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Uggs Made Using Dog Fur, Yep.

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You probably know by now that it takes up to 8 small sheep to make one traditional pair of Uggs, and that we live for our vegan version of Uggs that have all the warmth and none of the cruelty, but Uggs has recently been outed as using Raccoon Dog Fur in their newest boots. Most Uggs aren’t made in Australia. They are currently made in China from imported sheep skins and dog fur.

Don't they look like Pomeranians?

Great idea! Let’s anally or vaginally electrocute this sweet creature for a pair of shoes that aren’t weather proof (watch the video linked below – warning – graphic.)  Absurd.  The same girls wearing boots like these are toting a small dog that looks exactly like the one on their feet.

Image via HSUS

According to;

Australian ugg boot makers are using pelts from animals skinned alive in China for the footwear and labeling it as wool and other materials.

In this graphic video taken by Swiss Animal Protection you can see the terrified animals being skinned alive and then thrown on a heap, in one instance an animal is still able to weakly raise its head after having its skin and fur cut off. The shocking revelations from HSI come just four months after graphic footage of the cruel treatment of Australian livestock in Indonesian abattoirs led to a live temporary live export ban. Activists are now calling for the fur trade to be shut down.

The government has already clamped down on dog and cat fur, banning importation in 2004 after shocking footage was produced by an earlier HSI investigation into domestic dog fur farms, however fur of the raccoon dog continues to be imported into Australia.

One pair of popular ugg boots tested by HSI and revealed to contain dog raccoon fur were labelled “Australian sheep skin.”

The company in question has been approached for comment.

HSI Director Verna Simpson said the ugg boots her organisation tested were just one of dozens of products being imported into Australia using racoon dog fur and in other cases canine dog fur which is banned in Australia.

“HSI has been informed that once these fur items have made it past the border, Customs has little power to take further direct action.

“Further, upon requesting action from the ACCC, HSI has been notified that the matter was not of significant and widespread public detriment to warrant further action being taken,” Ms Simpson told

Animal hair identification expert Han Brunner confirmed the boots contained raccoon dog fur and said it was time for the Government to crack down on the barbaric trade.

“There is no doubt they have mislabelled these items and customs refuses to do anything. They have been labelled Australian merino fur and that was on the inside of the boot on the outside there was hairs from the raccoon dog,” he told

“I think surely that should make an impact on customs especially after the cattle slaughtering in Indonesia – dog raccoons are skinned alive and the carcass is thrown on a heap when they are still alive.

Lena McDonald who runs Ugg Australia, said the use of the raccoon dog fur by other brands was tarnishing the entire ugg boot industry as many people had trouble differentiating between different brands.

Ms McDonald said her company used its own local tannery to ensure the quality and standards of its boots, but added there were anywhere between 30 – 40 products using the word “ugg” but that many were not made in Australia and used overseas materials including fur.

“As far as I can see many of these boots are not made in Australia at all yet they have the word Australia and ugg on them,” she said.

“Labelling laws in Australia are a little bit grey and we have seen companies cutting off tags saying ‘made in China’ and the Australian made tag put on it.”

A spokeswoman for Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said the government would not ban imports of raccoon dog fur.“With regard to fur from animals other than cats and dogs, additional import prohibitions exist under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

CITES provides controls for the international trade of products derived from endangered animals or plants. Any trade in such items without the necessary, limited permissions is prohibited,” the spokeswoman told

“Extending the ban to fur products from the Asiatic raccoon, or “raccoon dog”, is not Government policy at this time.”

A Customs spokeswoman said the government took the importation of illegal fur seriously but was awaiting further information before stating its position on the importation of raccoon dog fur.

Where Customs and Border Protection has concerns about the import of fur products, additional documentation may be sought from the importer to verify the nature of the product. In circumstances where doubt exists as to the authenticity of a product or documents, the importer may be required to provide a sample for testing by an appropriate expert.

Penalties of up to $110,000 or three times the value of the goods (whichever is the greater) can be incurred for breaches of the regulation.

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Readers Comments (42)

  1. What a disgusting and depressing practice–all for a pair of Ugg-ly boots that look suspiciously like Ewoks holding onto both legs. Please spread the word and share this article thru Twitter and on your Facebook pages to let the people in your circle know that this is NOT synthetic fur, it is not ethically sourced ANYTHING (like there’s any fur that is, but still, people bury their heads in their butts when they don’t wanna know the truth), and that these animals which even omnivores consider “sacred” (they’d eat a cow but not a dog) are subject to being used, abused, and murdered with THEIR consumer dollars. It has to stop somewhere.

    ::gonna go hug my rescue pitbull now::

    • jeannette says:

      i too was sickened by this barbaric act. could not watch more than a few seconds myself. spread this to everyone you know,,,,,and they too can spread to to their friends. we need to get the message out!!!

  2. colin morgan says:

    i could not believe what i was seeing and i could only watch 3 seconds this distgusting vile thing must be stopped,i have seen videos of cruelty but nothing such as this and i only saw 3 seconds a total ban on manufacture and exporting of any products of this type of item must be achieved, information such as this should be sent to governments world wide.COUNRTIES WHERE THIS SORT OF THING HAPPENS NEED TO BE SHAMED WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THERE COUNTRY

  3. It makes my heart break to know that people will so callously and carelessly disregard the life of an animal for a pair of shoes. Personally, I find vegan designers so much more creative and innovative anyway. Prior to going veg, I wore Prada and Jimmy Choo shoes and no one so much as blinked. But every time I slip on a pair of Olsenhaus or Cri de Coeur (every single time!!) I get asked where I bought my fabulous heels.

  4. Tina Dinh says:

    Raccoons are not dogs. Hello? Really? Why don’t you guys bring those raccoons from your backyards into your house and give them love and affection? Beautiful leathers and furs are for using, since the ancient times. Why wear synthetic? Made out of trash. Synthetic are for people without money and claim they are vegans and vegetarians.

    • liz says:

      By ancient times are you referring to the Pleistocene epoch (troglodyte) when fur was used as a thermostat.. Hey well this is the 21th century where there is absolutely no excuse for the animal carnage.. I am vegan and trust me I am not rich. You have everything all wrong.

    • Beverly says:

      Hello yourself you idiot. Raccoon dogs are DOGS, of the family Canidae and are related to wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes and of course DOGS. They are called raccoon dogs because they resemble raccoons. Neither should be stripped of its skin.

    • Tiffany says:

      HEY TINA THE DING BAT!!! NO ONE IS SAYING WE WANT THEM AS PETS! But I’ll tell you what! They weren’t put on this earth so disgusting people like you can wear them on their feet!!! Beautiful leathers and furs have been used in the ancient time for warmth and other necessicities which doesn’t it right!! Stop being a follower!! Remember this post and all the responses to your ignorance when you’re somewhere getting skinned, “because weirdos have been kidnapping woman, skinning them and killing them since the ancient times!” So then we should support any inhumane act Right Tina??? You’re a sick persom amd I really hope you dont have any animals in your home. You disgust me!

    • Justin Okello says:

      Tina, If you google it, you can find the major lawsuit and backlash from a few years ago when Burlington Coat factory was selling coats with fur trim that would up being actual dog ( Sheppard, if I remember). And, BTW, raccoons are, in fact canine, and are legally kept as pets in 23 states:

    • marilyn says:

      Tina – I have never heard such an ignorant comment. Go back to school, you should very foolish!!

    • kala says:

      I totally agree with you. Animals are ANIMALS!!!!. never in life are they going to be human. They dont even go to heaven. So stop with this nonsense. I have been forced to do a project on Peta and i hate it i totally disagree with everything they say and do.If i were you i would focuse on political or finiacial problem . Not little soulless animals.

      -KALA mariea

      • Georgette says:

        You are a soul-less twit.
        WATCH EARTHLINGS – educate yourself.
        Sounds like a fur hag to me — only care about your own ugly vanity.
        GET A HEART!

  5. Simone says:

    Tina I can only assume you are playing Devil’s advocate with the emphasis on the word “Devil”. You don’t REALLY believe that compassion is limited to people who have no money? Certainly Sir Paul McCartney for example has more money than G-d just about and he stands as just one public figure who has made the connection that when it comes to SUFFERING ALL animals are equal among themselves and equal to humans at the same time. Ingrid Newkirk says it best ” a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy”. Try compassion on .. I promise it will look much better on you than your ignorance. Peace.

  6. Tina-

    Thanks for your post- is that for real,or a joke?

    If its for real, isn’t much to say really- except you must live under a rock- or a cave rather…..

    “Leathers” and “Furs” are not things in an of themselves….- they are processed skinned striped from innocent beings……….

    “Synthetic are for people without money and claim they are vegans and vegetarians” A- what does that have to do with anything, and B- I am vegan and more than likely have more money than you-

    I wouldn’t bring YOU into my house- haha, no thats petty-, I would totally invite you in…..with the racoon

  7. gina says:

    This is soooo disturbing! It boggles my mind that people are able to be so cruel, close-minded and ignorant. And for really ugly boots! And in response to the previous commenter – beautiful leathers and furs belong ONLY on the beautiful living creatures who were born with them. They have no place in fashion with all the alternatives available these days. There’s nothing synthetic about alternative materials like high-quality non-leather, ultrasuede and faux fur, especially as they’re more durable, wearable and sustainable. Killing animals for their skins – whether dog, raccoon, cow, pig, sheep, whatever – is what’s unnatural and SO out of fashion.

  8. Hahahahahahahaha!
    Tina, I really hope you’re kidding, because nothing says “broke” like ignorant does. Please eat your blackened little heart out looking at pictures of gorgeous and cultured COMPASSIONATE women like the other commentors and our author, as well as the many vegan and vegetarian professionals, actors, activists, models, and world leaders who are beautiful from the inside out. I refuse to take this comment seriously bc it smells like baiting to me, but on the off chance this drivel is serious…

    Please educate yourself on the way the animals that wind up as leather and fur goods are treated during their short, sad lives, and as I say with regards to eating meat:

    If you have the stomach to raise it and look at this living, sentient being every day…and then kill it with your own bare hands and watch the life drain out of it without feeling any loss, remorse, or appreciation for the gravity of the act of taking a life, then more power to you.
    If not, get over yourself and recognize that you are a consumer and can make smarter choices with your money to alleviate suffering by not financing its demand. I look bad ass in my vegan motorcycle jacket and boots, and no one confuses me for someone who is weak, misled, delusional, OR poor.

  9. Chloe Jo says:

    Hey Tina,
    I’m not broke or heartless like you, but I DO care about animals enough to wear a different pair of boots to make sure nothing has to suffer. It’s NOT rocket science, being kind. It’s 101 humanity. My synthetics are eco friendly and last forever. Karma is a bitch, hope you don’t come back as an animal. PS.. guess what the arctic explorers wear? SYNTHETICS! Not your ancient “furs.”
    Love always,
    Someone who loves ALL creatures, including animal-hating you.

  10. Claudia says:

    I’m the editor and founder of IndieWomanMag, an online magazine dedicated to women making a difference in the world – the real role models out there, like the author of this blog! Thank you so much for your invaluable insight and educating the world on issues that really matter. I will post this article on Facebook on the IndieWoman page. Please friend us, and let’s circulate each other’s articles because together we can make a bigger difference. Go girl power!!!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!! Sharing this with others NOW!!!!

  12. Chelsea says:

    Oh tina, It always amuses/disgusts me when someone assumes that synthetics are cheaper than the cow carcass they carry around on their arm, or the tortured pelt of an innocent animal they revolting wear around their neck. ew. I know two things for sure; one is that you and I are indeed in very different income brackets, and the other is that I’m a conscious and educated human being, while you are an ignorant and despicable jerk.

    The last time I checked my Arc’teryx jackets (and btw, arc’teryx is to the north face as Tesla is to Yugo) were synthetic and each cost over $500. I don’t even think arc’teryx makes down filled jackets, because there’s no point, it’s inefficient and inferior. No one with a brain wears fur for warmth, and no one with a conscience wears fur at all. My very beautiful vaute couture coat cost somewhere in that same ballpark as an arc’teryx and was totally worth it. My lovely cri de couer, olsenhaus and other vegan shoes and boots weren’t exactly cheap either. So if you base your opinion of the quality and beauty on how much something cost (because that’s always attractive) then I would just love for you to point out where my synthetics are inferior. Please, feel free.

  13. Jeannine says:

    Most of the shoes we wear are leather of some sort!! and i really dont know if i believe that these books are the real fur!! i’d have to see it in person to believe it. look at the chickens we eat?? do we or should we use their feathers??

  14. […] Uggs Made Using Dog Fur, Yep. – (GirlieGirl Army) BOOOOO!!!!!! […]

  15. Chloe Jo says:

    My shoes aren’t leather AT ALL, they are eco-friendly vegan shoe lines like Cri De Coeur, OlsenHaus, Neuaura, Mink, Beyond Skin, etc etc etc.. so nope. And we don’t eat chicken or use their feathers, we eat Gardein and use synthetics. This is a vegan site the believes animals aren’t ours to WEAR, USE, or ABUSE.
    Let me know if you have any more Q’s.

  16. dottySMJ says:

    I usually don’t comment but Jeanine, WTF? The people who read this blog don’t eat chickens and we don’t wear leather, either. I’m reiterating what Chloe Jo already said but I’m just sitting here a little baffled. There is an argument (I’m not saying I agree) that there’s a difference between using the whole animal and one part of the animal for human greediness. If that is your argument, what other part of the either the dog or the raccoons used to make these boots do we use?

  17. MFA says:

    Did you notice they use their bare hands? That shows how uneducated these people are. How cruel to skin an animal alive. Who can stop them?

  18. pete lacock says:

    im in AU right now and i will tell everyone i see not to buy uggs this is soooo sad ihate people like the ass hole that do things like this they should be skinned alive!!!!!

  19. […] table scraps, does not mean they deserve aerial gunning or eradication. Another discovery is that Ugg boots have now been discovered to use raccoon dog fur in their wares. Some have commented that these animals are not real dogs. But, there shouldn’t be this easy […]

  20. sefi sofer says:

    oh my godddddd!!!!!!
    what can we do to stop chines cruelty to animels?!
    is there any strong u.n body that can take those people and put them in prison?
    isn’t there any organization across the intaier world that can stop this cruelty to animels?
    i can’t bare this any more this is an animels holocost. people do not understand that if they will continue to kill and abuse animels, they all be gone, and the world will reach his end. all the eco system will change….. people we must stop the chines and korians etc… from killing and abuseing animels!!!!!!!

    help those poor speachless beeings…..

  21. marie kemp says:

    I am so ashamed of being human sometimes

  22. Alex says:

    I hope you all did your research before naively and aimlessly believed this article. There have been several reports on this; some accusing the genuine Ugg brand, some claiming that the brutal skinning is to make fake Uggs.

    It appears that the dailymail and other reliable sources claim that it is to make fake Uggs.

    I don’t know about you, but you all should do your research homework before boycotting a brand from one article you read on this massive place we call the internet.

  23. Deuce says:

    Welp im boutta buy me another pair for my sister. you all are idiots if you think this is true…

  24. lei says:

    I shared the picture of dying raccoon dog and this URL on facebook, which was deleted a few days later, maybe by some organization. I don’t feel like to see that picture again, just can’t forget if for the rest of my life. I feel terribly sick having such human beings on this planet. I will keep telling this to all the students I teach.

  25. hi says:

    i think you will find these are not real ugg boots my dad works for ug australia and they do not have a boot like that.

  26. klee2 says:

    id totally agree that this is disturbing and clearly this is not ok, but we cannot blame the people doing the act. its the consumer who demands a cheaper product that leads to things like this happening. its big business not individuals. these people are just told what to do and they are given a pay check

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  28. ima says:

    This video made my heart ache and my eyes cry…..I will never forget it and I cherish all animals even more than I did……the thought of what these heartless bastards do everyday to these poor animals have to be stopped. How can any human being have no conscience? God help these poor animals.

  29. marilyn says:

    I won’t watch the video but I never knew how these were made. I hate to say it but I own 4 pairs and I will NEVER buy another pair. After reading this I purchased a fake pair that look the same. I have since gotten rid of the pair I owned and it is just awful! All share this and let the world know about it. I am one who doesn’t eat meat and am sick to my stomach about this.

  30. Bernadette Mooney says:

    Its cruel

  31. Adad says:

    Please and thank you.

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