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Chemical Free Cleaning Just Got Sexy

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Watch out world, there’s a totally unique and new way to clean your floors that is innovative, eco-friendly, stylish and chemical free.

Meet Zabada Clean.

Aren’t you over the old 19th century cleaning methods of lugging the mop and bucket around, smelling the horrendous fumes that linger about and having to wear old clothes just to clean the house? There is now a revolutionary product available that only requires water to remove bacteria and dirt off the floors.
You’re probably thinking that’s impossible, but water is pretty damn powerful when used in conjunction with Zabada! The trick is that Zabada clean offers microfiber cleaning products, made with a fiber blend that is 100 times finer than your luscious locks.

Zabada’s unique blend of fibers shave off contaminants and get into every single microscopic nook and cranny of your floor. This ergonomic, green floor cleaner comes with a whole handbag full of positive surprises including the benefits of asthma and allergy safe, environmentally friendly, reusability for 3 years, safer, and your floors stay cleaner for longer as there is no chemical residue. You know that sticky feeling after a mop clean? Well, that’s gone.

The floor cleaner just got sexier as well. It comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and you have peace of mind when your little ones are rolling around the floor (the 10 second rules now counts). The cleaning process is as easy as eating a vegan croissant – you just simply wet the fiber and away you go. When you’re done, you can toss the fiber into the wash ready for next time. It doesn’t just stop at the floor cleaner, you can purchase their fluffy, ridiculously good looking mitts for Kitchen, Bathroom, Window and Dusting!

Zabada Clean

You can convert your whole house to chemical free and never have to walk down the stinky, toxic cleaning aisle again. Now that’s more money to spend on more important things – like bikinis and sunscreen.

Perhaps you read when we first met Zabada and considered trying it, but didn’t? Well now we are offering a special for GirlieGirl Army readers!!

Zabada is offering all GGA readers a 25% off discount on all individual items at for one month only.

Just enter coupon GIRLIEGIRL25at the checkout.

But wait, there is more! If you would like to purchase a bundle, they are already 20% off and the bundle prices are as marked!

So you can enjoy two options of your choice! Offer ends August 16, 2015.


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