are so one sided on something doesn’t mean you should write a novel and call out the other side. Sit down.


      Grow the fuck up. This is the truth. Too bad you can’t handle it. Zizi’s article is on point. I found it on social media and wish I’d written it myself! We (and 6.4k and the other thousands who have shared this piece on social) agree with every single word!

  77. Linda says:

    I have a French and 2 English Bulldogs…all rescues, and one rescued at 10 years old.

  78. Stephie says:

    This article is beyond stupid! However people want to obtain their pets is their business. If someone want to seek out a ethical breeders for a purpose, or even for a known history, what business is of yours? If you want to rescue, great! But it is unrealistic to expect everyone to do the same. I bought several Savannahs and Bengals from a breeder, and never regretted it. I also have some rescue animals too. I urge my son to keep abandoned kitten his girlfriend found and paid for her medical expenses. So I do both.

    Before anyone says you need to volunteer at a shelter, I worked at one. A high kill shelter, and a extremely busy one. So I know it is not breeders are to blame for over population, but not sterilizing your pets.

    I strongly suggest the author take up yoga, maybe take some anger management classes, speak to a mental health professional, take some antipsychotic medication, as well practice meditation. Um.. I think most ARAs should seek all that I have suggested. Such angry bitter People! My animals help with stress. Obviously, many of you must not own animals with all the hate and anger expressed by you all. Geez…


      WRONG. This article has resonated with many many thousands of people. Too bad the breeder and breeder lovers can’t take the truth. You’re not going to find the nod to the ego boost you needed when you bought your pets here. Go somewhere you are loved, breeder.

  79. Emilie says:

    Hey guys,

    So I really appreciate this article, but I definitely don’t agree with all of it. I work at the largest humane society in my state, and while we don’t euthanize for time and space, we don’t have the means to support severe medical/behavior cases. I want to be ok with responsible breeders, but I’m just not. I’m not. It physically hurts my heart every time we euthanize a dog that, if not for overpopulation, could have lived a really good life. We take amazing care of all of our animals – we completely deep clean every kennel every morning and have over 900 volunteers that walk the dogs, socialize the cats, and even read stories/sing to the animals. I have no problem with breeding – as soon as there is no overpopulation. The point brought up by many is “well my shelter is transporting dogs from other shelters to sell, so overpopulation isn’t a thing!” That’s inaccurate. We receive transfers from shelters down south because we have a little bit more space than they do and the dogs would be euthanized if we didn’t take them. We are bursting at the seams – with unwanted breeder dogs, unwanted litters from unspayed pets, strays, etc. So does buying a French bulldog make you an asshole? No. But it does mean that one more dog will die in a shelter. As for people saying that they want to know the medical and behavioral information so they “know what they are getting” have probably never been to a shelter. Actually quite a few dogs are surrendered to us because they were from a breeder and had behavioral issues. No matter what dog you get – YOU make it what it is. No breed is inherently bad or inherently good. I have never been bit by a pit bull – I HAVE been bit (or almost bit) by a chihuahua, husky, yellow lab, poodle, and miniature pinscher. So, please, I beg of you: just visit your local humane society or shelter (please don’t call it a pound – we all do our best…exceptions exist of course) and meet with a few dogs. You never know what could be if you don’t try. Get more information on overpopulation, foster, adopt, volunteer, etc. Just please, please help us.

  80. Bill says:

    Wait a minute!!! You have to be a vegan to be on this list??? Damn it!

  81. Automous says:

    People seriuosly, overpopulation is not from breeders it from people NOT getting their animals spayed and neutered. I do not “BUY” any pet including from a shelter. Where are all you soap box people volunteering. Humane society to name one has a large employee cost. The cost of adopting a dog from a shelter PAYS someones salary. I have 5 dogs, all pure bred, all someones throw away none did I pay for or go thru the bureacy of a shelter. You are entitled to your opinion even if it sucks.

  82. Jess says:

    So let me get this straight – it’s MY fault he died? It’s MY fault his “owner” who likely purchased him from a breeder as a “designer puppy” 13 mon ago decided he/she couldn’t handle a dog anymore and dumped him at the very shelter that killed him? It’s MY fault that people take to social media and encourage everyone to go out and get a dog from the pound or a breeder without a thought about the dogs behavior, background or the fact that they’re a lifetime commitment?

    It’s not anyone’s fault but his breeder and his “owner”. THEY failed him. WE did not.

    Signed – an English Bulldog owner and rescuer

  83. Katz says:

    Nope, I love my french bulldog’s personality. People like rose and the articles’s tone turn me off from ever going to adopt. You ruined it for me. Guess I’m an asshole. Oh well.

  84. Nicholas says:

    As a vet, I absolutely agree with you.
    People are extraordinarily selfish.

  85. Nicholas says:

    I breed french bulldogs, and I am vegan lol. I have an extraordinary following in the community, and I help rescue dogs that need rescuing. I make certain all my dogs go to a good home through an extensive interview process. If the client wants to breed, I must inspect their operation or facilities before I agree to sell them the puppy. I’m sorry that so many people are suffering in this world, and I wish we could focus our energies on making things better for everyone. Shaming people does not help. Helping helps. Should everyone stop breeding dogs until all dog owners learn responsibility? Maybe people should stop reproduction until all people treat people with respect. I know I have just involved myself in this conversation as a target, but maybe you need to throw a few stones to realize what you’re really doing. I’ll stand still. Love y’all. (Yes, I’m from the south.)

  86. dave says:

    lol at all the french bulls@@t owners coming on here all defensive. If you own or want to own some freak of nature like that you are a c@@t of the highest order, or you’re so thick that you need to go exctinct just like french bulldogs, pugs etc.

  87. Demian says:

    Do you guys even understand what breeders do? Have you ever used your brain cells to think that dogs breeds still exist on this day due to breeders? Do you think breeding a specific race is easy?

    Instead of bashing people and using your shit tone take a moment to think how proper breeding works.

    We buy from breeder for our own reasons just like you adopt dogs for your own. If you want to lecture someone do it on your children, we will continue to buy, raise and breed because we like it and we will actually preserve the breeds from extinction. You should be thankful in fact, your ignorance makes us puke…

  88. John says:

    I want a French bulldog because I think they are so cute. My daddy. Me Trump likes them too.

  89. Jackie says:

    On the contrary, French bulldog registrations is the fastest climbing statistic for the AKC.

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  93. John Dough says:

    So don’t buy dogs until they are in a shelter. Breeders will eventually stop because of this.

    Realistic. Enjoy your endless soapbox.

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