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Revelatory Stylish Eco-Friendly Washable Rugs

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The age old conundrum is where to find eco friendly rugs that deliver in terms of design, function, and form. There are wool rugs (not vegan) or sisal (not soft) or synthetics (made from questionable chemicals) – but none have totally floated our boat til we met Lorena Canals Rugs!

Washable Rugs = Brilliant

These amazing rugs are like happy eco-blankets for your floors, free of toxic compounds and chemicals. Not only are they gorgeous, stylish and exceptionally made, they are washable, all-natural, hypo-allergenic and functional. You can let your little ones roll around and crawl on these environmentally-friendly rugs with no worries of safety and with no threat to them or the world around them. What’s not to love?

Leave a cushy, sock-footed print on the world, not a toxic, carbon foot print.

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Safety is every parent’s first priority. You know that ‘new carpet smell’ you notice with most synthetic rugs? They contain VOCs, which can contribute to health issues including allergies and nausea. Most synthetic rugs are also backed with a latex mix containing styrene, which is a possible human carcinogen. While many rugs are treated with stain protectors, fire retardants and moth-proofing insecticides, Lorena Canals rugs are handmade in India using all non-toxic dyes and 100% natural raw materials. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the rugs are incredibly stylish AND machine washable. Go ahead, throw up your hands in joy!

Angel Wing Rug

Protecting the environment and giving back. With a factory they call their own, Lorena Canals is also a leader in socially responsible manufacturing and a no child-labor guarantee. Plus buying a Lorena Canal rug helps send children in Northern India to school.


Safety and functionality meets beauty. Lorena Canals rugs are each unique and distinct, handmade and carefully designed for a classic look that will suit any home. The designs are fun for the kids but with a contemporary flair. Lorena Canals makes washable cushions in a variety of colors and fun shapes. Handmade with 100% cotton and natural dyes and no toxins. Hug away kids, hug away.


Negatives: They are too small to cover an entire room. We hope larger sizes are on their way soon. And they are slippery if you don’t put a non skid pad beneath them – maybe they will offer their own skew of non toxic rug pads to make it easier on online orderers. But the softness and style cannot be beat.


Lorena Canals Rugs are available online and at stores nationwide ($83 – $279).Visit their website at and check them out on InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and YouTube.

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