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Important Advice On How To Not Get Malaria On Your Winter Vacation

Important Advice On How To Not Get Malaria On Your Winter Vacation

Half of our crew is already knee-deep into planning their winter vacation, if not already on the road.  Winter sun seekers wishing to avoid Malaria and other tropical mosquito diseases should remember this mnemonic: CLOAK. “More and more people are taking winter breaks to faraway lands and not taking enough precautions to avoid mosquito bites. Many, are also unaware that Deet is now officially classified as a neurotoxin* and works in a similar way to toxic nerve gas used in chemical warfare”! according to Howard Carter, the founder of all-natural mosquito repellent  incognito.  And Howard knows bugs!  He was a mosquito consultant on Dirty Dancing, Long Way Down, BBC along with many scientific expeditions all over the globe; nobody has ever contracted any disease under his advice. He also writes a blog on insects interacting with humans.  Here are his top tips;

C – Cover yourself all over with an effective insect repellent that does not contain any Deet.

L –  wear light colored clothing. Mosquitoes prefer dark.

O – wash properly to lessen your body odor; even better, exfoliate.

A – Avoid wearing perfumes and scent, as they can attract even more mosquitoes to you and you are attractive enough already without them!

K – Keep away from stagnant water; this is where mosquitoes and other insects reproduce so there are nearly always mosquitoes present.

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