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The Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit

The Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit

We, as women, tend to put everyone else ahead of ourselves. We make sure our children and/ or pets are taken care of, our partners are loved and our friends are happy. We worry about the house staying clean and the bills getting paid, whether or not the food we put on the table is healthy for our family and if the future will be bright for our children.

We give and give until there’s nothing left to give.

When do we take the time to consider our own needs?

If you are a woman who has lost herself in caring for others…

If you’re exhausted, can’t release that unwanted weight and your sex drive has left the building…

If you are looking for ways to find your most vibrant, authentic and sexy self again and are willing to pause for a moment, in the comfort of your own home, to learn from doctors, scientists, therapists, coaches, nutritionists and fitness experts about YOU, then I have great news for you!

For seven days, I will be joined by a panel of 24 world renowned authorities who’ll be sharing their knowledge and insight for free in

The Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit

And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your living room!

Throughout the event you’ll be hearing from…

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  • Nadine Artemis, essential oils expert and creator of Living Libations, who’s received rave reviews in The New York Times.
  • Dr. John Douillard, Ayurvedic weight loss expert and founder of Life Spa Retreat Center, who once partnered with Deepak Chopra and is famous for his Colorado Cleanse.
  • Dr. Roy Dittman, perinatal health expert and the author of Brighton Baby, who once served as Official Team Doctor in the Olympics.
  • Dr. Patti Britton, clinical Sexologist and founder of SexCoachU,who’s a former columnist for Penthouse and has also been featured in everything from Cosmo to Glamour.
  • Craig Ramsay, celebrity health expert, who you might have seen on Bravo’s Thintervention, Entertainment Tonight, Today Show, Tonight Show, Ricki Lake or many others.
  • Kara Maria Ananda, women’s health expert and founder of Divina Magazine, who’s viral article “Viva la Boobies! 7 Things To Know About Breasts” was read by over 1/2 million people around the world.
  • Chloé Jo Davis, founder of award-winning, who has vegan greened her readers for 15 years, discussing plant-based family life, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting.

Here’s the best part about this summit…
Unlike every other tele-summit, the experts in The Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit are not selling any programs. So, there are no sales pitches. Each interview is just pure content. There’s no having to wade through 30 minutes of a sales pitch to get to the 10 minutes of valuable information. This means that you truly get 25 information packed interviews that will leave you with the insight and action steps to take your life to the next level!

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn (and you don’t have to be a mama to benefit!)…

  • How to get your sexy back.
  • Everything you’d ever need to know about your period and hormones.
  • Fast and effective fitness routines to easily add to your day.
  • Ways to streamline your kitchen so you can spend more time with your family.
  • The ABCs of how to eat for health, vitality and lasting energy.
  • Quick and easy tips to manage stress.
  • Ways to avoid harmful toxins at the grocery store and beauty counter.
  • DYI natural beauty products.
  • Ancient remedies for modern illnesses.
  • How to finally release the unwanted weight once and for all.

Come join me for The Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit! It all starts April 6th and you won’t want to miss a thing!

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