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FLAUNT Electric Bicycles: Eco-Friendly Transportation At Its Finest

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Electric bicycles are the newest craze – they provide an eco-friendly solution for commuters as well as leisure cruisers and adventure enthusiasts alike, with even Kim K’s porn co-star Ray J in on the fad.

FLAUNT Electric Vehicles just launched their own electric bicycles on Indiegogo here today.

Some standout features from competitors include:

  • Designed to look and feel authentically like a bike (not a scooter as many do)
  • They travel over 40 miles on a charge without pedaling
  • Uses a 36 Volt, 15.6 Amp Samsung lithium-ion battery pack so you will not have to replace your battery every year, or worry about safety factors
  • Built for a range of terrain and purposes, a walk assist feature and six levels of pedal assist provide throttle work that is streamlined together using a 500W Dapu/FLAUNT motor

Made out of exceptionally high quality components, and still be able to break under the $2k price range.

Integrated headlights, tail lights, and an LCD display created jointly by Dapu and FLAUNT. FLAUNT Electric Bicycles are currently in production and available – the funds from the campaign will help manufacture their next round. Contributors will receive their eBike during their Indiegogo campaign. FLAUNT Electric Bicycles come in two models – the Atticus and Vicko. The differences from other electric bikes are the frame measurements, handlebar option, and derailleurs. Both have a tire option – Hybrid Road Tire and Off Road Tire.

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Editorial note: There are other electronic bikes available, but we’ve heard exceptionally good things about these, plus the standouts are stellar.

Get in on it here:

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