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How To Find Your Post Holiday Happy

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We know how you’re feeling, sisters. The post holiday blues can be a bitch. First of all the emotional let down after all the highs.  Add to that, too much shopping, excess wine, and then of course you couldn’t say no to the gluten. I’ll just have one more rum ball, one more glass of egg nog won’t hurt…  But did you know there is actually a science behind these blues?



Here’s what happens in you’re body:

1. Adrenal Exhaustion

The #1 cause of this usually begins with Sleep Deprivation: this is the doozy and usually the first part of the chain of events that can create the cascade leading to a post holiday slump.  Compound that with the shopping and the gift wrapping and the holiday travel… need we even mention the in-laws in from out of town?  All of this extra activity can tax our adrenal glands  which are sometimes referred to as the “glands of stress” because of their role in manufacturing adrenaline.  This is somewhat of a misnomer in that the adrenals are also the first glands to fail during periods of stress.

2. Liver Congestion

This comes from sugar, fat , alcohol, and the suppression of strong emotions such as anger and grief, which can be at a high around the holiday season when we have more to do and less time for our usual supportive recharging activities.

3. Colon Stagnation

Okay, here is the deal with your colon: #1 you must chew your food.  We know that holiday parties give way to nervous energy and a couple extra glasses of wine followed by holiday treats which can lead to eating like an anaconda – NO JUDGMENTS, we’re just saying…we don’t care how much you eat, we just want it chewed.  Here’s why: there is an enzyme that is created in our mouths (and only in the mouth) when we chew.  This enzyme travels directly (literally: DO NOT PASS GO, DIRECT) to the colon to heal and support it. hen we forget to chew, this does not happen…hence, we get boated and constipated.

Here’s What all this means in your Day to Day Life:

Adrenal exhaustion creates anxiety and depression (specifically that wired tired feeling where you cant sleep but also cant seem to function). It can also be responsible for some of that holiday weight gain.

Liver Congestion: this can feel like anything from a belly ache to a rage at your husband over the missing Menorah.

Colon Stagnation: colon stagnation is often targeted as a the culprit in constipation, but we must also realise that stagnation of any sort in the body is also going to create ental and emotional constipation.  his can feel like depression, lethargy, apathy, unclear thoughts and “why do i even want to get out of bed this mornings” kind of feelings.


While this may all sound a bit daunting, the wonderful news is that it is so easy to take care of.

Here are a couple very simple tools that can have a huge impact on your health;


1) First and foremost, drink your water and, make it warm (or at least room temp.) And, while you’re at it – add some lemon and fresh ginger to clean out the liver and warm up that belly and digestive tract.

2) Try a Polarity Drink. This drink is to be enjoyed first thing in the morning before any other solid foods, teas or even coffee. It can be a wonderful liver flush and detox for your system.  Check with your MD if you are pregnant, nursing or have any other concerns.

Polarity therapy was developed by Randolph Stone, who found that the human energy field is affected by touch, diet, attitudes, movement and sound and by relationships and environmental factors. It is a wide ranging therapy that incorporates Eastern and Western approaches and it is based on the idea that a form of energy flows around the body from one pole to another, rather like a magnetic current. The energy can be positive, negative or neutral and it flows between energy centers known as Chakras.

Dr. Randolph Stone’s Polarity Drink:

  • Orange or grapefruit juice base (Organic, as all ingredients should be)
  • 1 clove (or more) of fresh garlic (We know, we know, BUT: you will learn to love this and there are wonderful toothpastes to combat the garlic breath)
  • Squeeze of lemon
  • 1 tablespoon (or more) of olive oil
  • 1 tsp  tablespoon of ground flax (Flax can be a very supportive for the digestive tract and also offers such great forms of essential fatty acids but some people find it can make them feel a little anxious…start with a little at first and see how your system responds:)
  • 1 pinch of cayenne pepper (Gets the blood flowing and the digestive juices warm and ready for the day!)
  • 1 cup of water

Put all of this in a blender and enjoy!  Drink it slowly…in fact, we recommend that you “chew” your drink.


Protocol: Touch the sternal reflexes

There are two options here- do the first one if you have a little bit more time (like 5-10 minutes,) the 2nd one is for when you are online at the supermarket or in a meeting with your boss, etc.

Option A (if your at home with 5 minutes to spare):

1) Get your favorite essential oil. We like citrus for uplifting, but you might really want a little peppermint to uplift, or you might be getting ready for bed and want a calming oil such as chamomile or rose.

2) Now, “lather up” ie, put some of that yummy smelling oil on your hands.

3) Find your sternum.  This is that little vertical bone between your breasts.

4) Start at the bottom and massage your way up.

5) When you have finished working up, take both hands and find the place where the ribs connect into the sternum.  You should be able to feel your fingertips sink into the notches between where the ribs meet the sternum).

6) Press firmly making con-circular motion with fingertips.  Some of these points are going to feel tender, stick with it and breathe.

These sternal reflex points circulate fresh Qi or Prana ( which means “life force”). Just as there are reflex points on the hands and feet (which we will address more in future articles), your sternum also has points that correspond or “reflect” to other organs. By activating these points, we are stimulating circulation of Prana which enhances vitality, immunity, and overall health and well-being. When our own life force is strengthened, this leaves no room for dis-ease which may present itself as the aforementioned holiday woes.

Option B: (If you are out and about and need a lil boost):

Just put your hand on your sternum. yep, your heart. You can tap the area if that feels good, rubbing and/or just holding your palm in that area works equally as well.  The choice is yours depending on how you feel in the moment;

Detox Your Mind:

Our thoughts shape our reality. he things that we tell ourselves can either support us or harm us.  Affirmations (positive self-talk) can do wonders to help support our healing process.  This can feel awkward and strange to the discerning mind when we first begin this practice. It is sometimes important to move beyond the judgment that comes from the training of our intellect in order for us to release patterns of thinking that are holding us back.

Here is a a powerful method to boost the effect of touch techniques:

While touching the sternal reflexes, verbally or mentally repeat a positive affirmation.

The one we find that most of our clients initially feel the most resistance towards but then find the most profound positive shift from is very simple:


Simple.  Yet life changing.  If it feels difficult at first, you are doing it right.  Just take a deep breath and love yourself.  Your health begins there.  period.  There are so many fancy techniques, modalities, vitamins, machines, and health care practitioners.  Many of them can be quite wonderful in assisting you in your quest for health.  And all of them are worthless if you do not love yourself.

So, do it.  Do it now.  That’s an order.

with love,  Shanna and Rachael

Shanna Marsh Martinez and Rachael Cynthia Smith are teachers and private practitioners of mind/body/spirit health.  They are devoted to supporting people in living wilder, fresher, and better. Leading from their hearts, they are “masters at transforming lives from within, inspiring others to claim the wholeness that awaits them.”

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Readers Comments (6)

  1. That drink is interesting. For some reason I really want to try it.

  2. lysette says:

    Wow! I hadn’t connected the energetic emotional toll of the holidays to my health. thanks for the advice I’m glad I found GGA.

  3. Libby says:

    Adore this. And fully agree–first step to good health involves loving oneself. I’ll be using the sternal reflexes tips, for sure.

  4. Wonderful! So clear and relevant. Thanks ladies!!

  5. Rachael, I see your training is really paying off. Thanks for reminding me of all this. Your Godmama

  6. Debra Van Zandt says:

    I enjoyed this very much and would like to know if there is a version that is print-compatible.

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