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Tax Write Off Heaven

Tax Write Off Heaven

Need a quick karma boost? Do good: Donate extra stuff you don’t need before the year ends, so you can take advantage of tax deductions come April 2010, while spreading a little  New Year  cheer. It’s an easy gamble. Most donations are tax deductible (and we won’t tell if you take next year’s tax refund check straight to the liquor store for a good bottle of organic champagne).   Thanks to (the now-defunct) for sharing this helpful scoop.   We didn’t always see eye to eye, but we’ll miss you!

Clear out your closets by donating stuff you don’t need.

Kiplingers has an in-depth list here of exactly which donations are deductible. Score a Tax Credit – looking to remodel? Green your home and get hefty tax rebates. We  are sure if you are down with this crew, you know there is never a time to  throw ANYTHING out. If you can’t get rid  of it on   Still unsure of where to dump your old treasures?   Ask your favorite non profit if they have use for your old printer/ bed/ couch/ car/ whatever.   Most likely, they will take it off your hands and supply you with a tax reciept to boot.   Happy endings all around!

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