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Binge Eating Build Up Bites Back

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We love that Laurie Gerber always checks us on our bs.  Like this binge eating that happens in the after work hours in front of the TV.  What is that about?  We tell ourselves we need it, deserve it, or are hungry.  But are we really?  Here she shares some helpful tips to keep that emotional food stuffing at bay;

I am so grateful to have laws for my body and food, because since I’ve implemented them, my mind has become so quiet. But I have a loophole. If I keep all my rules (eating only fruits, veggies and protein essentially) and I exercise according to my plan such that I stay in the weight range I like, then I get to have a “cheat meal” once a week. It’s really fun to plan and fantasize about. Last night my long awaited “cheat meal” consisted of Ethiopian vegetarian mesob (you haven’t had carbs ‘til you’ve had Ethiopian bread!), cookies, doughnuts and sorbet.

Turns out it wasn’t as good as I thought. I felt crappy pretty fast. And I had to wonder, is the build up better than the binge itself?

Consider it’s the feeling of freedom, what you imagine the decadent act to be, that seems like such a good idea, not the act itself. Just like a kid anticipating a major holiday coming up, building one’s life consciously with a goal in mind, is the exciting part. The holiday or cheat meal itself may be great (or not), but managing life intentionally is what creates a fulfilling life.

Now I am wondering if it is enough to eat doughnuts only in my mind or if I still occasionally need to try them in real life in order to remember how good they taste and how bad they feel.

Whatever your “doughnut” is, before you go for it, please:

1)    Consider whether or not the idea is the fun part or the actual eating (Would you even be conscious for the tasting of it?)

2)    Consider whether or not there might be something very tasty available that is healthy. A tropical fruit, special tea, bowl of applesauce, fresh raw nuts or a great piece of gum often work for me.

3)    Instead of eating, write down all your thoughts and feelings, or call and connect with a friend. Nourish yourself in another way. Your mind matters infinitely in the matter of your body.

If you want to deal with the power of the mind in the game of the body, check out my one-hour teleseminar, Eating for Sustainable Wellness with the Dr. Frank Lipman and Senior Life Coach, Christine Young.  GirlieGirl Army readers can use promo code: June50 to get 50% off!

Laurie Gerber is President of the Private Coaching Division of The Handel Group™ and an expert life coach herself. Passionate about personal development, Laurie oversees 20 coaches and has been working with individuals and groups herself for the past 10 years. Public speaking, tele-seminars, blogging, radio and TV are her current favorite modalities for bringing the Handel Method® to the world.

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