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Harvard Says No To Dairy

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The Harvard School of Public Health made no bones about where they stand on dairy when they sent their findings to the  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and nutrition experts everywhere with the  “Healthy Eating Plate” food guide.  This guide is a replacement for the food pyramid, which hadn’t been updated in many years.

Harvard’s nutrition experts claim this guide is based on sound nutrition research and not influenced by food industry lobbyists.   According to Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD,  “The greatest evidence of its research focus is the absence of dairy products from the “Healthy Eating Plate” based on Harvard’s assessment that “…high intake can increase the risk of prostate cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.”  The Harvard experts also referred to the high levels of saturated fat in most dairy products and suggested that collards, bok choy, fortified soy milk, and baked beans are safer choices than dairy for obtaining calcium, as are high quality supplements.”

Not only do cows suffer on dairy farms (their babies are biproducts of the cruelest part of factory farming imaginable,) we suffer.  Cows milk ingested by humans (remember – this is breastmilk for baby cows after all) can cause autism, cancer, weight gain, bad skin, diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramps, vomiting, headaches, rashes, and asthma.  We are the only species to ingest the breastmilk of another species. Let’s think on that for a second.

For more info on dumping dairy, and the ethical and health benefits of doing so, scroll our archives.

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Readers Comments (85)

  1. Sheila Chaffins says:


  2. Med Student says:

    This article is incredibly irresponsible. It’s fine to quote the Harvard study, but then to add:

    “Cows milk ingested by humans… can cause autism, cancer, weight gain, bad skin, diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramps, vomiting, headaches, rashes, and asthma.”

    It would be great if you could cite ANY studies that show a direct, causal link between milk consumption and autism or cancer. Again, I said a DIRECT, CAUSAL LINK – not a weak association that could be easily explained by confounders or a poorly-designed study. Furthermore, the Harvard study states that it is the SATURATED FAT in many forms of milk that is the problem, NOT the milk itself. So if you like milk, drink fat-free milk – problem solved!

    Furthermore, milk won’t cause the other symptoms you mentioned (gas, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, etc.) UNLESS a person has a metabolic defect or other underlying pathology (like lactose intolerance, for example).

    I’m just appalled by your article because you’re twisting scientific studies to support your own agenda. Again, it’s fine to advocate a lifestyle that’s dairyless, but don’t use false or misleading information to do so. It’s dishonest and incredibly irresponsible.

    • krysi says:

      Whaats wrong with stating the truth? Milk is for cows, not for humans.

    • lantana says:

      Casein is a known carcinogen. Look it up.

      • Samantha says:

        Casein is in breast milk also… obviously you don’t know what you are talking about. Take a food science class before passing along incorrect information. Or you can read Fennema’s Food Chemistry book… it’s on

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, Med Student, for saying what every intelligent and responsible reader was thinking.
      To the writer of this article and other readers:
      If you want to drink milk, drink milk. If drinking the “breast-milk” of another animal is weird to you, then don’t drink it. BTW, humans are not the only animals that consume other species milk as a means of survival.
      Milk is not the problem, modern, industrial farming practices are.
      Stop fear mongering and do some legitimate research.

    • Jen says:

      Med Student, adult humans (and probably all adult mammals, actually) are all lactose intolerant. Our bodies stop creating lactase when we are pre-school age because aren’t designed to consume ANY type of milk any more. Do some research. They didn’t teach you that in medical school? That’s because you’re not an integrative health counselor – you’re a med student who doesn’t need to know a thing about nutrition.

      The fact that you didn’t know adult humans are lactose intolerant completely voids any points you think you may have made, haha.

      • absolutely true. I am a nurse practitioner. We learned that of all the MDs in the US, about 6:100 study at least one course of nutrition. that’s because they treat illness. not keep people well, and prevent it. it’s twisted. med schools pump out little mini MDs who do and say exactly what they are/were told. The very few who don’t are few and very far between. I wish it were not so. These people were NOT chosen to enter med schools for their free thinking ability…THAT is one thing of which you can be sure.

      • Sam says:

        Jen, obviously you have not done your homework either…

        Lactose intolerance is more prevalent in African American and Asian populations. But, due to a genetic mutation (primarily in Northern Europeans) we have a gene that codes for a functional lactase enzyme through adulthood. Yes, most species do stop drinking milk at a young age, and yes we were not meant to drink milk through adulthood, but who knows, perhaps this is evolution!

      • All right everyone. Some can some can’t digest lactose. SO. Can we ask ourselves : what are the consequences of all our actions in drinking and not drinking every kinds of “milk”? There is no black and white here. We probablu all live in different places, in different contexts. So we can’t compare blindly ou perceptions without exposing our true and unique situations. “Our dairying barrier hypothesis is complementary, and not an alternative to, the culture–historical hypothesis (McCracken, 1971 and Simoons, 1970), which posits that the mutations that maintain lactase into adulthood are positively selected only where dairying flourishes (Bersaglieri et al., 2004 and Swallow, 2003). Results of our analyses imply that adults of Asian and African descent typically are lactose malabsorbers because dairy herding was precluded from their ancestral homes by ecological factors. Adult lactose malabsorbers or their recent ancestors were sedentary agriculturalists or hunter gatherers who lived in places that were not conducive to safe and economical maintenance of dairy herds, due especially to lethal pathogens, extreme climates or both. The historical distribution of dairying, and the resulting distribution of the adult LM phenotype, thus lend support to the assertion of Diamond (1999) that “the different historical trajectories of Africa and Europe stem ultimately from differences in their environments.”

    • You are appalled? Well, my my, would you prefer the BILLION dollar dairy industry to PROVE that their crap product is BAD for you which it is? you can BET they will NOT be doing that any time soon. how about a bit of information by an MD who has devoted his LIFE to studying and speaking out against a billion dollar illness industry built on lies who just want money, and don’t care how they get it? if you DO want that, and FREE, you can go to dr. mcdougall’s site. you can watch truth or dairy. none of us has any agenda, but you can bet the dairy industry has one…to protect their BILLION dollar industry of lies. anyone who believes a corporation has citizen’s best interest at heart, obviously have deluded themselves into thinking corporations actually HAVE hearts in the first place.

    • Medical Doctor says:

      going out on a limb in guessing that “med student” isn’t a med student

    • Olivia says:

      Actually you will find most people are lactose intolerant to an extent. So you think removing the fat from milk means it’s all good? Dairy CAN cause those things and if you want to know more then do some research.

  3. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    If you are interested in an actual STUDY that connects DAIRY and AUTISM or CANCER – simply READ the CHINA STUDY. Or talk to any Mother of an autistic child. It’s irresponsible to leave comments like this before doing YOUR research. PS… how much is the dairy lobbyist paying you to leave these comments? xoxo Proud VEGANS

    • J says:

      Support small farmers! Drink raw milk! Veganism is bad for the planet (too much wheat and soy grown unsustainably) and unhealthy for the body (dietary deficiencies due to lack of good fats, B vitamins, and overconsumption of starches, grains, and soy).

      • Jaxey says:

        I’m all for supporting small farms/ers, but that can be done by buying local and seasonal PRODUCE from them- not milk, raw or otherwise.
        Even if the cows are pasture raised, is it humane to take the milk that was meant for the calf for human consumption? Or do we just conveniently forget about why a cow is producing milk in the first place?
        Veganism is challenging to follow in a healthy way, it takes a lot of education and devotion, but it is doable and it is healthier for the planet- and the animals.

      • Grain Free Vegan says:

        Don’t site too much wheat and soy growth. You must also remember that soy products are found in hundreds of non-vegan products, and many of the vegan products are being re-formulized as soy free. Also, not all vegans eat wheat or grains at all for that matter. Often times you must look into the the motives for that individuals dietary choices. I chose to be vegan for a multitude of reasons, not solely animal activism. Yes, of course we must all support small farmers, however if you are hoping to inspire action, making cruel and incorrect generalizations is not going to earn you the respect you are looking for to influence change.

    • jaxon says:

      What about the vegans who eat no soy or grains?!! there are a lot of RAW FOOD VEGANS who are very healthy-interestingly enough the for mentioned diet has cured most every disease known to humans including cancer! I do agree that everyone should SUPPORT SMALL, for that matter ANY SIZE ORGANIC farms.

    • NoName says:

      The plural of anecdote is not data. Speaking to the mother of autistic child about the relationship of milk consumption and autism is not science. The China Study involved 100 adults. Is this enough of a sample size to be statistically powered? To have a meaningful p-value? I suspect not. Did they have a statistician available to make ensure good study design?

      • I don’t know where you got that number NoName, here’s a wiki quote : “Les auteurs s’appuient sur le China Project, une étude comparative des taux de mortalité de douze types de cancer différents sur 880 millions de personnes de Chine rurale et des États-Unis sur une période de vingt ans.”

    • Vegantoo says:

      Your statement that autism is caused by milk consumption is blatantly false and likely based in reading some stuff that is really damaging to people (actual human beings) who have autism. Just because something supports vegan eithics doesn’t mean its always OK. When we treat autistic kids like they are sickos who need intensive, and often painful treatments, in order to “cure” them, we cause actual harm. If you actually knew people with autism, you’d realize that they are just people. They have a specific condition that makes it hard to communicate, but they are just people. They aren’t sick. The problem with milk in autistic people is that, if they aren’t digesting it well, the SYMPTOMS of their autism gets worse, just like anything else that causes pain. But the milk doesn’t cause the autism.

  4. […] (USDA) and nutrition experts everywhere with the  “Healthy Eating Plate” food guide. … Via Share this: Tagged with: dairy • health literacy • Obesity Prevention • public […]

  5. themessenger says:

    seems like another person trying to debunk research in order to try to alleviate their own guilt. Get a clue medstudent, dairy is not only one of the most horribly cruel and brutal industries in the world but toxic to the human body, no matter how much fat you take out. More than 60% of adults cannot digest milk, but no, good idea, keep drinking it. Milk is provided by a mother for its child. Biologically the child stops taking the milk from its mother when it NEEDS to. Once that need is gone, there is no reason to ingest it. And I’m speaking about breast milk. A human being at no point needs the milk of another species.

    • Bastard says:

      I can think of at least a dozen industries worse than dairy and 40% of adults can still digest milk, its awesome.

    • anseio says:

      Raw milk is still very healthy and generally quite digestable. It provides all of the benefits lacking in mass-produced milk.

      • Sam says:

        Yes, and you have a VERY high chance of getting a foodborne disease, like E.coli 0157:H7 or listeria monocytogense. If people want to risk their unborn babies life by drinking raw milk, I guess that is their choice…

    • jaxon says:

      interestingly enough to date all persons I have known who have been tested for food allergies ( immunolabs ) has tested positive ( allergic ) to cows milk. Sadly not only is the industry cruel it is also destructive to the planet and it’s people. We are not cows therefor why do humans drink an milk after infancy?! And there is plenty of research pointing to many health problems from dairy consumption. It being high in fat is just but one. Fat free is no less allergenic than whole milk. Want milk try Almond, coconut or other nut milks — soy?!!!! GMO frankin estrogen carcinogenic does not seem a wise choice either. Like you I do not support “factory” grown gunk. Can’t call it Farming as what constitutes a farm is hardly what these places are.

      • Sam says:

        If you do a google scholar search you will see that soy products contain more estrogen then birth control pills.

        • Anon says:

          Educate yourself on the difference between phytoestrogens and estrogen and how the body responds to it.

        • Olivia says:

          Anything in excess is bad for you! Too many carrots can give you an orangey skin colour. Shall we be scared of carrots now? lol! You will also find that soy milk is NOT the only alternative. Oat milk, rice milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk, hazelnut milk.. shall I continue?

  6. Joyce Purvis says:

    I knew I was lactose intolerant from childhood but there was no name for it then. My whole family uses very little dairy due to intolerance. I had a foster child maturing too fast because she liked the hormone milk. Hard to explain all the problems with dairy to kids. I had two other foster children intolerant and keeping them from ice cream was difficult.

  7. Dr.Cynthia King says:

    Milk, also known as Liquid Veal, is not part of a healthy or ethical diet.

  8. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    Dairy is the PERFECT food for baby calves, not another species. It’s so logical if you step away from what you’ve always known something to be. We also enslaved human beings not that long ago (and many places still do) – just because is not a good enough excuse. Compassion is the only choice when ethical living is key.

  9. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    Joyce, there is a GREAT post on GGA about all the vegan ice cream options, use the search engine and find it. It’s SO helpful with kids.

    • Claree says:

      Even walmart carries vegan ice cream! Qualms about walmart aside, vegan ice cream is delish and readily available! My favorite is Chocolate Chip Mint made with coconut milk, agave, cocoa, and spearmint!! mmmmmmm

  10. loli says:

    The hormones, genetiv modification and additives used commonly in dairy production the USA are illegal in many countries in the EU. It is actually common knowledge amongst scientists that it is very unhealthy to drink factory farmed American milk.

  11. Emily Catherine says:

    I was hoping to see some source info in this. Guess I’ll start Googling…

  12. Mark C says:

    I don’ t care what you say, I’m not putting Bok Choy in my coffee.

    • krysi says:

      LOL, why would you? There are some great organic soy creamer options!! I never thought I could give up m creamer. that was my last vice before becoming vegan.. Wildwood’s soy creamer is really good, I like it BETTER than half and half!!

      • Mom of 3 says:

        If only a family of 5 could afford the expensive vegan alternatives. It’s just not practical for us… And someone like my mom, who is not allowed to ingest soy for the rest of her life due to breast cancer, also has difficulty with these choices…

        • Chloe says:

          Non dairy milk is EXPONENTIALLY cheaper than dairy milk. Almond milk is fabulously cheap, delicious, and tasty. Go to your local health food store and price it out.
          Another Mom

        • Annabelle says:

          Why would you want to give your kids unhealthy dairy milk? Even if it did cost a few extra pennies. Which it doesn’t. I’d sooner give my kids water than milk any day and twice on Sunday!

        • RawChelle says:

          Okay, what’s with the need for vegan “alternatives”? Get back to the basics, people! everything you need can be made cheaply using fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds… want to make some delicious almond milk? blend soaked almonds with water, vanilla, splash of agave or stevia, use a mesh nut-milk bag or “cheese-cloth” to strain and there ya go! No need for processed anything! It saddens me how blind some sheeple, err, I mean people are! We are meant to drink milk from our own species during infancy and THAT IS IT…

        • eat yarn says:

          Almond milk is much cheaper than cow milk! Forget the soy, drink almond milk.

  13. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    Hey Mark
    You only have almond,soy, coconut, rice, oat, cashew, and rice milk to choose from… only a billion options of gourmet vegan creamers available. Hit up a health food store and do a taste test. You will be PLEASANTLY surprised.

  14. Dee says:

    This is nothing new but it is great that Harvard has sent this report to USDA. Will it have any impact on society? Will it wake people up to the fact that cows’ milk are meant for calves and not humans? Hence all the diseases and sufffering from childhood. How many vegan kids do we know who have recurrent colds, sinusitis, skin allergies, asthma to name a few ailments? Start asking your vegan friends.

  15. Tricia says:

    Dairy is DAIRY, ya dumb “Bastard.” Go ahead and drink it up and keep those unfortunate dairy side affects coming… you must stink! VEGAN FOR LIFE!!

    • AM says:

      Tricia, I understand you are passionate about this, actually so am I! However, being insulting/immature is not the way to win someone over if they would have thought about this a little more deeply in the future. I really am sorry if this offends you. The reason I say this is based on what non-vegetarian/vegans tell me; the behavior you are portraying is doing the opposite- that it makes us all look (no offense) “crazy and unreliable”. No offense meant, but lets promote through education and kindness. Do not punish others because of their ignorance- rather, through maturity, lets give them a reason to not push against curiosity to the information we give them. Thanks, have a good day.

      • DG says:

        Well said AM! Fellow vegans, lets also have compassion for those who have not yet made the choice to go vegan, and educate with kindness as well. Being pushy & rude will only turn people off to our lifestyle. Many of us were not born vegan and had to find our own way gradually. Please allow others to do the same. For me a compassionate lifestyle encompasses fellow HUMANS as well as animals and our planet.

  16. hownowbrowncow says:

    The bottom line is, do what thou wilt. So if people wish to be ignorant to science and scientific studies which prove the negative effects of dairy and dairy farming, so be it.This is whats wrong with the world = selfishness, gluten and ignorance for a personal gain and indulgence. SCIENCE is for educating us on the truth. Where not questioning the existence of god here, facts are facts.

  17. jethro says:

    Cats drink milk from other species. I’ve seen it!

  18. billy says:

    “How many vegan kids do we know who have recurrent colds, sinusitis, skin allergies, asthma to name a few ailments? Start asking your vegan friends.”

    Of my two vegan friends, both have colds. So, I’d say about 100% of my vegan friends has something wrong with them.

  19. Jessa says:

    @Billy Of the THOUSANDS OF VEGANS I personally know… you are 100% wrong. All my non vegan friends have serious health, fertility, and weight issues. My VEGAN friends are pinnacles of health. How much do you get paid by the dairy industry to troll blogs promoting HEALTHFUL living?

  20. brittnee says:


    “However, the healthiest or safest amount of dietary calcium hasn’t yet been established. ”

    Straight from Harvard’s website.

  21. brittnee says:

    Also the argument “my non-vegan friends” is uh… a huge fallacy. Prove your argument by showing me you’ve spent a good deal of time researching it and provide links to adequate, legit sources.

  22. Jessa says:

    OF COURSE IT INCLUDES RAW MILK!! Dairy is dairy. If it’s liquid mucus that comes from another species… skip it!

  23. Great article, good to see Harvard is putting out their findings, even at the risk of offending the multi billion dollar dairy/cruelty industry.
    @ Med Student – maybe your agenda is the old information your are being taught at med school, like the food pyramid advocated by the meat and dairy industry. Listen to yourself arguing like a little student FOR the abuse of animals and the poisoning of humans. Wakey wakey Med Student.

  24. Ashley Hutsell says:

    “Dairy causes autism”? Please people, let’s focus on the wealth of real evidence that a vegan diet is healthy without resorting to this.

  25. GirlieGirlArmy says:

    Dairy IS connected to autism according to numerous studies we have read. Do some googling, or I’m happy to share resources.

  26. unico says:

    What about other people in various parts of the USA and countries that consume milk from: Goats and Camels, and milk from their own native bovines.

    I know the image is pure propaganda, but I agree with the first comment, the least this entry could do is site sources and get one-on-one accounts, not stuff randomly pulled from the internet by angry vegans who will naturally favor their own view.

    I am lactose intolerant, and have no issue with someone consuming dairy. Not all dairy farms are prisons for cows, and it is insulting to farmers who do a great deal for their country when it comes to livestock.

  27. GirlieGirlArmy says:


    A brilliant commentator left this recently to someone else with your reply, and I’ll just recycle it for you as well;

    You’ve only made me think twice about your sanity! Are you for real? The entire premise by which you attempt to debunk environmental veganism is balanced quite wobbly upon the most unlikely, comical, and radical fantasy where everyone globally would suddenly go vegan overnight leaving billions of farm animals to roam free.

    This would NEVER happen – but it conveniently suits your argument.

    It is nice, however, that you admit to how unsustainable feeding an increasing livestock population is, which is on a dangerous rise due to increased global demand for animal products in places like China. Supply and demand.

    Even if this ridiculous fantasy did happen, do you really think all of these new vegans would simply let all these animals go roam free without spay, neuter or euthanasia systems in place? We have such unsustainably large numbers of livestock consuming resources at a losing ratio of water/food to meat/dairy, not because they’re having sex (most of these animals are so genetically mutated to be huge that they can’t reproduce naturally, they need to be inseminated) but because we continue to breed them.

    A more likely scenario, and one that is actually the current trend we are seeing is that as demand decreases, so decreases the number of livestock that are bred. Last year, there was a decline in the number of animals as low as the 1950s. (source)

    I just don’t buy your bull-crap. Har har. But, quite literally – there are plant-based fertilizers and organic methodologies for growing crops that do not require livestock or chemical pesticides. (Source)

    You clearly haven’t done any research, and for someone that is attempting to make a scientific argument about ecology, society and economics, I seriously challenge your evidence, your research and ask for some citations at the very least.”

  28. Glad to see the Harvard School of Public Health throwing out a bit of support for the supplement industry, while also letting people know the truth about frequent dairy consumption. There are far too many people still drinking milk–especially milk from stores like Wal-Mart.

  29. Claree says:

    Since my family and I became veganish (yes, I still find myself eating milk chocolate every now and then), I can’t believe how much better we feel! More energy! More health! Clearer thinking! My husband has a very physically demanding job, and he can last longer on a vegan meal than what we were eating before. The kids are getting fewer colds (which means fewer days that I have to take a sick day!) since we cut out dairy. And it’s cheaper! Buying a bag of bulk beans compared to a steak??? So much cheaper!! That is reason enough for me. I think science still has a lot to learn about health. But a good variety of natural, God-grown veggies make my body feel good. How can you argue with that?

  30. Sunflower says:

    I’m in full agreement of this post on milk. The people in my life who are big milk drinkers, are sick, namely one family member who drinks gallons of it a month. He has an autoimmue disorder, cardiac problems, with a triple bypass too. His pain index is high, and I suggested he quit the milk, and was abruptly told to mind my own business. I quit drinking milk 10 years ago, and most dairy other milk products as well. I am trying to break away from the cheese obsession I have, but consume very little and am aiming for a vegan lifestyle. As of now, I can truthfully say I am 95% vegan.

  31. Goddess888 says:

    I’m so glad this post is out and I agree with this 100%!!!!!!!!

    Cow’s milk is for baby cows. Not humans. I don’t need a study to tell me that it cause all kinds of illnesses. My intuition and common sense is enough to know that milk isn’t good for humans. Plus, I disliked it since I was a toddler. I puked it everytime my mother (bless her heart) gave me it and thought it was good for me.

    The meat/dairy industry is only interested in their pockets. They don’t care about the citizens, I totally agreed. It is all about money. And a lot of people are fooled into thinking they care. HA! Poor things.

  32. justin locke says:

    i still find myself wondering what people thought of the first person who suggested milking a cow and then actually drinking it. if you did that today with any other animal you’d be arrested, or at least on the news.

  33. Mistake says:

    Reading this just after drinking a cold glass of milk? Not a good idea. This is the first I’ve heard of this issue. I have no idea if the Australian milk industry has the same farming ethic as those in America, but now would be a good time as ever to research! It makes sense that we question why we drink another animal’s milk. And the alternative names to milk I’ve read in the comments: “liquid veal”? Blurgh.

    It’s interesting that the first farmers who collected and drank milk found it indigestible (because we didn’t have helpful microorganisms in our digestive system to break it down). And yet they still continued trying to drink it? Weird.

  34. Rozz says:

    First let me say that I am not Vegan but I am the mother of a 19-yr old autistic son. It is irresponsible to say that milk causes autism. We do not know what causes Autism & one suspect study in China has not discovered the answer. After watching “Vegucated” I’ve decided to educate myself on what I’m putting in my mouth. But please know misleading articles like this make you lose credibility not get converts. Shame on you!

    • GirlieGirlArmy says:

      Actually that isn’t true, there are plenty of articles, studies, and experts who do find some connections between dairy and autism. It’s not impossible. There is no “shame” in our game.

      • I don’t want to undermind your comment because I don’t know which studies you are refering to at the moment but my hypothesis is that there is an effect from animal proteins as well as from the chemicals found in the milk that may cause some genetic mutations.

        (I haven’t read the study but watched some videos about it.)

        T Colin Campbell – The china study – part 1

        But then, we (I don’t) don’t know if the animals that were eaten by the people in the china study were contaminated with chemical traces (ex. pesticides?, insecticides?, etc.)

        Here’s just a summary that points to chemicals absorbed my mothers as possible causes of disease :

  35. You are wrong. Cow’s Milk is the part of our millennial habits and needs of the body as the norm.

  36. Dietitian in training says:

    I’m a third year nutrition student. Many med students are not trained adequately in nutrition, because dietitians are. Med student above is correct one hundred percent and all you naysayers are idiots.

  37. Kelly Machonis says:

    Very informative report and dialogue. Thanks for putting this out there. I am sharing.

  38. Joe Rockafellow says:

    I’m sure the study showed that Coke and Pepsi were healthier alternatives.

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