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Defensive Omnivore Bingo

Published on April 25, 2012 by   ·   12 Comments Pin It

We wish we had this chart as a tattoo somewhere on our bodies to just refer back to it when we get ridiculous and combative responses to our cruelty-free lifestyle.  Vegans have the hype as the “angry” ones in the food chain, and yet it’s the carnivores who often seem most defensive and combative when faced with someone different from themselves.  Ooh, you angry vegan, you choose not to kill animals for your dinner or high heels, and that makes you the angry one? Ooookay.  We’d say that makes you the peaceful one. This is simply a great chart to have on hand.  Print it out and point to it whenever anyone bothers you about your superior (yea, we said it) diet.

UPDATE: A BIG Thank you to reader Rachel who tracked down the originator of this post (which has been making the email and internet rounds for years already, sorry kids – this isn’t fresh content!) who found the creator of this post Brian Vander Veen from PPK.  We don’t know him, but the guy is a genius for providing us the visual for our eye rolling convos with carnivores.  Thank you, Brian!!!


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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Katrin says:

    This is so amazing! Thanks for posting!

  2. RJ says:

    Really, no credit given to the original creator of Defensive Omnivore Bingo? Shame on you.

  3. RJ: Save your “Shame on you” for the aggro biz and animal abusers. We’ve yet to see this chart credited and have been looking all over to see who we could credit it to before posting – after a search we couldn’t find it so we posted without the credit hoping the genius behind it would step up and take their due credit. Instead of being nasty, why not share who created it so that we could give them extra shout outs and love. Would you rather committed vegans NOT see this chart? Sheesh..

  4. supercarrot says:

    i don’t know who made this version, but there’s a much better one by hoveringdog on the PPK

    there’s a second version here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97217080@N00/4183363713

    yet another: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kippygo/4426157195/

  5. EA says:

    The omnivores win when we can’t even stop the bickering within our own ranks.

  6. Rachel says:

    Brian Vander Veen from the PPK made this years ago. If you’re interested in giving him credit, he’s pretty amazeballs.

    Vegansaurus wrote about this in 2009 and a quick google search turned this up:

  7. Fiona says:

    I agree w gga. These omnivore chart makers
    Should feel lucky to have people see what they did, let alone as many eyes as gga has on it. It only helps our cause. The nitpicking is done by the same types who swore off vegnews when their stock photo drama was exposed. Get over it. Thanks gga and vegnews for spreading compassion regardless of whiny trouble makers.

  8. AS says:

    I don’t think asking for proper attribution of borrowed work is nitpicky. Especially when it’s pretty easy to figure out where the work origniated. A google search of “Defensive Omnivore Bingo” brings up the Vegansaurus post – where Brian Vander Veen was credited as the creator – as the FIRST result.

  9. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    As I said earlier, we DID look for it and we didn’t find it.

    Glad Rachel RESPECTFULLY shared the creators name with us (not alongside a “shame on you”) so we could update!

    Thank you Rachel. :)

    Viva Vegan!!

  10. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    Also worth mentioning: this image has been sent to us via email (*without credit*) as a forward from about 40 different vegans at different stages over the years. We kept meaning to post it and being overwhelmed with other content, which is how it finally ended up here now. Glad lots of new vegans can benefit from it. We are not known to not credit and DO not support people not crediting content, art, or work – and have never been accused of it prior. We apologize to BRIAN for not posting his name at once and thank him again for his contribution to us giving carnivores the verbal smack down. :)

  11. Lisa says:

    “The omnivores win when we can’t even stop the bickering within our own ranks.” I didn’t realize there was a war of diets.
    I can never understand why meat-eaters, vegetarians or vegans think they’re right; why on earth do people care what another eats? People who are open to such change will try an alternative diet willingly, people who aren’t won’t.

  12. Nilda says:

    hey brilliant post I’m a big bingo fan from Holland

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