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Step Away From the Bottle!

Step Away From the Bottle!

Water bottles = evil.   Think you already knew how bad?   Check out these scary facts, and commit even further to your Sigg’s.

I recently watched the 2008 award-winning documentary FLOW (For the Love of Water) which frighteningly lays out the international water crisis.   It tells the tale of a quickly dwindling fresh water supply and the deadly battle between people who need water and corporations who are controlling it.

Here are some fun facts for you to consider:

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  • The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns. (
  • Water is a $400 billion dollar global industry; the third largest behind electricity and oil. CBS News, FLOW.
  • While the average American uses 150 gallons of water per day, those in developing countries cannot find even 5. (

It’s a pretty scary situation, but even the film gives the viewer some hope,   I don’t want to be all doom and gloom here.   There are some things you can do and one is thinking outside the bottle! As the title of this post suggests, it involves putting down your plastic bottled water and not buying anymore!   Besides the obvious environmental problems with all of that minimally-recyclable plastic, buying bottled water creates a demand for an essential resource that comes out of our tap.   What’s worse is often that bottled water you are purchasing came from the same source as your own tap water.   That’s right ladies.   It’s quite a brilliant ruse.   The same exact product you could get for free at home, you are paying for at the grocery store.   And it’s not just you who is paying, these companies often trample on local communities and devastate the surrounding environment to extract water at an alarming rate.   Let us not forget all the fuel used to port around all those billions of plastic bottles from factory to store.

GirlieGirl Army encourages you to Netflix FLOW, learn more about the global water crisis in general, and take the pledge to think outside the bottle.   If our fabulous fingers clutch a pink klean kanteen, then so can yours!   Plus, reusable water bottles are kinda like handbags now days, you have a choice of style and size and color.   Water also actually tastes better coming out of stainless steel for some reason.   Commit to this one small step for the earth, and your pocketbook and Mama Nature will thank you.