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Does Buying a Hybrid Car Make Sense

Published on October 23, 2013 by   ·   6 Comments Pin It

Hearing conflicting things about owning a hybrid and trying to sort the truth from exaggerations? This infograph should help;

Does Buying a Hybrid Car Make Sense?

Created by Auto Pawn.

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. Very interesting break-down…thanks for sharing Chloe!

  2. Suasoria says:

    I find this an odd post for the GGA audience, who is aware of her footprint on the world and passionate about social change. If people only looked at the financial bottom line, few things would ever change.

  3. Aislyn says:

    I think that justifying the initial cost with a “you save this much in gas per year and it will take this many years to break even” example isn’t really an big deal unless it’s broken down on paper.
    I, personally, justify it by time saved in stopping for gas and the amount of money I save each month that is funneled into other budget categories.
    I’m drive currently driving about 52 miles round trip for work 5 days a week. Since buying a hybrid I have cut my gas station visits from twice (sometimes thrice) a week to once a week. That means I don’t have to go out of my way to a station, and I’m not wasting 5 to 10 minutes on pumping and waiting around for a free pump. That’s $25-$60 saved each week, as well 20-45 minutes of my time that I can budget into something else. That means that in an average 4 week month I’m saving $100-$240 in gas and 80min-3hours of my time.
    This means that I have that extra money to spend or donate and I have extra time to spend with friends and family, get my house in order, relaxing after a long day… whatever. It’s a huge benefit for me and my budget & time management.
    The breakdown of the financial stuff is great for justifying the long term reasons, but when I broke down just the short term to my boyfriend he agreed that it was well worth the extra cost, especially until I get a place closer to work and have to factor in an hour of travel everyday.

  4. Chloé Jo says:


    We printed this infograph because we wanted to hear from readers experiences to see if this graph was their experience. Also – you’ll notice the final words on the graph are hybrids produce 23% less pollution – what is a healthy earth worth to you?

    In other words: F all this math and do what’s right! :)

    xo Chloé

  5. I read this paragraph fully about the resemblance of newest and previous technologies,
    it’s remarkable article.

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