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Get Your Floor FLOR-ed: The Greenest Vegan Carpets We’ve Found!

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What’s an eco diva to do when it’s time to cover her floors? Buy woolen carpets? Nicht.  Wool for ethical vegans is out. Leave a hard floor? Nice in theory, but no good for those of us with pets and/ or kids. There really is only one choice – and boy is it incredible.



What the hell is FLOR? It’s the most genius thing to ever, ever hit your hardwoods. If you’ve ever (as a vegan) done the search for wool-free carpets, you’ve come up empty handed and frustrated, or given the option of a few stinky chemical-laden synthetics.  FLOR is practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins.


It’s an innovative modular carpet squares company that presents the opportunity to create DIY inspired spaces to reflect your own taste, creativity, style and personality.

FLOR offers carpet design squares to create custom rugs, runners, or wall-to-wall designs of any shape and size.  Wild and outrageous, or muted and elegant – FLOR presents a dynamic alternative to conventional floorcovering with endless design possibilities for an earth aware, transformational and striking design.  Connected securely together with FLORdots™, one sided, non-toxic adhesives that can be easily removed or replaced, FLOR allows maximum flexibility and portability while delivering remarkable performance.


Simple speak: You choose squares and put together unique carpeting, they just press on the floor with strong stickers.  And they are easy to move and clean, so if a baby spills a green smoothie – just swoop it up, scrub on the counter and replace OR say this square has had it’s day and recycle it (FLOR will take your old tiles and recycle them for you if you like!) and simply buy a new square for $10-20.  Sure beats a $200 carpet cleaning!


FLOR is totally green on top of all this gorgeous genius: their manufacturing processes are energy-efficient – they use renewable energy sources and technologies which help reduce emissions and waste. And all the tiles are made from recycled content and are recyclable themselves.  It’s so win-win, it’s almost annoying.

There are no bad things about FLOR, we have them in our house and office and we are obsessed.  We sometimes spend a rainy afternoon moving the tiles in cool new ways to create new looks.  And the carpet isn’t a deep pile of dust attracting fluff… they seem to stay cleaner than any other carpet we’ve ever had.

Samples for your pet to choose from.

Samples for your pet to choose from.

And just try to stop playing with the FLOR Possibility Studio™, an interactive service on the FLOR site designed to help customers create their own composition. Through this new free service, customers are paired with a FLOR designer either at a FLOR retail location, or via phone or email, to share photos of their rooms, paint or fabric swatches, or color scheme ideas. After sharing information about their personal style and design preferences, the designer will then create custom renderings of design options, provide advice on suitable textures and colors, calculate how many carpet design squares to order, and offer other helpful tips. You can also just play around with the online tool yourself, without any help at all.


Not sure what to order because everything is so amazing? Order 3 carpet square samples for $5, then decide. They even tell you on the site which tiles are best for cats, dogs, and kids!


The styles, colors, designs, and looks are endless.  You can thank us later.

Learn more about FLOR;

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. This is awesome! It’s always a challenge to find eco and vegan carpeting and floor coverings. Thanks for finding this!

  2. urbanvegan says:

    I have these. I love FLOR. Perfect for anyone who has pets or kids. You can wash one square at a time– and you can also rearrange the squares or deconstruct them. Worth every $

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