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New Tool To Find Off Gridders In Your Area

Published on July 26, 2010 by   ·   4 Comments Pin It

LandBuddy connects you with people who are looking to live off grid, people who are currently living off grid and people who want to help others live off grid.

LandBuddy contains a map that allows you to locate other off gridders in any geographic location. Current off-gridders can find and connect with fellow off grid neighbors. If you are thinking about living off grid, this is the perfect place to look for advice and resources from people who are already living off grid.

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All you have to do is register on LandBuddy and specify where you are located. Hundreds of Americans have already registered and found land they could either buy or live on off grid land in return for work. Living off the grid, away from the grid of power and water, is a rising phenomenon in America because technology is making it steadily more comfortable and cheaper. is the brainchild of Nick Rosen, whose new book OFF THE GRID, recently published. The book focuses on a range of individuals like millionaires and foreclosure victims, paranoid survivalists and saintly environmentalists and retirees and marijuana growers who are all chasing their off-grid dreams

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. bern says:

    WOW nice green living eh? The time has come to prove to the world that we should live like this :-) green living!!!!

  2. RAF says:

    I am looking to move West; i.e. Arizona, White Mountains, never been but looks great from pictures and weather forecasts. I came upon an off grid web site so here I am. I have friends in NM S. of Sante Fe who built an adobe home which maintains 72 in 90 degree weather and is as economical in winter. Taos NM is home to an off grid community; however, I am not sure if the weather and or aridness is what I want. I love Colorado and have friends there but it appears to be an extreme in winter, thus the Arizona concept.I am aware of Arosonte, I believe is the name, a commune of sorts founded by an artist/architect from Italia. I would like to explore same for ideas, but I am not into communal living of that sort. I would love to have some guidance with respect to purchasing affordable, scenic, land to put up an adobe, log, or other earth friendly home off grid.
    Nature is my friend along with all the critters, so I am coming home. Want to join me?


  3. sarah-mai says:

    What a great idea! My husband and I would love to eventually live off the grid! Thanks for the resource.

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