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A Vegan Bodega

A Vegan Bodega

A bodega grows on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. That doesn’t sound like anything particularly new or exciting, right?  Well, how about a vegan Mom n’ Pop owned faux meat and cheese deli slicin’ goodness bodega?  What about a place you can run into for a bottle of cruelty-free shampoo and a pack of marshmallows where you won’t have to bump into a rack of lamb?  Hell yea!  This project is pure genius, and we hope it goes off like firecrackers and that every city adopts a 7-11 type spot that offers a mess of plant-based sundries.

Learn more about The Vegan Bodega by watching the short clip below and reading this fun interview with it’s founders;

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Plant based princesses unite! Let’s all support this creative endeavor.  How you ask? Why via kickstarter, of course. Everyone and their Mother is after us lately to either fund their kickstarter campaign or write about their kickstarter campaign, and we find it both repelling and ambitious.  And based on what we’ve heard from you gals, you feel the same way.  We think the way to go with this whole kickstarter/ indieagogo thing is, if you truly believe in the business’s ability to do something actually helpful for the world, support it.  Throwing in your ten, twenty, hundred bucks means skipping a dinner out or a weekly pedicure to support something special, and that we can get behind.

This is our donate a few bucks to ’em pick of the week, get on it and never worry again about reading ingredients when stumbling in to pick up hangover snacks after a late night barhopping in the East Village. Give them your cash here.

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